”Quickly do as I have instructed you. ” Feng Xuanyin told her loyal servant to do as she wished.

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Feng Xuanyin wanted her loyal servant to keep an eye on Ye Chen and report on Ye Chen ’s situation, so that Feng Xuanyin would know Ye Chen ’s moves and what he would do.

”Okay, I ’ll move soon ” The woman named Ru agreed to act immediately, she would immediately go and watch every move made by Ye Chen.

”One more thing, you must go and pass on the information you just got, make sure everyone knows that the ruins of the heavenly thunder valley sect will not be in 40 hours, make sure they all know about this matter ” Feng Xuanyin also ordered to spread the information At this time, she wanted everyone to know that the Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect ’s ruins would open in 40 hours.

If everyone knew, then they would all enter simultaneously so entering the core was not a problem for Feng Xuanyin.

Ru woman nodded again, she immediately left and carried out Feng Xuanyin ’s orders.

”Alright, time to change appearances. ” Feng Xuanyin intended to change clothes, she intended to change clothes and started to approach Shin Ba, she intended to join Ye Chen and disguise herself until she arrived at the deepest core of the ruins of the heavenly thunder valley sect..

The Shin Clan was the strongest group participating in this event, so it should be very easy for them to get to the core.

All Feng Xuanyin needed to do was follow them all, that way she could reach the core safely and unimpeded.

Feng Xuanyin didn ’t care if they all died, as long as her goal was achieved, then it was more than enough.

This woman was far more cunning and smarter than anyone could imagine, fortunately Ye Chen took the initiative to get away from Feng Xuanyin, otherwise she would probably be taken advantage of by Feng Xuanyin.

Feng Xuanyin immediately went into action, she couldn ’t delay any longer.

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Meanwhile Ye Chen and Xing Mei were focused on the cultivation they had, both of them were immersed in the cultivation they had.

Xue Muer herself was the same, she was also immersed in her own cultivation.

Xue Muer couldn ’t be bothered, besides she couldn ’t escape from this place, so Xue Muer could only cultivate in this place.

Time flew by quickly, Xing Mei finally felt satisfied after absorbing the strength in Ye Chen ’s body, now it was time for her to go and find the latest information.

Xing Mei went downstairs, herself immediately went downstairs to look for the latest information.

When Xing Mei went downstairs, she found a new piece of information that was very useful for her.

Xing Mei discovered that the ruins of the Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect would be opening up soon.

Hearing this, Xing Mei immediately went to her room, she had to immediately tell Ye Chen about this matter.

Don ’t let them miss this opportunity, it will be very disappointing if they miss this opportunity.

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”Ye Chen, the Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect ’s will soon open.
We better get ready immediately. ” Xing Mei told Ye Chen that they had to prepare immediately.

Hearing this Ye Chen immediately opened his eyes.

”So it ’s time, well, let ’s get ready. ” Ye Chen couldn ’t wait any longer, he couldn ’t wait to get the treasures in the ruins of the Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect.

”what are you going to do with Xue Muer? ” Xing Mei asked what they would do to Xue Muer.

”we will let her go, there is no point in keeping this woman ” Ye Chen intends to let Xue Muer go, it is useless for Ye Chen to keep Xue Muer.

Ye Chen and Xing Mei had to go to the ruins of the heavenly thunder valley sect, so there was no way they would take Xue Muer with them.

Let Xue Muer go together with the woman from the Frozen Cloud Sect, she will be useful when together with the woman from the Frozen Cloud Sect.

Ye Chen began to untie Xue Muer ’s bonds, quickly all the bonds in Xue Muer ’s body had been released by Ye Chen.

”Now you can go back to the Frozen Cloud Sect ’s group. ” Ye Chen told Xue Muer to return to his group.

”Are you sure you ’ll just forget about me, later I can repay you ” Xue Muer said to Ye Chen.

Xue Muer would not forget what happened earlier, she still had an unresolved grudge with Ye Chen.

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”If you have the strength, come to me, I will definitely fight you ” Ye Chen was not afraid of Xue Muer, he welcomed if Xue Muer wanted to fight him.

”Just watch out later ” Xue Muer told Ye Chen to be careful, he would definitely come back again.

After saying that Xue Muer immediately left Ye Chen and Xing Mei ’s room, she immediately left this place.

”Hmm, he still dares to threaten you, looks like last night ’s lesson wasn ’t enough to piss him off. ” Xing Mei was dissatisfied when she saw Xue Muer who was still not fed up either.

Xing Mei felt the need to teach Xue Muer an even bigger lesson.

”Never mind, don ’t overdo it, after all we might not see her again. ” Ye Chen told Xing Mei not to overreact to Xue Muer, they would most likely not meet again after the ruins of the Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect ended.

”Yeah, you ’re absolutely right ” Xing Mei totally agreed with what Ye Chen said, what Ye Chen said was the truth, they might not see Xue Muer again after this incident was over.

”Let ’s go to the ruins of the heavenly thunder valley sect. ” Ye Chen took Xing Mei to go to the ruins of the heavenly thunder valley sect.

” now ? ” Xing Mei asked Ye Chen, Xing Mei didn ’t expect Ye Chen to want to leave right now, even though there was still a lot of time left.

”Just come with me ” Ye Chen told Xing Mei to come with him.

Xing Mei helplessly when she was dragged by Ye Chen left this room and went downstairs.

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Ye Chen had his own reasons for doing this, he felt that someone was watching their movements from a distance.

Ye Chen himself couldn ’t find the exact whereabouts of this person, this person must be so great that he could hide himself from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen could conclude that this person was someone great, otherwise how could he easily hide his existence from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not know exactly what purpose this woman had, Ye Chen could definitely conclude that this woman was observing what she and Xing Mei were doing.

That ’s why Ye Chen decided to immediately leave this place, Ye Chen most disliked seeing his every move being watched by someone like this.

Ye Chen always did everything well and neatly, he didn ’t let anyone know about his plans.

”This man is gone, I must report this to Miss immediately. ” Seeing Ye Chen and Xing Mei leave, the woman named Ru immediately reported this to Feng Xuanyin, she had to tell Feng Xuanyin that Ye Chen had already left her room and rushed over to her room.
to the ruins of the heavenly thunder valley sect.

Ye Chen took Xing Mei to the place where the ruins of the Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect were, when Ye Chen arrived, he found that there were already a lot of people gathered in this place.

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