them break the seal.

these people looked dissatisfied when they saw Ye Chen standing still while they all worked together to destroy the Seal.

Everyone works together in order to continue the journey, they must be able to break the seal in order to get into the deeper parts.

It was because of this that people didn ’t like seeing Ye Chen sitting around and doing nothing while everyone else was working.

”rubbish .
. ”

”Those three are useless ”

”Trash is still trash ”

One by one people said inappropriate words to Ye Chen, they couldn ’t stand Ye Chen who just stood there and didn ’t want to help solve this problem.

”Are you going to let them insult you like this? ” Feng Xuanyin asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know Ye Chen ’s opinion on this matter.

”Let them do what they want, it ’s their right, we ’ll just stay silent until the time is right to act. ” Ye Chen said that he would just sit back and wait for the right time to act.

Now was not the time to start, he had to be even more patient and wait for the seal to weaken.

Time continues to pass already 23 hours of time has passed, until now no one has been able to break the seal.

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Some people have already started to give up, they have given up on breaking the very powerful seal once.

”All of you step aside, let us handle this matter. ” Shin Hun ordered everyone to step aside, this time it was the Shin Clan who would break the seal.

After a long time, the Shin Clan finally recovered the strength they had, they were already at 80% of their original state.

With their current condition, they were confident that they could break the seal.

Everyone step aside, they let the Shin Clan try to break the seal.

”Take a good look at the strength we have. ” Shin Hun confidently said that they could break the seal.

Everyone looked on seriously, they wanted to see if the Shin Clan could indeed break this seal or not.

For 23 hours all the groups have been working together and looking for a solution, but until now they still haven ’t been able to break the seal.

The seal is too strong, even the combined strength of everyone is unable to break the seal.

”quickly make formation ” Shin Ba ordered the members of the Shin Clan to make a formation.

The Shin Clan members immediately make a formation, they immediately make a formation that looked extremely powerful.

”Isn ’t this the Shin Clan ’s famous diamond dawn formation? ” Xi Zhun quickly knew what formation the Shin Clan members used, this was the Shin Clan ’s famous diamond dawn formation, it was quite a powerful attacking formation.

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”Will the Shin Clan be able to break the seal with this formation? ” Xi Khun wanted to know if the Shin Clan was able to break the seal with the formation they used.

”We ’ll see. ” Xi Ghun wanted to see how powerful the Shin Clan ’s diamond dawn formation was, whether it was really strong or just bullshit.

Shin Ba and the people from the Shin Clan started to create a formation like diamond , they started to transfer the power they had to Shin Ba who was at the front.

Shin Ba body is currently filled with enormous power, this power is very large if used it will have a fairly large destructive power.

The power in Shin Ba ’s body is getting bigger and bigger, the aura and pressure of this power is truly extraordinary.

”Quickly run. ” Seeing that the Shin Clan wanted to use a strong attack, a few people with weak cultivations immediately ran away, meanwhile the group with strong cultivation set up a layered barrier to protect themselves from the impact of the attack.

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