”Where are we going? ” Song Ziyu asked where they were going.

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”We ’re going somewhere to do something interesting. ” Ye Chen told Song Ziyu that the two of them were going to do something interesting.

Song Ziyu became very curious about what Ye Chen would do, in her opinion, Ye Chen was becoming more and more mysterious.

Song Ziyu rested for a while, after Song Ziyu had enough rest, Ye Chen immediately invited Song Ziyu to go to the place where Gong Senye lived.

Ye Chen was about to start running his own stunt, Ye Chen couldn ’t wait to embarrass Gong Senye in public.

Gong Senye is an elder of the outer court, so currently Gong Senye is in the outer court.

Ye Chen brought Song Ziyu along with him, both of them disguised their appearances so that others wouldn ’t notice.

With Ye Chen ’s ability, Ye Chen could very easily find Gong Senye ’s whereabouts.

”We ’ve arrived. ” Ye Chen told Song Ziyu that they had arrived at their destination.

”Wait, isn ’t this the territory of the elder in charge of the outer court? ” Song Ziyu asked Ye Chen.

Song Ziyu of course knew that the vicinity of this place was the territory where the elders of the outer court resided.

”We are going to deal with an elder who has dared to frame me, so I want to settle matters with him ” Ye Chen said to Song Ziyu.

Ye Chen finally told Song Ziyu what he was going to do.

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”Are you crazy, you want to find trouble with an elder? ” Song Ziyu said that Ye Chen had gone mad, how could Ye Chen dare to get into trouble with an elder.

”What if he is an elder, I don ’t care if he is an elder, he has dared to do bad things about me, so I will take revenge for what happened ” Ye Chen didn ’t care about Gong Senye ’s identity, he would definitely revenge for the defamation of this old man.

”Come with me quickly, don ’t ask too many questions, you just follow what I say, you are my servant ” Ye Chen told Song Ziyu to follow him.

Song Ziyu did not expect that she would be dragged into this matter.

Ye Chen and Song Ziyu started to sneak towards Gong Senye ’s residence, Ye Chen and Song Ziyu started sneaking around Gong Senye ’s residence.

Ye Chen started to peek inside Gong Senye ’s residence, when Ye Chen peeked inside Gong Senye ’s residence, Ye Chen found that Tie Sangling was currently inside Gong Senye ’s residence.

It seemed that the two of them were currently discussing something very important.

”Looks like my guess is right, the two have colluded. ” Ye Chen was now completely convinced that the person who had framed him was Gong Senye, this old man had made himself a public enemy of everyone in the inner court.

This way Ye Chen no longer needed to look for other evidence, he had already found what he was looking for, now it was just a matter of executing both of them.

”Elder Gong, I have done what you wanted, so I hope you give me the gift you promised me. ” Tie Sangling said that she wanted the gift that Gong Senye had promised.

”Hahaha, you ’ve done really well, that person will sooner or later suffer from being the enemy of everyone in the inner court. ” Gong Senye was very happy with the work Tie Sangling was doing, Tie Sangling ’s work was very satisfying.

Tie Sangling smiled as she listened to Gong Senye ’s praise, she couldn ’t wait to be rewarded for what she had done.

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”Okay, here ’s your reward. ” Gong Senye took out a pouch from his Space Ring, showing it to Tie Sangling.

Tie Sangling ’s eyes immediately lit up when she saw what Gong Senye, Tie Sangling had given her very happy with this.

Tie Sangling got a great reward for doing such an easy job, so it wasn ’t strange that Tie Sangling was overjoyed.

Tie Sangling stretched out her hand in front of her, looking like she wanted to take a gift from Gong Senye.

Just as Tie Sangling was about to take a gift from Gong Senye, Gong Senye suddenly withdrew his hand.

”Elder Gong, what does this mean? ” Tie Sangling immediately asked what Gong Senye was doing.

Why did Gong Senye take back the gift he gave Tie Sangling.

”I have added some items to this bag, so you have to do something for me. ” Gong Senye informed that he had added a bonus for Tie Sangling, so Gong Senye wanted Tie Sangling to give him additional services.

Tie Sangling was not an innocent woman, she naturally knew what Gong Senye meant.

Tie Sangling had a relationship with that good Elder in the outer court, this gave Tie Sangling access to enormous resources.

This made Tie Sangling great and appear dazzling among the male disciples in the outer court.

Tie Sangling started to take off her clothes, now she only wears underwear which looks very sexy and very seductive.

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Ever since Yan Fei introduced underwear, all women started to wear underwear, they felt the benefits of wearing underwear for their beauty.

”What is she doing? ” Song Ziyu stuttered when she saw the naked Tie Sangling right in front of Gong Senye.

This was quite shocking for a virgin like Song Ziyu, so it was not surprising that Song Ziyu looked surprised when she saw this scene.

”Shhh ” Ye Chen immediately told Song Ziyu to be quiet, otherwise the two would definitely be caught.

Song Ziyu immediately nodded to Ye Chen, she would try not to make any more noise.

Ye Chen looked at the scene in front of her, seeing this, Ye Chen had a very brilliant idea.

”Hehehe, just watch out for the two of you, you two will definitely suffer the consequences. ” Ye Chen already had a very, very good idea, he would embarrass Gong Senye and Tie Sangling.

Ye Chen took the imaging stone and started recording what Gong Senye and Tie Sangling were doing.

Song Ziyu saw what Ye Chen was doing, this man was trying to capture the momentum that Gong Senye and Tie Sangling were doing.

Song Ziyu turned his attention towards Gong Senye and Tie Sangling who had already started the battle.

At first Song Ziyu felt that this was a little disgusting, but after a while Song Ziyu got used to what was in front of her.

”Oh, little bitch, your skills are really great, it ’s not strange that many elders talk about your abilities. ” Gong Senye looked very excited about what Tie Sangling did, what Tie Sangling did felt really good.

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”Really, then do you want to give me more gifts? ” Tie Sangling asked Gong Senye.

Tie Sangling smiled when she saw Gong Senye who had given up under her pomegranate skirt, it was so easy to subdue an old man like Gong Senye.

”No problem, I will give you more. ” Gong Senye said that he would give Tie Sangling more gifts.

Tie Sangling was overjoyed when she heard this, Tie Sangling immediately got excited and started an even more aggressive move.

Tie Sangling hoped that he would get more gifts from Gong Senye so that his cultivation would be much more advanced

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