When Ye Chen and Liu Yue returned to their seats, Zhao Yanyan welcomed her ”Yue sister ’s appearance was quite great ” Zhao Yanyan praised Liu Yue ’s voice.

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”Yanyan ’s younger sister thank you very much ” Liu Yue was happy because Zhao Yanyan comforted herself, Liu Yue realized that her singing skills were poor.

Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue laughed together, Ye Chen was glad the two women were able to accept each other ’s flaws, in this world there really wasn ’t a perfect person.

”Alright everyone, this will be the last song before the concert ends ” Feng Xue announced that the concert would end soon.

some viewers were disappointed because the concert ended so quickly.

”Let ’s get started, Booom.
., Boommm.
”When Feng Xue was going to sing suddenly in front of the stage there was a pretty big explosion.

A few meterials flew about the audience, the people in the VVIP chair most affected by flying material, Ye Chen immediately used his strength to hold these shards, so as not to hurt people.

The concert that was initially fun turned into a tense, people began to panic and scattered out of the building, the staff also quickly ejected Feng Xue down from the stage.

”Yanyan, Yue let ’s get out of here ” Ye Chen immediately hugged the two women and left the building as quickly as possible.

Ye Chen brought Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue up to the building next to the concert hall, from here Ye Chen could see everything clearly.

underneath people were also seen scattering trying to save themselves.

”Is this a terrorist attack? ”Liu Yue suspected that this was a terrorist attack.

Ye Chen observed the situation below, ”maybe this is the work of the kidnapper organization, just look over there ” Ye Chen pointed to a corner in the distance.

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Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue immediately looked in the direction Ye Chen pointed.

in a corner there is a black container truck, there are some people who carry a sword on their backs guarding near the container truck.

Some women were brought into the black container truck, all the women who were carried had pretty pretty faces.

”Look at that, isn ’t that Feng Xue? ” Zhao Yanyan pointed at Feng Xue who was being forcibly carried by several people, Feng Xue ’s mouth was covered by duct tape so that she could not scream.

Feng Xue tried to rebel unfortunately Feng Xue ’s strength was no match for these kidnappers.

”Some of them are cultivators ” Ye Chen checked that some of the kidnappers were cultivators, moreover their strength was not weak even some had reached the beginning of the Earth Realm.

”Husband, lest these people have a relationship with the kidnapper who was trying to kidnap me ” Zhao Yanyan realized that the clothes these people were wearing were almost the same as the kidnappers who tried to kidnap her at that time, fortunately at that time there was Ye Chen who help her.

”You might have a point ” Ye Chen nodded at Zhao Yanyan.

”Yanyan you and Yue go home first, I will try to follow them, and see what these people want to do ” Ye Chen took down Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue from the building.

”Ye Xiu come out ” Ye Chen called the nine-tailed fox to come out.

Ye Xiu appeared in front of Ye Chen ”Yanyan you brought Ye Xiu with you just in case ” because Ye Chen was worried about Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue ’s condition so he called Ye Xiu to protect them.

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Ye Xiu understood what Ye Chen was saying, she immediately jumped into the bag carried by Zhao Yanyan.

Because Ye Xiu Small ’s size easily entered into Zhao Yanyan ’s bag.

”careful husband ” Liu Yue warned Ye Chen to be careful.

”I ’ll go first ” Ye Chen flew and followed the container trucks belonging to the thieves.

The container truck drove away leaving the city, the route the container truck passed was the same as when Zhao Yanyan was kidnapped, Ye Chen continued to monitor from above the dark night sky.

After a while the truck finally stopped at a large broken warehouse in the middle of the forest, the thief came down and started to bring the women into the damaged warehouse.

Ye Chen went down to a tree and saw the activities of these people from afar, he used spirit Sensei to see how many people were around here.

After detecting Ye Chen discovered that there were hundreds of people under the damaged warehouse.

These people seemed to be the kidnapped women, seeing everyone entering the warehouse, it was time for Ye Chen to follow behind these people.

When Ye Chen slipped, he saw a familiar person behind a pile of boxes.

Luo Bing was currently watching the slave seller organization, after all this time Luo Bing had finally found their headquarters.

”Police Luo what are you doing here ” Ye Chen patted Luo Bing ’s back.

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Luo Bing shouted in surprise.

”Who ’s there? ” The kidnappers heard a voice from behind the box.

Ye Chen immediately covered Luo Bing ’s mouth by using his hand ”shut up ”.

The kidnappers immediately walked to look behind the box, there was a rat coming out from behind the City ”what ’s there ” asked the other kidnapper.

”It ’s just a mouse, I think what, let ’s go back ” The two kidnappers immediately entered the basement.

Luo Bing tried to release Ye Chen ’s hand from her mouth ”Ye Chen why are you here? Luo Bing asked why Ye Chen was here.

”I came here trying to save Feng Xue and the women who had just been kidnapped, ” Ye Chen said.

”Here is dangerous, hurry up and go ” Luo Bing warned Ye Chen to leave this place immediately, here Luo Bing could not guarantee Ye Cen ’s safety, she did not know that Ye Chen was a great cultivator

”You don ’t need to worry like this.
I ’m also a great martial arts expert. ” Ye Chen showed a bit of his Kungfu skills.

Luo Bing looked at Ye Chen with a look of disdain.

”How is my ability not bad right? ”Ye Chen still makes strange martial arts movements.

”Bad boy, move aside.
I don ’t have time to play with you, ” seeing Ye Chen still playing with Luo Bing didn ’t have time for him.

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Luo Bing ’s main focus is to save prisoners and destroy this organization.

Luo Bing very quickly disappeared from Ye Chen ’s view ”Luo Police where are you?, Don ’t leave me alone here ” Ye Chen shouted out Luo Bing ’s name, actually Ye Chen knew that Luo Bing was only hiding in the darkness on the side, Ye Chen was pretending pretending not to know.

Seeing Ye Chen suddenly scream, Luo Bing really wanted to knock him unconscious.

”Dodge ” Ye Chen dodged Luo Bing ’s attack

”How is that possible ” Luo Bing was very surprised to see Ye Chen avoiding her attack.

”That was almost there, fortunately I have trained my body ’s reflexes ”.

Luo Bing had detected Ye Chen ’s body many times, she did not feel that there was any strength in Ye Chen ’s body.

Luo Bing once again tried to attack Ye Chen, and Ye Chen could still avoid her attack.

”What kind of creature are you? ” Luo Bing really did not understand the young man in front of her.

”You can ’t see that I ’m human, ” Ye Chen answered Luo Bing ’s question.

Seeing Ye Chen not want to say it Luo Bing was angry ”you should go home, if you insist to come I will not guarantee your safety ” without regard to Ye Chen Luo Bing going down.

”Who else needs to be protected anyway ” Ye Chen followed far behind Luo Bing.

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