”You must be wrong in recognizing people, I don ’t know you at all ” Ye Chen kept trying to get rid of Xing Mei, himself trying his best to get rid of this annoying girl.

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”I can ’t believe it, you must be Ye Chen, quickly take off your mask ” Xing Mei couldn ’t believe it, she was very sure that it was Ye Chen.

Xing Mei stretched out her hand towards the God Mask that Ye Chen was wearing, she tried to take the God Mask.

As Xing Mei did this, Ye Chen suddenly backed away, he trying to avoid Xing Mei.

Xing Mei only grabbed the empty air, she couldn ’t reach the God Mask that was on Ye Chen ’s face.

Xing Mei was quite surprised by Ye Chen ’s increase in strength, she didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would become so strong in the near future.

Even though the current Ye Chen still hasn ’t shown all the strength he has, the current Ye Chen has only shown Xing Mei a bit of his ability.

Xing Mei didn ’t want to give up, she tried to catch Ye Chen again..

This time Xing Mei ’s movements became faster, she hugged Ye Chen who was in front of her.

This time, Ye Chen couldn ’t dodge, he didn ’t have enough speed to dodge Xing Mei ’s attack.

If only Ye Chen had not used the Geoling Bracelet, perhaps Ye Chen could have avoided the attack that came from Xing Mei.

Xing Mei managed to hug Ye Chen, when Xing Mei hugged Ye Chen, she felt a very familiar feeling.

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”You are obviously Ye Chen, do you still dare to lie to me? ” Xing Mei was sure that if this was Ye Chen, Ye Chen would not be able to deceive Xing Mei with her disguise.

Ye Chen looked helpless, this bad girl was still the same as before, she was still as stubborn as ever.

Honestly, Ye Chen was lazy to deal with Xing Mei, this woman always gave himself a pretty bad headache.

”Alright, I ’ll confess ” Ye Chen had no choice but to admit that he was Ye Chen, otherwise this girl would definitely continue to annoy Ye Chen.

”Hehehe, I thought so, I can ’t possibly recognize people wrongly. ” Xing Mei looked very satisfied when she saw Ye Chen willing to admit that it was her.

”What are you doing in this place? ” Ye Chen asked about what Xing Mei was doing in this place.

”I was out for a walk, I happened to find something interesting, so I decided to participate in the search for the ancient Sect ’s heritage. ” Xing Mei told Ye Chen that she was here to participate in the search for the ancient Sect ’s ruins.

”I didn ’t expect that you would know about this kind of thing. ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Xing Mei would participate in this event.

”Do you have any information for me? ” Ye Chen asked Xing Mei, he wanted the information that Xing Mei had.

”Of course, but before that you have to come with me ” Xing Mei pulled Ye Chen, Xing Mei wanted Ye Chen to follow her.

”Where are you taking me? ” Ye Chen wanted to know where Xing Mei would take him.

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”Just come with me ” Xing Mei told Ye Chen not to ask too many questions and follow her.

Ye Chen had no choice but to follow Xing Mei, Ye Chen followed Xing Mei to a large ancient building that had several floors.

On the billboard was written Thunder inn, it looks like this place is an inn.

”Come in ” Xing Mei invited Ye Chen in, after entering Xing Mei looked for an empty seat on the first floor.

The first floor consists of places to eat, in this place there are lots of people eating or just enjoying the time they have while waiting for the search to open.

Ye Chen looked around this place, Ye Chen found that the people around this place were very powerful, some of them on the same level as Song Ziyu.

These people are still very young, they are all under 500 years old, with their age, they can already be said to be a genius.

”These people are strong, they seem to be from high ranking stars. ” Ye Chen could immediately guess the identity of these people.

”Are you familiar with these people? ” Ye Chen directly asked Xing Mei, Ye Chen wanted to know if Xing Mei knew about the identity of these people.

”Just a few, mostly I don ’t know them. ” Xing Mei said that she only knew some of the people in this place.

Information from these people was minimal, so Xing Mei didn ’t know much about them.

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”You don ’t need to worry, even though I don ’t know these people, I know some strong people who are in this place. ” Even though Xing Mei didn ’t know all the groups that were in the inn, Xing Mei still knew about some groups with considerable strength in this place.

”The first rank is the Shin Clan, they are the strongest group you can find in this place, their strength can be said to be quite strong and the largest among the other groups ” Xing Mei immediately explained to Ye Chen about the shocked group in this place.

”Clan Shin is from a place called Flame Spirit Dawn Star Realm, it is one of the top rank stars ” Xing Mei told that Clan Shin is from a place called Flame Spirit Dawn Star Realm.

”The second group is Heavenly Spear kingdom, this is a group with prince members and some powerful warriors, they are also from the top rank stars, I myself forgot where they came from ” Xing Mei said uncertainly.

  ”The third group is Frozen Cloud Ice Sect, everyone in this group is female, they didn ’t appear in this place, so they are in their rooms ” Xing Mei continued to speak.

”The fourth group is the Poison Viper Sect, they are the most dangerous group, they are terrible poison masters, no one wants to get close to them ” Xing Mei told Ye Chen about a group of poison experts, they were the most dangerous and make everyone alert.

”The fifth group is the Black Thorn Sect, this group is also quite strong, they have several people who have strong magical beast pets, although the individual strength is not strong, the Magical Beast they have is very strong ” Xing Mei said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, he began to remember everything that Xing Mei said, it seemed that every group that came had a strength to be reckoned with.

”Then do you know who the woman wearing the mask is over there? ” Ye Chen asked about the woman sitting alone while wearing a plain mask.

This woman was very conspicuous, this made Ye Chen slightly attracted to this woman.

Ye Chen felt that this woman was strong and dangerous, her instincts told this.

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Xing Mei looked at the direction where Ye Chen was pointing, for some reason she didn ’t know that this woman was in this place.

”I don ’t know, she seems new, her appearance is also strange. ” Xing Mei said that she didn ’t know who the woman Ye Chen was pointing at.

”But she has a very good body shape ” Xing Mei saw that this woman looked very sexy, she really had a hot body that could make anyone who saw her excited.

Too bad this woman is wearing a mask, so everyone can ’t see what this woman ’s face looks like, some people can only see the beautiful body that the mysterious woman has.

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