”What badge, I don ’t have it, ” Ye Chen said that he didn ’t have the badge that the guard said.

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”Sorry, but without a badge, you won ’t be able to go inside. ” The guard told Ye Chen that he wouldn ’t be able to go inside without a badge.

”He doesn ’t need a badge, he is my disciple. ” Fairy Zhen came to help Ye Chen, she told the two guards that Ye Chen was her disciple.

”Sorry miss, but today is a bit special, if you want to enter, you need a Tier two badge or above ” The guard informed Fairy Zhen that there was a new rule.

”Is it like that ” Fairy Zhen just found out about this matter, she didn ’t expect that this would happen.

Fairy Zhen didn ’t know what to do, even though she wanted to take Ye Chen inside, but since Ye Chen didn ’t have a badge, she wouldn ’t be able to enter.

”Sorry, but you have to wait outside, ” the guard told Ye Chen to wait outside.

”How is that possible, I want to go inside, ” Ye Chen said that he wanted to go inside.

”If you want a badge, then you have to get it first, ” the guard told Ye Chen to go and get the badge first.

” the method? ” Ye Chen asked the guard in front of him.

”Why don ’t you just ask your master, let her tell you how to get the badge ” The two guards looked very reluctant when they wanted to answer Ye Chen ’s question, both of them seemed unwilling to answer Ye Chen ’s question.

Ye Chen was a little dissatisfied when he saw the attitude of the guards, the attitude of the guards did not respect Ye Chen at all.

”Master, how do you get the badge? ” Ye Chen asked how to get a badge similar to that of Fairy Zhen.

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”You have to take the exam first to get this ” Fairy Zhen told Ye Chen how to get a badge like hers.

”Then let ’s go and take the exam, I want to get one too.
That way I can enter. ” Ye Chen told Fairy Zhen that he wanted one too.

” but .
. ” Fairy Zhen hesitated slightly when she heard this from Ye Chen.

”Hahaha ” the guard laughed when he heard this.
The two seemed to be laughing at what Ye Chen said.

”Why are you two laughing, is something wrong? ” Ye Chen asked the two guards guarding the entrance.

”That ’s because what you said was so funny, you should know that the meeting will be in less than 1 hour, so you won ’t be able to attend this event, ” the guard said to Ye Chen.

The guard told Ye Chen that the meeting was about to start, Ye Chen would not have time to get his Alchemist badge.

”We won ’t know until we try it, ” Ye Chen said that they wouldn ’t know this before trying it.

”We don ’t believe it ” the guards didn ’t believe what Ye Chen said at all, neither of them believed that Ye Chen could get the badge in less than an hour.

It should be noted that the exam to get the Alchemist badge takes a long time, even a genius takes quite a long time to clear this exam.

”We ’ll see. ” Ye Chen told the two guards to see what he would do.

”Master, let ’s go now, I want to get one too ” Ye Chen invited Fairy Zhen to go and get one too.

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”Okay, let me take you, ” Fairy Zhen said that she wanted to go and escort Ye Chen, she wanted to take Ye Chen to get the Alchemist badge.

The two guards laughed again when they saw Ye Chen and Fairy Zhen leave, both guards thought that Ye Chen was a fool and boasted too much.

Both of them had worked in the Alchemist association for a very long time, so they knew how difficult it was to earn an Alchemist badge.

Ye Chen and Fairy Zhen went to a place where they could get badges, They went to another building not far from the meeting place.

”Is this the place? ” Ye Chen asked Fairy Zhen.

”Yes, this is the place, let ’s go in. ” Fairy Zhen immediately invited Ye Chen in, she was going to enroll Ye Chen into the exam to get the Alchemist badge.

Fairy Zhen had registered Ye Chen, now Ye Chen just needed to directly take the exam to get his badge.

”Ye Chen, come with me quickly, you will be tested ” a young woman came, she told Ye Chen to come along with her.

”I ’m Ye Chen ” Ye Chen immediately waved his hand, he told the woman that it was Ye Chen.

woman nodded, she told Ye Chen to come with her.

Fairy Zhen didn ’t come with Ye Chen, she would see Ye Chen ’s performance from behind the curtain.

Ye Chen was led into a room, in this room, several people were also trying to get their badges.

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”So, what level badge do you want to get? ” this woman directly asked Ye Chen.

”I want a tier-three badge, ” Ye Chen told this woman that he wanted to get a tier-three badge.

Since the minimum requirement to enter was two, then Ye Chen had to get to at least the tier-three badge

”Okay, then I will prepare everything for you, you will be tested by an assigned person ” This woman explained the rules of the test to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, he understood this woman ’s explanation.

This woman started to give materials to Ye Chen, she prepared some materials for Ye Chen to use.

Everyone only has one chance, so if they fail, they have to try again next year.

”Hello everyone, I am Ma Jong, I will be in charge of keeping an eye on you, Grandmaster is currently attending to something quite important, so I will take his place ” an old man appeared, this old man informed Ye Chen and everyone else who is in this place.

”Okay, I ’m not going to say any further, in front of you there are some ingredients that have been prepared depending on the level of difficulty you take, all you need to do is make some pills with the ingredients that are in front of you, if you If you fail once then you will be immediately expelled and try again in the next few years, are you ready? ” Ma Jong told everyone about the rules in this exam.

”We are ready, ” everyone said that they were ready.

”Then you can start, you have 8 hours to make the pill ” Ma Jong invited all participants to start.

Ye Chen quickly saw what pill he was about to make, he read the scroll that was placed near the medicinal ingredients.

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”Awakening Qi Pill, super absorb Yin Qi Pill ” Ye Chen saw the two pills he had to concoct, these two pills were the top-ranked pills in Tier 5.

It wasn ’t strange that the guards mocked Ye Chen, apparently getting the badge wasn ’t as easy as Ye imagined.

If Ye Chen made these pills one by one, then it would take quite a bit of time, even if Ye Chen used all the abilities he had, it would most likely still take more than 1 hour.

Ye Chen started to think, he started to think of a way to deal with this.

After thinking for a while, Ye Chen finally had a pretty crazy idea to do.

Ye Chen started to prepare his Cauldron, himself preparing to start making a pill.

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