without waiting for a reply from Xing Mei, Ye Chen immediately entered the hole.

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”Wait ” Xing Mei tried to stop Ye Chen, unfortunately she couldn ’t stop Ye Chen.

”If you don ’t come in, I ’ll take everything. ” Feng Xuanyin also entered the hole, before entering, Feng Xuanyin also didn ’t forget to tell Xing Mei that she would take all the treasures.

Xing Mei wasn ’t happy about this, she couldn ’t let Feng Xuanyin take the treasure she had.

Xing Mei dared herself, Xing Mei jumped into the hole in front of her.

This hole turned out to be quite deep, it took Xing Mei some time to get to the bottom.

After a while, Xing Mei finally reached the bottom, when Xing Mei reached the bottom, she saw some treasures scattered around this place.


Xing Mei got down, she immediately checked the treasures scattered around this place.

After Xing Mei took a closer look, Xing Mei discovered that this was a Profound Crystal and several piles of books scattered around this place.

There were also several Tier 7 and 8 artifacts scattered around this place.

Ye Chen looked at everything around this place, he took everything that attracted him.

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”I don ’t think this is the deepest part. ” Feng Xuanyin said that this place wasn ’t the deepest part, it was impossible for the deep to only contain very few items.

”Of course, we haven ’t arrived at the interior yet, we still have a long way to go. ” Ye Chen told Feng Xuanyin that their journey was still very long, in fact they were not even half way through the deepest part of the Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect.

”So it ’s still a long way off. ” Feng Xuanyin was a little disappointed when she heard this, it seemed that she was in too much of a hurry.

Ye Chen and Xing Mei immediately gathered all the things in this place, they both put everything into the storage they had.

On the other hand, Feng Xuanyin just kept quiet while observing what Ye Chen and Xing Mei were doing.

To be honest, this kind of thing was of little use to Feng Xuanyin, so it wouldn ’t be strange for Feng Xuanyin to simply not join the gathering of treasures in this place.

”Isn ’t this woman weird, why doesn ’t she collect treasures in this place? ” Xing Mei started to whisper to Ye Chen, she felt that Feng Xuanyin was very strange.

”It ’s possible that she isn ’t interested in this kind of thing, I ’m guessing that she is aiming for something on the inside ” Ye Chen estimated that if Feng Xuanyin wasn ’t interested in this kind of thing, this girl must be after something more valuable than this.

”What do you think she ’s find? ” Xing Mei wanted to know what Feng Xuanyin was after.

”I don ’t know, I ’m not a worm in her stomach, so I don ’t know what she ’s thinking. ” Ye Chen didn ’t know about this, Ye Chen himself was not a worm in Feng Xuanyin ’s stomach.

”Let ’s collect everything, it ’s good if the woman is not interested in the treasure in front of us ” Ye Chen said to Xing Mei to quickly collect everything for themselves.

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Feng Xuanyin had no interest in this, so there was no point in sharing with this woman.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Chen and Xing Mei had already cleaned up everything in this place, they didn ’t leave any treasures in this place.

The book that Ye Chen and Xing Mei took was a lightning cultivation technique, because Ye Chen had not obtained the inheritance of lightning, so Ye Chen would temporarily keep these things to himself, who knows in the future these things could be of use to Ye Chen.

”Are you guys done, then let ’s continue our journey. ” Feng Xuanyin led Ye Chen and Xing Mei to continue their journey.

”Okay ” Ye Chen nodded, there was nothing in this place anymore, so they must immediately continue their journey to the inner part of the Heavenly Thunder Valley Sect.

Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin headed towards the entrance, they intended to rise to the surface.

Just as Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin were about to go up, they found that there were quite a few people descending down.

This naturally made Ye Chen and Xing Mei wary, while Feng Xuanyin looked very calm when she saw this scene.

The people who had just descended were a group from the Poison Viper Sect, Chun Xiao and Chun Lin looked at Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin, they looked dissatisfied when they saw that there were other people in this place.

”Looks like we ’ve been overtaken by these three. ” Chun Xiao didn ’t expect that they would be overtaken by Ye Chen.

”we should kill them and take the treasures they have ” Chun Lin said to Chun Xiao who is her older brother, this woman doesn ’t want to waste time, it ’s better to kill Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin and then take everything they have .

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The Poison Viper Sect was the most vicious group, whenever they encountered a cultivator, they would instantly kill and plunder the treasures they had.

”Alright, everyone get ready we will kill them ” Chun Xiao agreed with his younger sister ’s suggestion, he decided to directly kill Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin.

Chun Xiao didn ’t like to throw words at someone, he preferred to use brute force to deal with other people.

”What the hell are these people, they want to kill for no reason ” Xing Mei was displeased as she listened to the conversation that the Poison Viper Sect group had in front of them.

”They are the Poison Sect, so it ’s not strange that they are cruel and heartless, otherwise they would probably join the Poison Sect. ” Ye Chen was used to dealing with people from the Poison Sect, most of the people from the Poison Sect were bad people.

”They are coming ” Xing Mei gave a warning to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that people from the Poison Viper Sect came to this place.

”Let me help. ” Feng Xuanyin intended to help, herself feeling bored and wanting to play with the funny toy from the Poison Viper Sect.

If the people from the Poison Viper Sect heard of this, they would definitely fall to the ground, the Poison Viper Sect was a Sect that was feared for its most dangerous poison ability, what would happen if a dangerous person like them was considered a funny toy by Feng Xuanyin.

”Is it okay to let her help? ” Xing Mei asked Ye Chen, would it be okay if Feng Xuanyin helped them.

”No problem, let her help. ” Ye Chen didn ’t mind this, most importantly they had to go and defeat the people from the Poison Viper Sect.

”get ready ” Ye Chen told Xing Mei to get ready, they had to battle with a group of 7 people from the Poison Viper Sect.

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”One hundred thousand poisonous scorpion ” Chun Xiao ’s mouth began to open very wide, Chun Xiao ’s stomach began to expand as if there was something inside, a few moments later from Chun Xiao ’s mouth came out hundreds of thousands of small scorpions.

”How disgusting ” Xing Mei was disgusted when she saw what happened, she was disgusted when she saw something like that come out of Chun Xiao ’s mouth.

It wasn ’t just Chun Xiao who did this, Chun Lin and the members of the Poison Viper Sect started removing the various poisonous insects they had.

Xing Mei looked even more disgusted when she had to fight with a disgusting insect like this.

”You two go ahead, I will support from behind ” Xing Mei did not want to come forward, she intended to support Ye Chen and Feng Xuanyin from behind.

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