” What happened to me? ” The Frozen Blood Eater began to wonder what had happened to her, her power suddenly disappearing for no apparent reason.

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”What ’s wrong? do you feel uncomfortable? ” Ye Chen immediately asked whether Frozen Blood Eater was comfortable or not.

”What have you done to me? ” Frozen Blood Eater asked what Ye Chen had done to her.

”What have I done? I didn ’t do anything to you at all ” Ye Chen said that he didn ’t do anything to the Frozen Blood Eater.

”You ’re lying, you must have done something to me? ” Frozen Blood Eater didn ’t believe what Ye Chen said, Ye Chen must have done something to her.

Ye Chen only smiled as he listened to what Frozen Blood Eater had to say, this woman looked cute when she was helpless.

”Never mind, forget about it, I want to know more about you, why don ’t you tell me who you are ” Ye Chen gave a question to Frozen Blood Eater.

”I won ’t tell you ” Frozen Blood Eater refused to tell Ye Chen who she was.

”Then I have no choice but to do this ” Seeing that Frozen Blood Eater didn ’t want to speak the truth, Ye Chen had to make this woman speak for herself.

Ye Chen started to extend his hand towards the Frozen Blood Eater, he started to extend his hand towards the Frozen Blood Eater ’s body.

”what are you trying to do to me, stop right now ” Frozen Blood Eater tried to stop Ye Chen, but she didn ’t have the strength to stop Ye Chen at all.

Ye Chen touched the Frozen Blood Eater ’s body, himself using his skills to stimulate the Frozen Blood Eater ’s body.

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”Her body is very beautiful, it is very tempting, ” Ye Chen thought about the Frozen Blood Eater ’s body, the Frozen Blood Eater ’s body is very tempting and very beautiful, this is a ripe fruit that looks very delicious.

”Emm ” Frozen Blood Eater started to groan when she was touched by Ye Chen, she felt an extremely comfortable feeling.

”What is this brat doing, why does it taste so good? ” The Frozen Blood Eater began to wonder why he could feel such an extremely comfortable feeling from Ye Chen ’s touch.

The Frozen Blood Eater had never felt this comfortable feeling, it was so comfortable it made her head spin.

”Beautiful lady, would you like to tell me your name? ” Ye Chen asked the Frozen Blood Eater again, wanting to know the name of the Frozen Blood Eater.

”No, I won ’t tell you who I am ” Frozen Blood Eater refused to tell Ye Chen about herself.

The Frozen Blood Eater still insisted on not telling Ye Chen about herself.

Frozen Blood Eater ’s consciousness remained, so it wasn ’t strange that Frozen Blood Eater refused to tell Ye Chen.

Frozen Blood Eater was an Assassin, so it wasn ’t strange that Frozen Blood Eater could withstand Ye Chen ’s abilities.

”I think I need to be more serious ” Seeing the Frozen Blood Eater who was still able to fight back, Ye Chen decided to be more serious.

Ye Chen used the Passion Goddess technique, he would weaken the Frozen Blood Eater with the Passion Goddess technique.

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When Ye Chen started to use the Passion Goddess technique, the Frozen Blood Eater started to show strange symptoms, it could be seen that the Frozen Blood Eater started to become very excited and excited.

., stop, this is too strong. ” Frozen Blood Eater had no resistance, this woman had no resistance to Ye Chen.

The Frozen Blood Eater ’s consciousness became weaker and weaker, he began to be overcome by an overwhelming pleasure.

At this moment in the Frozen Blood Eater ’s head, there was only pleasure, she was starting to be subdued by the skills possessed by Ye Chen.

”more, please do more ” Frozen Blood Eater finally asked Ye Chen to be stronger, she wanted Ye Chen to make him feel comfortable.

”No, I ’ll just stop here. ” Seeing that the Frozen Blood Eater had started to show signs of being excited, Ye Chen immediately stopped and moved away from the Frozen Blood Eater ’s body.

Frozen Blood Eater felt an empty feeling when Ye Chen left, this empty feeling was extremely uncomfortable for her.

The Frozen Blood Eater started to get closer to Ye Chen, she started trying to tempt Ye Chen into continuing what she was doing before.

”Why did you stop, please continue what you were doing before, ” Frozen Blood Eater told Ye Chen to continue what she was doing before.

”No, I don ’t want to. ” Ye Chen turned his face away, telling himself that he didn ’t want to do that.

Right now Ye Chen was trying to be indifferent to the Frozen Blood Eater, that way the Frozen Blood Eater would continue to plead with him.

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”Please help me, if you do that, I will do whatever you want ” The Frozen Blood Eater really couldn ’t take it anymore, that ’s why he promised to do anything as long as Ye Chen wanted to help her.

”Are you sure about what you said? ” Ye Chen asked, he wanted confirmation and oath from Frozen Blood Eater.

”I swear to do whatever you want, so help me, ” Frozen Blood Eater said that she promised to do whatever Ye Chen wanted.

Ye Chen smiled as he listened to this, finally, Frozen Blood Eater had completely surrendered to him.

”Then I want to know who you are, and your purpose. ” Ye Chen said that he wanted to know about Frozen Blood Eater and his purpose in coming to Ye Chen.

”My name is Hu Yinan, I ’m also known as Frozen Blood Eater, I told you before, I came because I ’m interested in you, ” Hu Yinan told about herself and her purpose in coming to see Ye Chen.

”What attracted you to me? ” Ye Chen wanted to know what attracted Hu Yinan to him.

”I ’m attracted to you because you are very much cared for by Wind Shadow, or rather I ’m jealous of you, ” Hu Yinan said to Ye Chen.

Hu Yinan was very jealous when she saw that Wind Shadow cared about Ye Chen so much, she didn ’t like it.

”Who is Wind Shadow? ” Ye Chen didn ’t know the person Hu Yinan had just spoken of, he didn ’t know who the Wind Shadow Hu Yinan had just talked about.

”So she still hasn ’t told you, it seems she doesn ’t want to tell you about it. ” Hu Yinan giggled when she found out that Qiao Xin hadn ’t told Ye Chen her identity yet.

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”Don ’t act mysterious with me, quickly tell me who you mean ” Ye Chen was curious as to who Hu Yinan meant.

”If you want to know this, then you should be able to beat me, ” Hu Yinan said to Ye Chen.

”Don ’t blame me, I will make you talk ” Seeing Hu Yinan who was still trying to hide a secret from Ye Chen, Ye Chen was forced to dig deeper into Hu Yinan ’s information.

Ye Chen toppled Hu Yinan, he immediately disarmed Hu Yinan, Ye Chen threw away the projectiles and poison that had stored Hu Yinan, he wasn ’t that stupid as to let things like this continue in Hu Yinan ’s body.

Hu Yinan didn ’t put up any resistance at all when Ye Chen disarmed all the weapons in her body, she let Ye Chen do that.

Hu Yinan already starting to like the feeling that is given by Ye Chen, so it ’s no surprise that Hu Yinan lets Ye Chen do whatever he wants.

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