around his body to scare Ye Chen away.

”OK ” Ye Chen then promised Luo Bing.

Seeing Ye Chen promise Luo Bing was quite satisfied, she immediately left and left the rest to Ye Chen.

The women immediately gathered around Ye Chen ’s side they were very excited together with the handsome Ye Chen ”handsome please get us out of here ” all the women who looked quite beautiful said spoiled to Ye Chen.

”Alright ladies, are you ready to get out of here ”, all the women nodded their heads very excited.

”Come here ” Ye Chen pointed at the place where he entered here.

The women with great enthusiasm walked towards the dark corridor, Ye Chen intended to follow behind these women.

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It turns out there is still one more woman who is currently curled up in a corner and holding her knees, Ye Chen could not see this woman ’s face because this woman buried her face in her knees.

”Hey, do you not want to get out of here? ” Ye Chen approached and asked the woman huddled in the corner.

This woman looked up, she saw a man who was quite handsome ”I have no place anymore in this city ” this woman was desperate when answering Ye Chen ’s question.

Ye Chen was quite surprised at the cuteness of this woman, even though her appearance was quite chaotic, this woman still looked beautiful and cute.

With snow-white skin, a face like a doll and a long blond rabut, this woman looks like a beautiful walking doll.

Someone who saw this woman, would want to immediately protect this cute woman.

Ye Chen saw that there was no fire in this cute girl ”oh yeah, what ’s your name ” Ye Chen first wanted to know the name of this girl so it was easier to communicate with her.

” that .
., that .
, my name is Xiao Luli.
”Xiao Lulu was shy when she said her name.

Seeing this shy girl add to Xiao Lulu ’s cute appeal, Ye Chen increasingly wants to protect this woman ”so Lulu, I ’m Ye Chen, if you don ’t mind what if you stay with me ” Ye Chen tried to persuade this girl to want to get out of the place this sad thing.

When Ye Chen said that there was a slight flash of spirit in Xiao Lulu ’s eyes, ”that.
, that .
, will it not bother you? ”Xiao Luli was even more ashamed when she looked at Ye Chen.

”Just calm down it won ’t bother me at all, let ’s get out of here ” Ye Chen pulled Xiao Lulu ’s hand and walked towards the surface.

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The cute Xiao Lulu just resignedly following Ye Chen to the surface.

On the other hand Luo Bing kept going forward, every time she met someone he would immediately freeze them.
After walking quite far Luo Bing was on the altar, here were some women whose hands were on the chain, Feng Xue was included.

”Wow, wow, look who ’s here. ” Someone seated on a throne welcomed Luo Bing.

Middle-aged man seemed to have been waiting for the arrival of Luo Bing.

”Bao Man, finally you dare to appear too ” Luo Bing also seems to know the identity of this middle-aged man.

”Hahaha, this old man didn ’t expect that the six-door organization only sent one person to catch this old man, they underestimated me ” Bao Man laughed underestimating the six-door organization.

”Bao Man, I alone is enough to defeat you ” Luo Bing immediately advanced and attacked Bao Man with the palm of Ice.

Bao Man did not stay silent, he used the first blow to welcome Luo Bing ’s attack.

”The collision between the two attacks was unavoidable, Luo Bing was defeated and retreated a few meters backwards.

”Hahaha, it seems like the old men overly overestimate you, today I will train you to be an obedient slave ” Bao Man came forward and intends to fight with Luo Bing.

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