”Huh, living in this place, what do you mean? ” Ye Chen felt that he had misheard what this little girl had just said.

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”I live in this place, is there really something wrong? ” Chu Ning ’er asked Ye Chen.

”Of course something is wrong, how can you live in a place like this. ” Ye Chen didn ’t know how Chu Ning ’er lived in such a pitiful place.

”That ’s because I ’m the guardian of this place. ” Chu Ning ’er told Ye Chen that she was guarding this place.

”guardian?, you guardian in this place? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Ning ’er.

”um ” Chu Ning ’er nodded to Ye Chen, confirming what she just said.

Ye Chen started to think, how could a girl like this live in a place like this..

After thinking for a while, Ye Chen finally thought about this little girl.

”Yuechan, is this girl you were referring to just now? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

Ye Chen asked if this girl was the one controlling this place.

”Most likely, she is a bit special ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan confirmed what Ye Chen said, only that he still vaguely guessed this little girl.

”That ’s great, then I ’ll ask her to show me the way. ” Ye Chen would ask Chu Ning ’er to show him the way.

”Ning ’er, can you show me the way? ” Ye Chen asked if Chu Ning ’er would show him the way to go.

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”Of course, but it ’s not free. ” Chu Ning ’er told Ye Chen that it wasn ’t free.

”what do you want? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Ning ’er.

”What does big brother have? ” Chu Ning ’er asked Ye Chen.

”Would you like some candy? ” Ye Chen offered Chu Ning ’er fruit candy, who knows Chu Ning ’er might like this.

”Candy?, what is it? ” Chu Ning ’er asked what Ye Chen just said, she asked what Ye Chen meant.

”This is what I mean. ” Ye Chen took out a lollipop and showed it to Chu Ning ’er.

Chu Ning ’er ’s eyes lit up when she saw what Ye Chen had just released.

”Big brother let me try it ” Chu Ning ’er immediately grabbed the lollipop in Ye Chen ’s hand, Chu Ning ’er did this at such a fast speed that Ye Chen didn ’t have time to react.

”What was that just now? ” Ye Chen didn ’t know what just happened, he didn ’t know what just happened, how could Chu Ning ’er move so fast.

Chu Ning ’er had already started to lick the lollipop in her hand, she started to try what kind of thing Ye Chen just took out.

”It ’s pretty good. ” Chu Ning ’er liked this quite a bit, she thought it tasted pretty good.

”You like it? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Ning ’er.

”Of course it tastes pretty good. ” Chu Ning ’er nodded, herself saying that it tasted pretty good.

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”Good if you like it, so can you show me the way? ” Ye Chen wanted Chu Ning ’er to show him the way.

”Alright, come with me. ” Chu Ning ’er finally agreed to show Ye Chen the way, she told Ye Chen to follow her.

Ye Chen followed Chu Ning ’er, he firmly believed that Chu Ning ’er would guide him.

Chu Ning ’er led the way while eating the lollipop, she was very happy with the thing that Ye Chen gave her.

”Big brother what are you doing? ” Chu Ning ’er asked what Ye Chen was doing in this place.

”I ’m lost and don ’t know the way out ” Ye Chen told Chu Ning ’er that he was lost and didn ’t know the way out.

”It ’s really difficult here, not many people can escape after entering this place. ” Chu Ning ’er nodded, herself telling Ye Chen that not many people could escape after entering this place.

”Do you know why that happened? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Ning ’er.

Ye Chen wanted to know the reason why Chu Ning ’er said something like this, exactly what was hidden in this place.

”Big brother will know about it soon ” Chu Ning ’er informed that Ye Chen would soon find out about this matter.

Chu Ning ’er suddenly took Ye Chen to a strange place, in this place there is a very large tree, Ye Chen is like a pebble in front of this tree.

”what ’s this? ” Ye Chen started to wonder what kind of tree was this in front of him.

”Isn ’t this the Yin & Yang core tree? ” Chu Yuechan immediately realized that this was the Yin & Yang core tree.

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”Yin & Yang Core Tree, what is it?, please explain to me ” Ye Chen wanted Chu Yuechan to explain about Yin & Yang Core Tree to himself.

”The Yin & Yang core tree is a very precious tree, this tree has a strong source of Yin & Yang, there is also a fruit called Yin & Yang Life Fruit, this fruit can make cultivators who use it gain extraordinary power ” Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen about the Yin & Yang Core Tree.

”Wow, how great is that? ” Ye Chen couldn ’t believe that the Yin & Yang Core Tree would become that great.

”You better come close and absorb the Yin around this tree, this will definitely help you ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to go and absorb the Yin around the Yin & Yang Core tree.

”Okay, I ’ll do it ” After knowing this, Ye Chen immediately rushed to the tree, himself sat cross-legged and began to absorb the Yin around this place.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when he started cultivating the Passion Goddess technique, Ye Chen found that the Yin Qi in this place was very rich.

This amount was something extraordinary, it could allow Ye Chen to make a huge profit.

Ye Chen began to sink into his cultivation, he focused on cultivating the Yin Qi around this place.

”Little girl come in. ” Chu Yuechan told Chu Ning ’er to enter the fairy gate.

”Big sister, what do you need from me? ” Chu Ning ’er asked Chu Yuechan, it seemed that Chu Ning ’er had already noticed Chu Yuechan who was in Ye Chen ’s body.

”I want to discuss something with you, so quickly come and see me ” Chu Yuechan said to Chu Ning ’er.

”Why not a beautiful big sister come out ” said Chu Ning ’er to Chu Yuechan.

”I can ’t do that, so hurry in now. ” Chu Yuechan used her dominance to make Chu Ning ’er enter the fairy gate.

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”Alright ” Chu Ning ’er disappeared from this world and entered the fairy gate.

Chu Ning ’er entered the fairy gate, she entered the fairy gate and looked at Chu Yuechan who was in front of her.

”Wow, big sister is very beautiful. ” Chu Ning ’er said that Chu Yuechan was very beautiful.

”Stop messing with me, quickly show me your true form. ” Chu Yuechan told Chu Ning ’er to show her true form.

”Looks like I can ’t hide anything from beautiful big sister. ” Chu Ning ’er ’s body began to be enveloped by light, after a while Chu Ning ’er ’s appearance changed.

Chu Ning ’er changed from a girl to a mature woman who had an extremely beautiful appearance and was full of charm.

Behind his back was the exact same affection that Chu Yuechan had.

”So sister, what do you need from me? ” Chu Ning ’er ’s tone changed, she no longer sounded like a weak little girl.

”That ’s good, I didn ’t expect to see a fairy race in a place like this. ” Chu Yuechan didn ’t expect that she would see her own race in this place.

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