the next morning very quickly came, Song Ziyu came to Ye Chen carrying a bag.

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”This is the order you want ” Song Ziyu told Ye Chen that she had successfully completed all the orders that Ye Chen wanted.

Ye Chen opened his eyes, he looked at Song Ziyu who was currently in front of his eyes.

”Very good work ” Ye Chen praised Song Ziyu ’s work, Song Ziyu ’s work was very fast.

Now all Ye Chen needs to do is spread all this and let everyone in court know about this issue.

Ye Chen couldn ’t wait to see the faces of Gong Senye and also Tie Sangling, faces like what they would show when they saw this spread among the outside court students.

”My job is done, can I go? ” Song Ziyu asks if she can leave this place.

”Okay, you can go ” Ye Chen said that if Song Ziyu could leave this place, Song Ziyu had done her job very well.

Song Ziyu looked very happy when she listened to what Ye Chen said, Song Ziyu immediately left Ye Chen ’s residence.

After Song Ziyu left, Ye Chen took a robe and mask, he himself will start spreading the problem.

Coincidentally it was still very early in the morning, so still no one came out of their residence.

Ye Chen will take this opportunity very well, he will spread everything very neatly and not be noticed by anyone.

Ye Chen left his room, he began to spread the imaging stones in various important places in the outer court.

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Ye Chen moved very, very fast, he was like a shadow that was very difficult to see.

Moments later Ye Chen finally finished his work, now just need to wait for the results.

While waiting for the result, Ye Chen left the outer court, making sure that no one would suspect that this was an act of his own.



Moments later the male and female disciples in the inner court came out, they performed their usual royal activities.

As they were about to leave, they all found something very, very interesting along the way, they found there were a lot of imagery rocks along the way that were in the outer court.

This of course piqued the interest of everyone who saw it, people began to take and see the contents that were in this imagery stone.

”Ahhh  .
., kyahhhh..
..  great ” an indecent image appeared in front of the person who took the imaging stone.

When they all looked into the imaging rock, they were all shocked.

”what is this ? ” everyone seemed shocked when they saw what was in the rock imaging what they saw was really a very, very hard thing to accept.

The reason everyone finds it hard to accept this, is because the person in the picture is Tie Sangling who is an idol for the inner court disciples.

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So it is not strange that they are all surprised when they see what is in the imaging stone.

The people who were most surprised were the fans of Tie Sangling, they all really looked confused after seeing this.

The woman they had been worshiping all this time, turned out to be someone like this, she even played with an old man like Gong Senye.

All the fans of Tie Sangling feel that if they have been deceived, Tie Sangling is not at all as good as they expected.

This news will definitely spread very quickly, this news will spread very quickly to all corners of Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

”Damn what happened ” Tie Sangling shouted in her room, she was currently holding the imaging stone that was inside of herself and Gong Senye.

Tie Sangling was quite shocked when she saw this, she felt a mixed feeling when she saw the contents in the imaging stone.

”Damn, who is the person who has done this ” Tie Sangling began to wonder who is the person who has dared to do this to her and Gong Senye, this person has really spread about the secret that Tie Sangling has.

Because of this incident, Tie Sangling will definitely lose her reputation, from now on no one will want to praise and worship Tie Sangling.

Tie Sangling started to get stressed because of this problem, she looked confused with this problem.

” Suddenly outside the room there was a loud knock.

”Tie Sangling you are inside, hurry out ” Someone was outside, this person immediately told Tie Sangling to come out right now.

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”Who? ” Tie Sangling immediately asked who was outside her room.

”This is us from the law enforcement department. ” People outside told Tie Sangling who they were.

”Why are you here? ” Tie Sangling looked frightened when he heard that there were people outside from the Sect law enforcement department.

”We ’re here to take you for questioning ” outsiders tell why they ’re here.

”I don ’t want to go with you ” Tie Sangling said that he didn ’t want to go with these people.

”You have no choice, hurry up and join us, ” people from the law enforcement department said, adding that Tie Sangling had no choice but to join them.

”I don ’t want to ” Tie Sangling still refused, he really didn ’t want to go with these people.

Seeing that Tie Sangling did not want to go with them, these people had no choice but to bring Tie Sangling by force.

”Bang ” they immediately broke down the door of Tie Sangling ’s room, after breaking down the door of Tie Sangling ’s room, these people immediately went and arrested Tie Sangling.

”No, quickly release me ” Tie Sangling told people from the law enforcement department to release him.

”You shut up and just come with us ” the people from the law enforcement department told Tie Sangling not to fight and come with them.

The people from the law enforcement department were strong enough, Tie Sangling had absolutely no resistance when she was arrested.

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Tie Sangling could only give up when she was taken away by people from the law enforcement department.

Tie Sangling is currently being taken to the law enforcement department, it just so happens that Gong Senye is also in this place, Gong Senye has been taken first by people from the law enforcement department.

”Elder Gong ” Tie Sangling was happy when she saw Elder Gong was in this place, Tie Sangling felt safe when she saw Elder Gong was in this place.

”Pah ! ! ” when Tie Sangling approached Gong Senye, Gong Senye immediately slapped Tie Sangling ’s face.

”Little bitch, how can you trap me ” Gong Senye looked very angry at Tie Sangling, he was angry because Tie Sangling had trapped him,

”stupid old man, who trapped you , you must have trapped me, now you have to be responsible for what what you have done ”Tie Sangling did not accept the slap done by Gong Senye, she was not at all happy with the slap done by Gong Senye.

Tie Sangling no longer cares about his relationship with this old man, now Tie Sangling already considers Gong Senye as her enemy.

Last night the two were still partners in the same ship, but now the two were divided and standing on each other ’s side.

”You two don ’t make a fuss, you will get questions and punishment for what you have done ” the person in charge of this place told Tie Sangling and Gong Senye not to make a fuss, both have now become suspects, so both will get a sentence.

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