”You don ’t need to worry, I have confirmed many times that this is the fastest way, we will definitely be the first to reach the exit ” Ye Chen said to Xing Mei.

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Ye Chen tried to convince Xing Mei that this path was the easiest and there were no obstacles around this place.

Xing Mei just nodded, she could only let Ye Chen lead the way for her.

Ye Chen and Xing Mei continued to walk forward, until now, neither of them encountered a trap or obstacle blocking their path.

Everything was so smooth, what Ye Chen said was the truth, this was the safest path they could take.

”Soon we will arrive at the exit.
When we arrive at the exit, we will be greeted by some hidden treasures ” Ye Chen told Xing Mei that they would be greeted by some treasures after exiting this passage.

” Is that true?, Then let ’s hurry. ” Xing Mei was excited when she heard this, she immediately invited Ye Chen to come forward..

Ye Chen smiled when he saw the enthusiasm shown by Xing Mei, he felt that the enthusiasm displayed by Xing Mei was very funny.

”You two look very excited, may I join? ” suddenly from behind came a very melodious voice, this voice was full of charm that was very difficult to resist.

Ye Chen and Xing Mei immediately looked back, when the two looked behind them they both saw Feng Xuanyin was already behind them.

”Since when? ” Ye Chen was completely unaware that they were being followed by Feng Xuanyin, he was completely unaware of this woman ’s existence.

Xing Mei was the same, she didn ’t feel the presence of Feng Xuanyin, it was like Feng Xuanyin could not be detected.

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”What ’s wrong with you guys, are you seeing a ghost? ” Feng Xuanyin said to Ye Chen and Xing Mei, she was happy with the reaction that Ye Chen and Xing Mei showed.

”Why are you always following us, don ’t you have anything else to do? ” Ye Chen was dissatisfied when he saw Feng Xuanyin who was always following him, this made Ye Chen feel dissatisfied.

”Fufufu, I ’m interested in you two, so I want to join. ” Feng Xuanyin was still giving the same reason, she said again that she wanted to join Ye Chen.

”We don ’t welcome you, you should just leave. ” Xing Mei said that she didn ’t welcome Feng Xuanyin ’s arrival, so Xing Mei wanted Feng Xuanyin to leave them.

”How evil, are you guys really going to leave a woman like me alone? ” Feng Xuanyin started acting as a weak and helpless woman.

”-_- ” Ye Chen and Xing Mei couldn ’t believe what they were seeing at this moment.

Ye Chen and Xing Mei would not believe what Feng Xuanyin said, they both firmly believed that Feng Xuanyin was much stronger and far more dangerous than she appeared on the surface.

” What should we do? ” Xing Mei asked what they should do, it seemed that it would be very difficult to get rid of Feng Xuanyin.

”I don ’t know, this woman is difficult to get rid of, so I don ’t know what to do. ” Ye Chen said that Feng Xuanyin was a very troublesome woman, it was very difficult for Ye Chen to get rid of Feng Xuanyin.

”So you mean we can only let this woman follow us? ” Xing Mei asked Ye Chen.

”That is indeed the only option ” Ye Chen said that it was indeed the only option they had for now.

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”It ’s up to you, but don ’t let her steal the treasures that I have. ” Xing Mei thanked Ye Chen for not letting Feng Xuanyin steal the treasures they got.

”You don ’t have to worry about that matter, I firmly believe that she won ’t do that, if she ever does, I will stop her ” Ye Chen promised Xing Mei that he would stop Feng Xuanyin if it came to that.

”Alright ” Xing Mei nodded, she could leave this matter to Ye Chen.

Xing Mei knew that Ye Chen was a woman ’s natural enemy, so no woman could win against Ye Chen.

That should still apply to Feng Xuanyin, as long as it ’s a woman she definitely won ’t be able to beat Ye Chen.

”Alright, you can come with us, but make sure you don ’t become a burden to us. ” Xing Mei finally allowed Feng Xuanyin, she told Feng Xuanyin that she could come along.

”Very good. ” Feng Xuanyin changed her mood very quickly, Feng Xuanyin seemed happy when she heard this news.

”Let ’s go. ” Ye Chen led Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin to the front.

Feng Xuanyin and Xing Mei followed behind Ye Chen, the three of them walking down a fairly long mysterious passage.

Even though the fifth door was the shortest door to the inside, so Ye Chen couldn ’t imagine how long everyone else took the door apart from the one they took.

Feng Xuanyin was quite surprised to find that this journey had been extremely smooth, with almost no traps or obstacles blocking the path in front of them.

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”Look, that ’s the way out. ” Xing Mei pointed towards the distance there was a light in the distance.

”Let ’s hurry, let ’s go. ” Ye Chen didn ’t waste any time, he immediately took Xing Mei to the direction of the exit.

Feng Xuanyin could only follow behind the two, she also wanted to know if they had reached the very depths or not.

Feng Xuanyin couldn ’t wait to get the item she wanted, Feng Xuanyin had to be able to get the item she was after.

Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin finally came out, after they exited the dark passage, they were all greeted by a rather large hall.

”Empty huh? ” Xing Mei was surprised when she found that the hall was empty, there were only statues and walls around the hall.

”Where ’s the treasure you said? ” Xing Mei immediately asked Ye Chen about the treasure he had previously entered, there was no way Ye Chen would lie to her.

Mask hero where is the treasure you mean did you guess wrong? ” Feng Xuanyin asked Ye Chen.

Feng Xuanyin was curious about this matter, she wanted to know what treasure Ye Chen was referring to.

Ye Chen didn ’t say anything when he received questions from Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin.

Ye Chen stepped forward, knelt down and started tapping the floor beneath his feet.

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Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin were confused by what Ye Chen was doing, both of them were very curious about what Ye Chen was doing.

Ye Chen was currently looking for the entrance to the warehouse hidden under this hall, he was looking for the entrance to the bottom.

”finally found ” after a while, Ye Chen finally found the entrance leading to the lower floor.

Ye Chen immediately hit the floor in front of him, when Ye Chen did that, the floor in front of him suddenly cracked.

Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin immediately approached, they both wanted to know what was going on.

”Let ’s go in ” Ye Chen invited Xing Mei to enter this hole.

”Go inside?, are you sure it ’s safe? ” Xing Mei was curious whether this was safe or not.

”You don ’t have to worry, it ’s very safe, come with me quickly. ” Ye Chen told Xing Mei to come with him downstairs.

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