Yan Fei doesn ’t care if Fairy Zhen is near them, all she wants right now is to get satisfaction from Ye Chen, Yan Fei also wants to make Ye Chen happy with her skills.

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Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Yan Fei would be so good at teasing him, this woman had an innate skill to seduce Ye Chen.

Ye Chen couldn ’t withstand Yan Fei ’s attack, he decided to leave and continue playing with Yan Fei.

Ye Chen didn ’t care if he was found by Fairy Zhen, to be honest doing something like this felt very good to do.

The sensation will be found to make the passion much higher, this makes what he does together with Yan Fei even more interesting and feels very enjoyable.

Ye Chen again extended his hand to Yan Fei ’s body, he started to stimulate Yan Fei ’s body.

”Emmm ” Yan Fei groaned again when she was touched by Ye Chen, Yan Fei couldn ’t help her voice leaking out.

”Don ’t be loud, we ’ll get caught ” Ye Chen immediately told Yan Fei not to be noisy, if they were noisy, they would most likely be noticed by Fairy Zhen.

”Um ” Yan Fei nodded, she would try her best not to make a sound, even though it might be difficult to do, Yan Fei still had confidence that she could do this.

After getting Yan Fei ’s approval, Ye Chen finally restarted what he had been postponing, Ye Chen tried to do this slowly, he didn ’t want Yan Fei to make a loud noise near Fairy Zhen.

Fairy Zhen still hadn ’t left, she was still standing around this place looking for Ye Chen ’s whereabouts.

Yan Fei ’s face became even redder, he had tried very hard to defend against Ye Chen ’s attack, Yan Fei even used his hands to suppress the voice he had.

The excitement became crazier, this made Yan Fei want to scream as loudly as possible, unfortunately, the current situation was not supportive for Yan Fei.

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”Master, go slower, ” Yan Fei told Ye Chen to slow down, even more, he couldn ’t endure it like this.

”You just endure it, she will leave this place soon, ” Ye Chen told Yan Fei to hold this for a bit longer, Ye Chen believed that Fairy Zhen would soon leave this place.

Fairy Zhen didn ’t find Ye Chen ’s whereabouts, so she should have left this place immediately.

Too bad Fairy Zhen didn ’t leave this place right away, Fairy Zhen was still sitting here waiting for something.

”AHHHH! ! ! ” Yan Fei couldn ’t stand the feeling in her body anymore, Yan Fei screamed and started to make quite loud noises.

Yan Fei ’s voice just now was quite loud, for sure Fairy Zhen could hear this voice very, very clearly.

”Who is it? ” Fairy Zhen immediately looked in the direction where Ye Chen and Yan Fei were, she began to be wary of the bushes behind her.

”It seems we have been found ” Ye Chen began to feel something urgently, Fairy Zhen seemed to have started to know where he and Yan Fei were.

If these two women met, something untoward would happen, for sure a big war would ensue when Fairy Zhen discovered the whereabouts of Ye Chen and Yan Fei who were hiding in the bushes.

Ye Chen started to think hard, he started to think about how he could solve all this.

Knowing there was no answer, Fairy Zhen seemed to have to figure this out herself.

Fairy Zhen approached the bushes, she started to approach the place where Ye Chen and Yan Fei were hiding.

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Ye Chen and Yan Fei were both tense when they saw Fairy Zhen that was getting closer, both of them looked tense when they saw Fairy Zhen who was getting closer towards them.

Fairy Zhen stretched out her hand, she was preparing to make bushes in front of her.

Fairy Zhen ’s hand is getting closer, it looks like Ye Chen and Yan Fei will soon be found by Fairy Zhen.

”Fairy Zhen, you are here ” when Fairy Zhen was about to make bushes, she found that someone was looking for her.

Fairy Zhen immediately gave up her intention to look behind the bushes.

” What is it? ” Fairy Zhen immediately asked what the person looking for her needed.

”That, Master Gou Teng is looking for you, he needs you for something ” this man shyly said to Fairy Zhen.

This man was a little embarrassed when he met a beautiful woman like Fairy Zhen, so it wasn ’t strange that he looked shy with Fairy Zhen.

”What ’s wrong with him looking for me? ” Fairy Zhen immediately asked why Gou Teng was looking for her.

”I don ’t know about that matter, I was only ordered to look for you, ” this man said to Fairy Zhen.

”Then I ’ll be there soon ” Fairy Zhen promised that she would immediately go to the place where Gou Teng is.

”Thank you very much, then I will go first ” After getting the answer from Fairy Zhen, this man decided to return to where he was.

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After the departure of the man sent by Mao Chao, Fairy Zhen again tried to open the bushes in front of her.

”Who are you?… ” when Fairy Zhen opened the bushes and peeked into them, Fairy Zhen found that behind the bushes it was empty.

”empty? ” Fairy Zhen didn ’t expect that there was no one behind the bushes.

”Was I just hallucinating? ” Fairy Zhen looked very confused by what was happening, before she had clearly heard voices from behind the bushes, but now she didn ’t find anyone in this place.

Fairy Zhen also couldn ’t find anyone else around this place, so she should just be hallucinating.

”I ’d better go back and go see Master Gou ” since there ’s nothing in this place, Fairy Zhen decided to leave this place and go see Gou Teng.

”Huff, she ’s gone. ” Ye Chen felt relieved when he saw Fairy Zhen who had already left this place.

Ye Chen had previously led Yan Fei away from behind the bushes, the two of them were currently hiding behind a tree not far from where they were previously.

Ye Chen was very lucky that Fairy Zhen didn ’t check any further, if Fairy Zhen checked further, it was very likely that Ye Chen and Yan Fei would be found.

Ye Chen looked at Yan Fei who was in his arms, currently Yan Fei was asleep in Ye Chen ’s arms.

Just as Yan Fei reached the peak, after reaching the peak of happiness, Yan Fei suddenly fainted in Ye Chen ’s arms.

The excitement just now could not be held back by Yan Fei, this made Yan Fei faint from the overwhelming pleasure.

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”Looks like she ’s completely fallen ” After seeing Yan Fei like this, Ye Chen was very, very sure that Yan Fei had already fallen.

Sooner or later Yan Fei will definitely be hers, she won ’t be able to leave Ye Chen anymore.

Ye Chen tried to wake up Yan Fei, he tried to wake up Yan Fei who was unconscious.

After a while of trying to wake Yan Fei up, Ye Chen was finally able to wake up Yan Fei.

., what happened? ” After waking up from fainting, Yan Fei was still confused about what had happened, she seemed very confused about what had just happened to her.

”Are you awake, how are you feeling? ” Ye Chen asked how Yan Fei was feeling, did she feel good or not.

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