Li Jingyi herself also kept thinking about Ye Chen, she kept thinking about Ye Chen all the time.

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Li Jingyi really liked Ye Chen, so when she wasn ’t with Ye Chen, Li Jingyi was very lonely and missed Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi started to take the initiative as well, she started to try to stimulate Ye Chen who had fully woken up from sleep.

Ye Chen ’s is fully awake, this thing is ready to do battle with Li Jingyi.

”This is already very hard ” Li Jingyi thanked Ye Chen that the thing in her hands was already very hard.

”Whose fault is this? ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi, it was all Li Jingyi fault, Li Jingyi teased Ye Chen too much, this made Ye Chen couldn ’t stand it and turned into the state he is now.

”fufufu, so that ’s how it is, I ’m glad to hear this. ” Li Jingyi was very happy when she heard this, she was very happy that he could make Ye Chen excited like she is now.

Li Jingyi hands began to reach into Ye Chen ’s clothes, she was directly holding Ye Chen ’s big object.

Li Jingyi one hand was unable to hold this thing, so only a few parts were able to be grasped by Li Jingyi.

Li Jingyi really liked Ye Chen ’s thing, it was really great that Ye Chen ’s could make her feel the feeling of being on top of this world.

Li Jingyi hands moved up and down, she started to help deal with Ye Chen ’s big object.

Meanwhile Ye Chen started sucking on Li Jingyi two mature Cherry buds, Ye Chen enjoyed the best food he could get for tonight.

”Emm ” Li Jingyi groaned slightly when Ye Chen did this, it felt so good, Li Jingyi felt her body hot and itchy.

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Li Jingyi didn ’t want to lose to Ye Chen, she started to accelerate her movements, when Li Jingyi accelerated her movements, Ye Chen felt an extremely comfortable feeling.

To be honest Li Jingyi ’s movements were different from usual, Li Jingyi had already started to know some moves that could make Ye Chen feel comfortable.

Both comfort each other, both can work together to get even greater pleasure.

After a few minutes of helping each other, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi stopped, the two started hugging and kissing.

”Husband, this time I want to lead ” Li Jingyi said that if he wanted to lead, Li Jingyi wanted to try to make Ye Chen happy with her abilities.

” Are you sure? ” Ye Chen asked if Li Jingyi was so sure about this matter.

”Of course, I am very sure about this matter ” Li Jingyi told Ye Chen that he was very sure of what he said.

”Then please, show your abilities. ” Ye Chen allowed Li Jingyi to take the lead, Ye Chen wanted to know how far Li Jingyi had progressed.

Ye Chen wanted to see how far Li Jingyi had progressed, whether Li Jingyi had really progressed or not.

Li Jingyi was happy when he got Ye Chen ’s approval, now was the time for LI Jingyi to show her abilities.

The first thing Li Jingyi did was to help release the object belonging to Ye Chen who was being confined.

A large and long object immediately entered Li Jingyi view.

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”It ’s big as usual. ” Li Jingyi felt that Ye Chen ’s was very big, this was indeed the thing that Li Jingyi liked the most in this life.

Li Jingyi learned that this was one of men ’s weak points, the fastest way to defeat a man was to attack Ye Chen ’s weak point.

Li Jingyi stretched out her hand, she started to touch Ye Chen ’s thing, another hand started to stimulate Ye Chen ’s two ball sacks.

”Ye Chen looked surprised by Li Jingyi attack, Li Jingyi attack was very sudden.

Li Jingyi smiled when she saw this, it seemed that this trick had worked for Ye Chen.

After finding something interesting, Li Jingyi started to use her mouth, Li Jingyi started to taste Ye Chen ’s big ball and played with it in her mouth.

Ye Chen ’s thing was played by Li Jingyi, this made Ye Chen ’s body tremble slightly because of the pleasure he felt from what Li Jingyi was doing.

Ye Chen tried to hold back this feeling, he tried to survive Li Jingyi onslaught.

Li Jingyi easily saw the changes made by Ye Chen, Ye Chen couldn ’t stand it when he did this.

This discovery made Li Jingyi even more confident, she was even more confident that tonight she would be able to win against Ye Chen.

. ” Li Jingyi continued to play with these two balls, trying to be as gentle as possible so as not to hurt Ye Chen.

This thing is an important item, if it gets damaged, it will be dangerous for Ye Chen ’s future

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That ’s why Li Jingyi tried to be careful not to make Ye Chen feel uncomfortable, Li Jingyi dedicated herself to making Ye Chen comfortable with herself.

Li Jingyi did this for about 10 minutes, seeing that this attack was not effective enough to make Ye Chen lose, Li Jingyi decided to use other means to defeat Ye Chen.

Li Jingyi used her ultimate weapon, she used two large melons to pinch Ye Chen ’s.

Even though Li Jingyi capital was already large, Li Jingyi was still unable to sink Ye Chen ’s thing.

Ye Chen ’s thing could still be seen despite being under the pressure of these two great double peaks.

Li Jingyi didn ’t allow this, she used her Cherry mouth to carry out a support attack.

Ye Chen ’s thing was attacked from all directions, this made Ye Chen feel threatened by Li Jingyi attacks from all directions.

Ye Chen felt himself immersed in the very soft thing in this world, he really enjoyed this feeling, plus the warm feeling from Li Jingyi Cherry Mouth made Ye Chen feel double pleasure.

Ye Chen did not expect that Li Jingyi would become more and more skilled since the last battle they had.

This time Li Jingyi had begun to be able to put up a fight against Ye Chen, where Li Jingyi couldn ’t do something like this in the past.

Ye Chen wondered what kind of ability Qiao Xin was, she was even able to teach Li Jingyi something like this.

Li Jingyi used her tongue to make Ye Chen ’s thing feel comfortable, Li Jingyi also used a very strong suction force to suck up Ye Chen ’s thing.

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Ye Chen felt that he was being sucked in by a very powerful dimensional hole, it was like Li Jingyi wanted all of Ye Chen ’s little life.

Li Jingyi looked up and looked at Ye Chen, she saw Ye Chen smiling and enjoying what was going on, it was obvious that Ye Chen really liked what Li Jingyi was doing.

Since Ye Chen liked this, Li Jingyi decided to continue with this, he continued to carry out intense attacks on Ye Chen.

This was to make Ye Chen quickly admit defeat to Li Jingyi.

20 minutes quickly passed, Li Jingyi was already starting to feel tired when she gave Ye Chen continuous attacks, she was tired of serving Ye Chen ’s things.

Even though she had used the strategy she had learned from Qiao Xin, Li Jingyi was still having a hard time winning against Ye Chen, Ye Chen ’s defense was very difficult for Li Jingyi to break through.

”I can ’t take it anymore ” Li Jingyi couldn ’t take it anymore, she needed Ye Chen to fill the void in her heart.

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