nt, Feng Xuanyin ’s gaze was like a hungry wolf.

”Fufufu, looks like something interesting is going to happen. ” Chu Ning ’er sensed something interesting, she couldn ’t wait for the show to take place.

Chu Ning ’er purposely guided Ye Chen to where Feng Xuanyin was, she wanted to see how Ye Chen handled this woman.

Chu Ning ’er wanted to see Ye Chen ’s performance when facing Feng Xuanyin.

Ye Chen and Feng Xuanyin went through the labyrinth, the two walking side by side.

Feng Xuanyin started trying to approach Ye Chen, herself approaching Ye Chen who was next to her.

”Hey, why are you sticking like that? ” Ye Chen started to ask why Feng Xuanyin was so attached to him.

” why, you know I ’m afraid to be here, as a man you have to protect me ” Feng Xuanyin started to act like a weak girl who needed to be protected by Ye Chen.

”You are not a weak girl who needs protection from me ” Ye Chen said to Feng Xuanyin.

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Ye Chen knew that Feng Xuanyin was a strong woman who didn ’t need her protection.

”Why are you so cruel to a beautiful woman like me, you in this world no one has ever refused to be close to me ” Feng Xuanyin said to Ye Chen.

”Not really, you can count me as the only person who rejected you ” Ye Chen said nonchalantly.

Ye Chen was forced to act like this, otherwise Feng Xuanyin would definitely not let him go.

Feng Xuanyin paused as she listened to what Ye Chen had just said to her.

”Geez, you are the most troublesome man I have ever met, are you actually normal or not? ” Feng Xuanyin couldn ’t stand Ye Chen ’s attitude anymore, this man was really unapproachable.

”Of course I ’m still normal, what kind of man do you think I am? ” Ye Chen said to Feng Xuanyin.

Ye Chen immediately refuted Feng Xuanyin ’s words, Ye Chen was still a normal man who liked a beautiful woman.

”Really?, then let ’s see if your words are true or not ” Feng Xuanyin was going to prove what Ye Chen had just said.

Feng Xuanyin started to take off the mask that was on her face, when Feng Xuanyin took off the mask that was on her face, an extremely beautiful, gentle and charming figure appeared in Ye Chen ’s eyes.
men who saw it felt crazy and excited.

”This woman is too beautiful and seductive ” Even after seeing Feng Xuanyin, it was still a temptation that Ye Chen could not easily resist, even Ye Chen had a hard time fighting Feng Xuanyin ’s strong charm.

Feng Xuanyin ’s smile was too strong, Ye Chen felt a strong pressure in his heart.

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”why are you turning your face away, are you embarrassed, funny thing ” Feng Xuanyin felt proud when she saw Ye Chen who turned her face away, it seemed that Ye Chen was embarrassed when he looked at Feng Xuanyin.

After being with Ye Chen for so long, Feng Xuanyin was finally able to make Ye Chen ’s attitude change slightly.

”Looks like it ’s working, time to tease him ” Seeing that this method worked, Feng Xuanyin decided to start teasing Ye Chen.

Feng Xuanyin needed Ye Chen ’s Yang Qi, Ye Chen ’s Yang Qi was like food to a cultivator like Feng Xuanyin.

”Master, this woman is the owner of the Nine Heaven Pure Yin Body, it is only natural that she has a very rich Yin Qi, ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan, finally got to know Feng Xuanyin ’s body, after Feng Xuanyin took off her mask, the barrier around Feng Xuanyin ’s body disappeared and allowed Chu Yuechan to see Feng Xuanyin ’s special body.

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