After Yan Fei said that to Ye Chen, all the male eyes in this place immediately turned to Ye Chen, it was obvious that all the male viewers didn ’t like When Yan Fei became very intimate with Ye Chen, it seemed that they were all jealous when they saw Yan Fei took great care of Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen very quickly became a public enemy, he became disliked by the male audience present in this place.

”This woman is terrible, looks like I have to teach her a lesson ” Ye Chen felt that if he needed to teach Yan Fei a lesson, he should teach Yan Fei a lesson who had dared to make himself a public enemy.

Ye Chen couldn ’t use his identity as a Mask Hero, Ye Chen had no choice but to meet Yan Fei with his current identity.

The match is ongoing, currently, all participants are trying their best to complete this challenge.

Nearly 1/4 of the entrants have been eliminated due to their failure, so only of the entrants are still active in this venue.

Only ten minutes left, all participants have almost finished refining the stones they have.

After a while, there was finally someone who had completed refining to the third level.

The audience started cheering and applauding when they saw this, finally, after a long wait, the results are starting to come out.

The audience had been waiting for this, it was the most enjoyable moment they could see.

The spectators wanted to see if the person they were supporting could win the match in the first half, they would all know this soon enough.

One by one the participants started to finish, they started to finish and took out stones from the Cauldron.

Most of the participants in this place could only refine up to the third level, while some could only refine up to the first and second levels.

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”Those of you who can refine up to the third level or are orange will pass, while those who can ’t you will fail, ” Yan Fei told all the participants who had finished.

Some of the participants were happy and sad at the same time, those who were happy because they had managed to qualify, while those who were sad because they had to fail in the first round.

The participants who passed became more and more, the number of participants who had not finished was only a few people.

Fai Tui and Kun Paen looked almost done, the results of the two were eagerly awaited by the audience in this place, they all wanted to see the results obtained by these two people who were geniuses in this competition.

After a while, within the stage only Ye Chen, Fai Tui, and Kun Paen remained, the three currently still haven ’t finished refining their stones.

There were only three minutes left, the time was getting less and less, they had to get their results out soon or the time would run out.

When time runs out, then they are the same as experiencing a defeat.

Kun Paen had run out of time, he had no choice but to take out the stone he had refined.

Kun Paen snapped his fingers, when Kun Paen snapped his fingers, a light shot out from within his Cauldron.

A purple light shot out from within the Cauldron and appeared before the eyes of all the spectators present in this place.

”It ’s almost the fifth level. ” The Alchemists in this place were impressed by the results that Kun Paen had obtained, Kun Paen ’s results were very good, if Kun Paen was given a little more time, it would be the fifth level.

Hearing this comment, the audience and participants in this venue understood how great Kun Paen was, they all understood that Kun Paen had managed to get very, very good results.

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”Applause ” the audience started to applaud, they all applauded when they saw the success that Kun Paen had made.

Kun Paen was very happy with the results he got, he was very happy because he managed to get results like this.

”Boom ” a few moments later, the audience again listened to an explosion, when the audience watched, they saw that Fai Tui had also finished.

A red light appeared from within Fai Tui ’s Cauldron.

Everyone in the audience was dumbfounded when they all saw what was happening, it seemed that everyone seemed very shocked by what had happened.

”He has succeeded in refining the stone to the fifth level ” the audience and Alchemists were amazed by what had happened, they were amazed by the results Fai Tui had obtained.

Fai Tui ’s results were truly extraordinary, this made Fai Tui the lead among all the participants present in this place.

The audience kept praising Kun Paen and Fai Tui, all of them praising the abilities of these two.

These two were truly the best Alchemists, they were both truly geniuses.

Mao Chao was very happy when he saw this, he was happy when he saw Fai Tui and Kun Paen being praised by all the spectators in this place.

In this way Mao Chao ’s reputation would soar even higher, he would get credit for educating such extremely talented students as Kun Paen and Fai Tui.

The Alchemists in this place started to congratulate Mao Chao, they all congratulated Mao Chao for the results Fai Tui had obtained.

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Mao Chao looked at Ye Chen, he sneered when he saw Ye Chen who hadn ’t even finished until now.

”Fairy Zhen, it seems that you have a student who is stupid and talks a lot, ” Mao Chao said in a quite loud voice, this must be heard by Fairy Zhen who is in the distance.

Fairy Zhen could hear very clearly what Mao Chao said, Fairy Zhen was not angry when she heard this.

Right now Fairy Zhen can only believe in Ye Chen, she can only believe in Ye Chen ’s abilities.

Fairy Zhen knows Ye Chen ’s abilities, she knows very well what Ye Chen is like, Fairy Zhen is very sure that Ye Chen can succeed in passing this first round.

Time was getting less and less, there was only less than 1 minute left until the time was up.

All of the audience had already forgotten about Ye Chen, they were all currently looking towards Fai Tui and Kun Paen who had managed to get the best results.

In this place only Yan Fei and Fairy Zhen were observing Ye Chen, both of them wanted to see if Ye Chen succeeded or not.

Yan Fei didn ’t know why she cared about Ye Chen so much, Ye Chen seemed to give her a mysterious feeling.

Time was running out with 30 seconds remaining, until now Ye Chen still hadn ’t finished either.

At this rate, it was certain that Ye Chen would be the only participant to fail due to running out of time.

. ” time is running backward, the first half will soon be over.

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Before time ran out, Ye Chen snapped his fingers, a dazzling light flashed from inside Ye Chen ’s Cauldron.

This light was quite dazzling, it caught the eyes of every spectator present in this place, the eyes of the audience now looked to where Ye Chen was.

” this .
”All the Alchemists said in amazement, they saw something truly extraordinary.

All the spectators watched with focused gazes, they didn ’t blink when they saw what was happening.

Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei smiled when they saw Ye Chen succeed, Ye Chen made these two beautiful women very, very worried.

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