count on the purchase of the snow-white spirit grass.

”Sorry, but I will not give you such a thing, ” The seller said that he would not do such a thing.

”Ye Chen, this person doesn ’t want to sell him at a sane price, we should just leave ” Fairy Zhen tried to persuade Ye Chen to leave this place, this seller was troubled.

Ye Chen only smiled as he listened to what Fairy Zhen had to say.

”Then I ’ll buy it, but I want some of these items in addition ” Ye Chen took some medicinal herbs that were cheap.

The seller saw what Ye Chen took, all the plants that Ye Chen took were plants whose prices were very low.

”Okay, I agree ” the seller agreed, he was going to sell the snow-white spirit grass to Ye Chen.

The seller looks very happy with Ye Chen ’s stupidity, the seller feels very lucky because today he got someone as stupid as Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately paid the price, took out 300 Divine Red Profound Crystals, and handed them over to the seller.

The seller happily accepted the Divine Red Profound Crystal that Ye Chen had brought out, it was obvious that the seller ’s face was very happy when Ye Chen brought this out.

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”Ye Chen, don ’t do that ” Fairy Zhen tried to stop Ye Chen, she tried to stop Ye Chen who wanted to make a transaction.

Ye Chen stopped when he heard what Fairy Zhen said.

”why? ” Ye Chen asked Fairy Zhen.

”You don ’t need to buy such an expensive thing, ” Fairy Zhen told Ye Chen not to buy snow-white spirit grass.

”It ’s okay, I intend to buy this for you, ” Ye Chen said that he gave this to Fairy Zhen.

Fairy Zhen looked surprised when she listened to what Ye Chen said, Fairy Zhen, did not expect that Ye Chen intended to buy this for her.

”Here, give it to me quickly. ” Ye Chen told the seller to give him the snow-white spirit grass.

”This is it ” the seller immediately handed the snow-white spirit grass to Ye Chen, he didn ’t want Ye Chen to change his mind and didn ’t buy it.

Ye Chen received the snow-white spirit grass from the seller, after getting the snow-white spirit grass, Ye Chen immediately took away the surprised-looking Fairy Zhen.

Fairy Zhen was still dumbfounded by what Ye Chen had done, she still looked very surprised by what Ye Chen had done.

After a while, Fairy Zhen finally regained her consciousness.

”Ye Chen, how can you buy something that expensive just for me ” Fairy Zhen immediately scolded Ye Chen, herself scolding Ye Chen for buying something so expensive.

This is not good for Ye Chen at all, Fairy Zhen doesn ’t like to see Ye Chen being tricked by naughty sellers who want to get more profit.

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”Shhh ” Ye Chen tried to tell Fairy Zhen to be quiet, Ye Chen ’s hand was on Fairy Zhen ’s soft lips.

Fairy Zhen didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would shut himself up, this man was so unreasonable.

”I ’m not that stupid to buy something so expensive. ” Ye Chen said that he wasn ’t that stupid to buy something that was very, very expensive.

”Then why did you buy that snow-white spirit grass? ” Fairy Zhen asked why Ye Chen kept buying snow-white spirit grass even though he already knew that snow-white spirit grass was quite expensive.

”Hahaha, it ’s because of this. ” Ye Chen picked up one of the plants he randomly picked up.

”Isn ’t it just a purple bud flower? ” Fairy Zhen looked at the medicinal plant in Ye Chen ’s hand, what was in Ye Chen ’s hand was just a purple flower bud that could be easily found in the market.

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