for you, but I want a reward for doing that, ” Ye Chen said that he was willing to do that but on one condition.

”What gift do you want from me? ” Fairy Zhen immediately asked what gift Ye Chen wanted.

”I want a kiss from you, ” Ye Chen told Ye Chen that he wanted a kiss from Fairy Zhen.

”Huh? Are you kidding me? ” Fairy Zhen looked dumbfounded when she listened to what Ye Chen said.

”No, I ’m not joking with you, ” Ye Chen told that he wasn ’t joking with Fairy Zhen.

”I won ’t do that ” Fairy Zhen said that she wouldn ’t do that.

”Then I won ’t do what you want either, I should just go back to my room, ” Ye Chen said that he wanted to go back and didn ’t want to continue this journey.

”Wait a minute ” seeing Ye Chen who wanted to go back, Fairy Zhen immediately stopped him.

”what ’s wrong? have you changed your mind? ” Ye Chen asked Fairy Zhen.

”Yes, I changed my mind, I will do what you want, ” Fairy Zhen said that she changed her mind.

”Do you promise to do that? ” Ye Chen asked Fairy Zhen.

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Ye Chen didn ’t easily believe what Fairy Zhen said, that ’s why he wanted to make sure that Fairy Zhen wouldn ’t lie to him.

”I promise, I will not lie to you, ” Fairy Zhen told Ye Chen that she would not lie to Ye Chen.

”This is just a kiss, so there won ’t be anything bad about this matter, ” Fairy Zhen said in her heart,  herself that there would be no problem with something like this.

This was just a kiss, so there would be no problem if Fairy Zhen did this for Ye Chen. 

”Well, if you agree, then I will be happy to do what you want ” Seeing Fairy Zhen agree with what she wanted, Ye Chen felt very happy.

”Then let ’s go right now. ” Ye Chen invited Fairy Zhen to leave right now.

Ye Chen was excited, it was obvious that Ye Chen was currently in a cheerful state.

Fairy Zhen couldn ’t help but smile when she saw this, Ye Chen was very mischievous.

”Oh my gosh, how come I meet this little devil ” Fairy Zhen shook her head, how could she meet a little devil like Ye Chen, she always lost at Ye Chen ’s hands.

for only Ye Chen was a genius in the Alchemist realm, so Fairy Zhen could still put up with this matter.

Fairy Zhen guided Ye Chen to the place where the Alchemist meeting was being held, coincidentally this meeting was a bit far from the Sect, so it took a while before they arrived at the scene.

After flying for several hours, Ye Chen and Fairy Zhen finally arrived at the Alchemist

meeting place.
The meeting place was very crowded, there were a lot of people gathered in this place.

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Ye Chen saw that there were a lot of medicinal herbs here, bottles of pills, Cauldrons, and several manual copies of pill recipes for sale


”It ’s very crowded here ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect this place to be so crowded.

”Of course, people from all over the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm come, so it ’s not surprising that this place will be very lively and bustling. ” Fairy Zhen told Ye Chen that everyone from all over the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm came.

In addition, there were several that most likely came from outside the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

”It ’s too crowded, there ’s no way it ’s just a meeting ” Ye Chen started to feel something wrong, it couldn ’t be if it was just an ordinary meeting.

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