Ye Chen continued to absorb Yin from the Yin & Yang core tree, Ye Chen had been cultivating in this place for a few days, in these few days Ye Chen had a tremendous increase in strength, Ye Chen had broken through to the highest level of the Divine Tribulation Realm .

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Ye Chen opened his eyes, now he has reached the tenth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm.

”I ’ve already reached the tenth level of the Divine Tribulation Realm, now I only need one more step. ” Ye Chen was very happy with this increase in strength, he increased several levels at once while absorbing the Yin from this tree.

The Yin of the Yin & Yang core tree had already accumulated for hundreds of thousands of years, so it was not surprising that when Ye Chen used it, Ye Chen could increase his strength to this level.

”Master, don ’t be in a hurry, you are not able to endure the Divine Tribulation yet, so don ’t be in a hurry, you must prepare everything thoroughly, or you will be turned into dust by the Divine Tribulation. ” Chu Yuechan hurriedly stopped Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan didn ’t Ye Chen was too hasty in breaking through to the Divine Rebirth Realm.

all cultivators who were going to break through to the Divine Rebirth Realm had to go through a tribulation, they had to receive a thunderbolt from heaven to become an even higher being.

The path to becoming a god is a very, very difficult path, many cultivators fail to do so.

Most cultivators who fail upon ascension to the Divine Rebirth Realm, they will become permanently disabled and the worst possibility is death.

There have been many geniuses from various eras who had to give up their dreams for not being able to endure the heavenly tribulation.

”Okay I understand ” Ye Chen understood, he would not rush to break through.

. ” Chu Yuechan was happy that Ye Chen was willing to listen to her.

Chu Yuechan was afraid that if Ye Chen failed at this stage, if that was the case, then it would be very serious.

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The more genius a person was then they would have to endure a heavenly tribulation that was far more terrifying than most normal people, so someone like Ye Chen would definitely encounter something extremely terrifying once.

Chu Yuechan couldn ’t think how Ye Chen would face the heavenly lightning later, how much heavenly lightning Ye Chen would have to endure.

With Ye Chen ’s Sage God inheritance, it would definitely not be as simple as imagined, which was why Chu Yuechan didn ’t want Ye Chen to be rash and rush.

”Yuechan, does everyone have to go through heavenly tribulation to become stronger? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.

”Not really, there are some people with pure divine bloodlines who don ’t need to experience heavenly tribulation, those who can guard bloodlines don ’t need to experience this ” Chu Yuechan said.

”How do they do that? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen wanted to know how to keep their blood pure.

”Each god has a special method to do this, this method will not be revealed to outsiders ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

This method is very secretive, outsiders can ’t possibly know about this method, if they did know about it, they would definitely be hunted down and killed so they wouldn ’t leak it.

”Then who are the people who have a pure bloodline? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen wanted to know who was the person who didn ’t need to do that.

”Examples are Dongfang Xiu and also Yue Ya, they both still have extremely pure blood, so neither of them need to go through heavenly tribulation ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan set an example for Ye Chen, she telling Ye Chen that Dongfang Xiu and Yue Ya were examples who did not need to experience heavenly tribulation.

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”So the two of them don ’t need to experience heavenly tribulation ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Yue Ya and Dongfang Xiu would be such a special person.

”There are also ways to reduce the impact of Heavenly Tribulation, but that requires a lot of resources, usually only rich families can afford to do this. ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, apparently there is a method that can reduce the impact of the heavenly tribulation, it seems that Ye Chen must use this in order to escape the heavenly tribulation.

When Ye Chen asked about this matter, Chu Yuechan happily answered Ye Chen ’s question, he told Ye Chen about the ingredients and how to use this method.

”Your big brother is awake? ” Chu Ning ’er came over to Ye Chen, at this time Chu Ning ’er was using the appearance of a little girl to approach Ye Chen.

”Where have you been? ” Ye Chen asked where Chu Ning ’er had been all this time.

”I was walking around this place, really bored waiting for you to cultivate ” Chu Ning ’er said to Ye Chen.

Chu Ning ’er went around together with Chu Yuechan, she was having fun inside the fairy gate together with Chu Yuechan.

Chu Ning ’er didn ’t want to tell Ye Chen about this matter, so she just told her that she was going around.

”Ning ’er can you take me to find my friend? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Ning ’er to help him find Xing Mei.

”Of course, but it ’s not free. ” Chu Ning ’er was of course willing to help Ye Chen, but with some reward from Ye Chen.

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”Would you like some more candy? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Ning ’er.

”Of course, I like sweets. ” Chu Ning ’er nodded, she liked the sweets that Ye Chen gave her.

Ye Chen took out a lot of lollipops, giving them all to Chu Ning ’er.

Chu Ning ’er ’s eyes lit up when she saw the lollipop in Ye Chen ’s hand, she immediately took all the candy that was in Ye Chen ’s hand.

”Big brother is very kind, thank you very much ” Chu Ning ’er thanked Ye Chen, she was grateful for Ye Chen ’s kindness.

”Come on, come with me. ” Chu Ning ’er took Ye Chen to find Xing Mei ’s whereabouts, Chu Ning ’er could make Ye Chen find Xing Mei ’s whereabouts.

Ye Chen didn ’t think much, he went and followed Chu Ning ’er, let Chu Ning ’er lead the way for him.

When Ye Chen was about to leave this place, suddenly a branch from the Yin & Yang core tree fell down and was in front of Ye Chen, this branch blocked the path that Ye Chen was about to walk.

” what? ” Ye Chen didn ’t understand why the Yin & Yang core tree stopped him.

In front of Ye Chen suddenly appeared a fruit, this fruit is the fruit that comes from the Yin & Yang core tree.

”Big brother seems like the Yin & Yang Core tree gave you the Yin & Yang Life Fruit, you should take it ” Chu Ning ’er told Ye Chen that the Yin & Yang Core tree gave Ye Chen the Yin & Yang Life Fruit.

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”Oh, I see ” Ye Chen now understood what had happened, Ye Chen took the Yin & Yang Life Fruit, he plucked the fruit.

After Ye Chen picked the Yin & Yang Life Fruit, the tree branch returned to the top, and stopped blocking Ye Chen ’s path.

”Interesting, even the Yin & Yang core tree gave him the Yin & Yang Life Fruit. ” Chu Ning ’er was surprised by this, it was rare for the Yin & Yang core tree to give her own fruit to someone.

As long as Chu Ning ’er was guarding this tree, she had only seen this scene a few times, all those who received the gifts from the Yin & Yang core tree were people with bright futures.

So it was very likely that Ye Chen would have a very bright future, he could definitely become a great person.

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