ft this place, she was going to do what Ye Chen had ordered.

”Now what will I do ” Ye Chen didn ’t know what to do at this moment, he felt a little bored and needed a little entertainment.

”Is there no entertainment in this place? ” Ye Chen began to wonder if around this place there was no entertainment that could make Ye Chen ’s heart feel happy.

”Master, why don ’t you meet Fairy Zhen, that woman lives around this place ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that Fairy Zhen lived around this place.

”Does that beautiful Milf live around this place, what a coincidence, then will visit ” Hearing this, Ye Chen regained his spirit, he didn ’t mind meeting Fairy Zhen.

It might be rude to visit tonight, but Ye Chen knew Fairy Zhen very well, so Fairy Zhen shouldn ’t mind Ye Chen visiting at night.

Note: O reader what you are thinking right now (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Ye Chen immediately rushed to Fairy Zhen ’s place, he very quickly arrived in front of Fairy Zhen ’s room.

Fairy Zhen ’s room was no different from the one owned by other Elders, it ’s just that Fairy Zhen ’s place looked tidier and more lively, there were a lot of medicinal plants in Fairy Zhen ’s yard.

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”This woman, no matter where she is, she still likes to grow medicinal plants. ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that the beautiful Milf would love medicinal herbs so much.

Ye Chen started to peek into Fairy Zhen ’s room, when Ye Chen peeked into Fairy Zhen ’s room, Ye Chen found that Fairy Zhen was currently cultivating in his room.

”Looks like she ’s busy. ” Seeing Fairy Zhen peacefully cultivating, Ye Chen felt uncomfortable because he wanted to disturb her.

”who is that? ” Fairy Zhen realized that someone had sneaked into her room, she could faintly sense Ye Chen ’s presence.

Ye Chen was a little surprised when he saw Fairy Zhen was able to find her whereabouts, this woman turned out to have quite strong instincts.

”It ’s me ” Ye Chen showed himself in front of Fairy Zhen, Ye Chen smiled at Fairy Zhen.

”Ye Chen, what are you doing in this place? ” Fairy Zhen immediately asked what Ye Chen was doing in this place.

”I just want to visit beautiful sister ” Ye Chen said that he just wanted to visit and meet Fairy Zhen.

Fairy Zhen ’s face was slightly red when Ye Chen called herself Fairy Zhen, she was flattered when Ye Chen addressed her in this way.

”Ahem, please don ’t be shy anymore, you are already very popular now, so why are you meeting this old woman ” Fairy Zhen said with a slightly dissatisfied tone.

”Beautiful sister, how can you say that, you are still a very beautiful person, no one will believe that you are an old woman ” Ye Chen said that Fairy Zhen is a beautiful woman, no one would believe that Fairy Zhen is an old woman.

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Fairy Zhen ’s heart was sweet when she heard this, Ye Chen could still praise herself in a situation like this.

”Ye Chen, I am not a little girl like a medicine pavilion disciple ” Fairy Zhen said to Ye Chen.

At work, Fairy Zhen always listened to the female students who were always talking about Ye Chen, they were all always talking about things related to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen seemed to have driven all the women into a frenzy, to the point that they idolized Ye Chen so much.

”What ’s wrong, is Fairy Zhen jealous to see me stealing a disciple at your place? ” Ye Chen said to Fairy Zhen.

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