Feng Xuanyin used the finger she had to stimulate Ye Chen, Feng Xuanyin ’s finger was on Ye Chen ’s chest, this finger started to stimulate Ye Chen.

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Feng Xuanyin ’s movements were really very skillful, Feng Xuanyin very easily stimulated Ye Chen ’s body.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Feng Xuanyin would stimulate the body that he had, this woman possessed an extremely formidable ability.

Feng Xuanyin started to show her abilities, she used her abilities to stimulate Ye Chen.

Feng Xuanyin was so confident in her abilities, there was no way a normal man would survive from this.

”Hey, don ’t tease him ” seeing Ye Chen who was constantly teased by Feng Xuanyin, Xing Mei decided to help Ye Chen.

Xing Mei didn ’t want Ye Chen to be taken by Vixen like Feng Xuanyin, which was why Xing Mei immediately stopped Feng Xuanyin.

”Little girl, what do you need with me, I want to do adult business with Mr..
Mask Hero, so you don ’t interfere. ” Feng Xuanyin was displeased when she saw Xing Mei interfering with the business she had with Ye Chen,

Feng Xuanyin wanted to find out about Ye Chen, she would not calm down before she could get information about Ye Chen.

”You ” Xing Mei did not expect that Feng Xuanyin would say that she was just a child, this made Xing Mei feel displeased.

”Please don ’t do that ” Ye Chen put away Feng Xuanyin ’s finger, he didn ’t want to be controlled by Feng Xuanyin.

This woman possessed a formidable Dual Cultivation technique, it was very difficult to resist the temptations made by Feng Xuanyin.

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Feng Xuanyin was again taken aback by Ye Chen, again Ye Chen could easily break away from his skills.

”You are really something, I ask if you are a man or eunuch ” Feng Xuanyin started to wonder whether Ye Chen was a man or not, there was no way a man would stand this kind of temptation.

Ye Chen didn ’t know what Feng Xuanyin was thinking, if Ye Chen knew what this woman was thinking, he would definitely be furious.

Feng Xuanyin didn ’t give up, she kept trying to get close to Ye Chen, on the other hand Xing Mei tried to prevent Feng Xuanyin from trying to get close to Ye Chen.

”Hey look, isn ’t that the Shin Clan group ” when Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin were arguing about Ye Chen, they listened to the commotion.

This naturally caught the attention of Ye Chen, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin, the three of them looking at the few people who had just arrived at this place.

The people who had just arrived were Shin Ba, Shin Hun and several people from the Shin Clan or allies from the Shin Clan.

Their appearance was very chaotic, their bodies were covered with wounds, their clothes were torn and covered in blood, their hair was disheveled and their eyes were red like blood.

It seemed that they had just gone through something extremely terrifying, otherwise how would their appearance be like this.

”what happened to them ” Xing Mei started to wonder what happened to these people, why the Shin Clan ’s performance was so bad.

”Looks like they ’re having a bad time, even the number of their group members has been reduced by almost half. ” Feng Xuanyin estimated that the Shin Clan had a bad experience, otherwise how would their appearance be like this.

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”They deserve it, I warned them, but they won ’t listen ” Ye Chen looked very happy when he saw Shin Hun ’s appearance, all the complaints he had instantly disappeared when he saw Shin Hun ’s very bad appearance.

Feng Xuanyin looked at Ye Chen, she was very curious as to how Ye Chen could know something like this, she even knew that the path that the Shin Clan had taken was extremely dangerous, while the path that Ye Chen had chosen was so safe.

”I ’ll go and see them ” Ye Chen couldn ’t wait to go and see the Shin Clan, he wanted to see how the Shin Clan would react when he met him in good condition.

Seeing Ye Chen go to see the Shin Clan, Xing Mei and Feng Xuanyin went along with Ye Chen, the two went together with Ye Chen to meet the Shin Clan group that had just arrived.

”Oh, looks like the young master of the Shin Clan is in a predicament. ” Ye Chen came to Shin Hun ’s side, himself directly said to Shin Hun who was in tatters.

”you, how are you fine ” Shin Hun looked at Ye Chen who was very healthy once, Ye Chen looked very healthy and fine.

this is clearly very different from what happened to his group, his group experienced something very terrible.

”Of course I ’m fine, I ’m not a fool who would take a dangerous path ” Ye Chen said to Shun Hun.

Ye Chen ’s words provoked the anger of the Shin Clan group, they were not satisfied with what Ye Chen said.

”You said we were stupid ” said Shin Ba to Ye Chen who was in front of him, Shin Ba could no longer stay silent while listening to what Ye Chen had to say.

”I didn ’t say like you, you said it yourself ” Ye Chen said to Shin Ba.

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Shin Ba ’s face darkened when he heard this, Shin Ba felt that someone was throwing dirt at his face.

”Looks like you ’re looking to die ” Shin Hun couldn ’t stand it anymore, he immediately went to attack Ye Chen.

”Bam ” Shin Hun launched a powerful attack at Ye Chen, it hit Ye Chen in the chest.

Ye Chen didn ’t back down at all after receiving Shin Hun ’s attack, he just stood still like a very sturdy statue.

Ye Chen ’s body had already become extremely strong, Shin Hun ’s attacks weren ’t enough to injure Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stretched his legs forward, when Ye Chen did that, Ye Chen immediately kicked Shin Hun quite hard.

As a result, Shin Hun was flown by Ye Chen and hit the wall in this place.

The commotion that ensued instantly got everyone ’s attention, everyone saw the battle that was going on between Ye Chen and the Shin Clan.

”cough .
. ” Shin Hun coughed up blood, he was kicked by Ye Chen so hard that his chest felt tight and hurt

”watch out for you ” Shin Hun cursed Ye Chen, he didn ’t expect to be defeated by Ye Chen in this way.

”You dare attack me, how will I stay silent after someone attacks me ” Ye Chen said to Shin Hun who was lying weakly on the ground.

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Shin Hun was very angry with Ye Chen ’s words, he was very angry at Ye Chen ’s very annoying words.

Seeing this, the Shin Clan group intends to come forward, they all want to make calculations with Ye Chen.

”Stop ” Shin Ba told everyone to stop, he told all the Shin Clan members not to attack Ye Chen.

The conditions they currently have are not good, if they were to force against Ye Chen, then they would definitely not get a good ending.

”What ’s the matter, don ’t you want to attack me? ” Ye Chen said to the Shin Clan members.

Ye Chen really hoped that the Shin Clan would attack him, so that he could start a battle with the Shin Clan.

”do you only dare to go against us under these conditions ” said Shin Ba to Ye Chen.

”Even if you guys are in top shape, I will definitely fight back when anyone dares to challenge me ” Ye Chen firmly said to Shin Ba, he wasn ’t afraid even if the Shin Clan was in top shape.

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