”Geez, I actually found a treasure in a remote place like this. ” Feng Xuanyin actually got a treasure in this place, she really really liked Ye Chen ’s treasure.

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Feng Xuanyin started stroking Ye Chen ’s thing, she saw this as the best toy in this world.

What Feng Xuanyin did made Ye Chen very comfortable, the methods and techniques used by Feng Xuanyin made Ye Chen ’s thing feel comfortable.

”This is really too harsh, do you really like being treated like this by a beautiful goddess like me? ” Feng Xuanyin asked Ye Chen.

Feng Xuanyin kept trying to tease Ye Chen, she used her best skills to make Ye Chen surrender to her.

”Not really ” Ye Chen still refused to lose to Feng Xuanyin, he would not take this defeat for granted.

”You really can ’t be honest, looks like I have to train you to be even more honest ” Feng Xuanyin would definitely make Ye Chen honest with his feelings.


Feng Xuanyin was a goddess that was adored, so she had to be able to make a lowly man like Ye Chen kneel under her pomegranate skirt.

Feng Xuanyin was currently betting on her reputation, she should be able to defeat Ye Chen with her Dual Cultivation technique.

Feng Xuanyin began to increase the intensity of her movements, herself starting to make little brother feel incomparable pleasure.

Ye Chen could feel that Feng Xuanyin ’s movements were becoming more and more ferocious, little by little Ye Chen ’s defense was starting to be shaken by Feng Xuanyin ’s attacks.

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Feng Xuanyin ’s attack was extremely fatal, this woman possessed abilities above the average of a veteran woman.

Normal men would definitely not last long when faced with the attacks inflicted by Feng Xuanyin, they would definitely give up and kneel under Feng Xuanyin ’s abilities.

”How are you going to give up? ” Feng Xuanyin asked Ye Chen again, wanting to know whether Ye Chen had given up or not.

Feng Xuanyin was very confident in her abilities, she was sure that Ye Chen would immediately succumb to her attacks.

It wouldn ’t be long before Ye Chen would lose to her and become her loyal dog.

Feng Xuanyin will definitely train Ye Chen very well, with Ye Chen ’s capital, Feng Xuanyin is very confident that she will be the luckiest woman with Ye Chen ’s possessions.

Ye Chen did not speak, he tried to resist the invasion from Feng Xuanyin, Ye Chen tried to strengthen his defenses so as not to shake when faced with Feng Xuanyin.

Feng Xuanyin had indeed become a very strong and terrifying woman, she had very skilled techniques, plus Feng Xuanyin had an extremely powerful charm.

This charm could match the charm possessed by Fu Lanling, the difference was that Feng Xuanyin could use this charm very well.

If only Fu Lanling could use her innate charm, then Fu Lanling would definitely be able to confuse every man and adore her.

Unfortunately, Fu Lanling didn ’t want to do that and preferred to keep herself closed so that not many men would fall victim to her goddess charm.

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Feng Xuanyin helped Ye Chen for almost 10 minutes, until now Ye Chen had not shown any signs of defeat.

Feng Xuanyin was quite surprised by this, Ye Chen ’s endurance was extremely strong, even with the abilities that Feng Xuanyin had used, he was still unable to defeat Ye Chen.

”This thing is very strong, besides this monster, it also has a very strong endurance. ” Besides Ye Chen ’s largeness, it also has strong endurance, this is something every goddess in this God Realm dreams of.

Feng Xuanyin became more and more fierce in fighting Ye Chen, she brought out her best ability to face Ye Chen.

Ye Chen only saw what Feng Xuanyin was doing, he saw the abilities this woman had.

As time passed, Feng Xuanyin still couldn ’t break down the defense that Ye Chen had put up.

”This man, how strong is he really? ” Feng Xuanyin started to wonder how strong Ye Chen ’s strength was, Feng Xuanyin ’s hands were already getting tired.

”Is that all you have, with that kind of ability, you want to challenge me? ” Ye Chen said to Feng Xuanyin.

Ye Chen had already regained his confidence, so it was not surprising that Ye Chen was very brave in going against Feng Xuanyin.

Ye Chen had already gotten used to Feng Xuanyin ’s attacks, so Ye Chen was confident that he could defend against Feng Xuanyin.

”That ’s interesting, so you decided to challenge this princess, fine, then I ’ll be serious. ” Feng Xuanyin really took Ye Chen ’s challenge very seriously, she couldn ’t lose to Ye Chen.

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Feng Xuanyin started to take off the clothes she was wearing, her beautiful and perfect body was now being shown to Ye Chen.

Feng Xuanyin ’s body was brimming with perfection, every portion of her body fit perfectly, not a single point was missing or too much.

Feng Xuanyin was indeed very brave, this woman had no shame in exposing something like this.

This temptation is so heavy, not many people are able to resist this kind of temptation, even Ye Chen might have to have trouble with this.

”How, do you want to touch it? ” Feng Xuanyin asked Ye Chen, Feng Xuanyin started to get closer to Ye Chen, herself using two very large and seductive double peaks to make Ye Chen excited.

Ye Chen tried to avert his gaze, but he was still unable to take his eyes off the beautiful treasure in front of him.

”You told me to, so don ’t blame me ” Ye Chen couldn ’t stand Feng Xuanyin ’s constant teasing, there was a limit for a man to resist a temptation from a beautiful goddess like Feng Xuanyin.

Ye Chen started to extend his hand towards Feng Xuanyin ’s double peak, he started to knead these two double peaks like cookie dough.

. ” Feng Xuanyin groaned, herself letting out a very soft voice filled with strong temptation.

Feng Xuanyin ’s voice was very comfortable to listen to, the sound of moaning alone could make a man so excited that he became the state he is in now.

”What is this, why is he so skilled? ” Feng Xuanyin started to feel a comfortable feeling when Ye Chen touched her, this comfortable feeling was something that Feng Xuanyin was very, very hard to resist.

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Feng Xuanyin tried to defend against Ye Chen ’s attack, but what she did was completely useless, Ye Chen ’s fingers were extremely skilled and made Feng Xuanyin go crazy.

Ye Chen finally got an opportunity to put up a fight, so he wasn ’t going to let this opportunity slip away.

Ye Chen used the Passion Goddess technique, he wanted to defeat the arrogant Feng Xuanyin and wanted to make himself a pet.

”Damn, I can ’t endure. ” Feng Xuanyin felt an extremely comfortable feeling, she had never felt such a comfortable feeling in her life.

Ye Chen was the first person who could make Feng Xuanyin feel so comfortable that it made Feng Xuanyin lose her sanity.

Ye Chen became more and more daring, he went down and explored the forbidden place which was very beautiful and beautiful.

”Emmm ” Feng Xuanyin kept moaning, she felt a wonderful feeling from Ye Chen ’s hand, her mind drifted and her body became very relaxed.

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