”This Cauldron is already unfit for use, how could they give you something like that ” Chu Yuechan grumbled when she saw Ye Chen who got a very, very ugly Cauldron.

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The Cauldron that Ye Chen obtained was extremely unfit for use, this broken Cauldron couldn ’t possibly be used to make a pill.

”I don ’t know, but it ’s most likely that someone has exchanged it for this broken Cauldron. ” Ye Chen thought of the greatest possibility that his Cauldron had been exchanged for a broken one.

There must be someone on purpose to do this to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started to think about the person who was most likely to do this, after thinking for a while, Ye Chen finally knew who was most likely to do this.

Ye Chen looked at Mao Chao who was in the audience, he looked at the person who might have the power to do this.

When Ye Chen looked at Mao Chao, Mao Chao gave an evil smile towards Ye Chen, it was obvious that Mao Chao was very happy when he saw Ye Chen having trouble.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw this, now he knew who had done this to him.

”Do you think you can stop me with something like this? ” Ye Chen couldn ’t be stopped because of this, things like this wouldn ’t stop Ye Chen from winning this competition.

”Master, can you concoct a pill with such a terrible Cauldron like this? ” Chu Yuechan wanted to know if Ye Chen was able to concoct a pill using an ugly Cauldron like this.

”I ’m not sure about it, but I ’ll try it first. ” Ye Chen wasn ’t sure if he could do that, he would try it first.

With the Cauldron being so badly damaged, Ye Chen might only be able to use it a few times, and even then Ye Chen had to be careful not to destroy the Cauldron.

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Ye Chen took a deep breath, he prepared to concoct pills, this time Ye Chen wouldn ’t be able to play around anymore, this was because Ye Chen got a very bad and fragile Cauldron, if normal people got this thing, they would destroy it when using Fire their depth.

Ye Chen ’s Profound Flame Mastery was excellent, this was because Ye Chen was the inheritor of the Sage God, so Ye Chen ’s Profound Flame Mastery was above average.

Mao Chao smiled when he saw that Ye Chen had not started yet, he looked very happy when he saw Ye Chen who was having a hard time getting the Cauldron which was very, very bad.

”Feel it, who told you to dare to be arrogant in front of me ” Mao Chao laughed in his heart with great satisfaction, he looked very happy when he saw what happened to Ye Chen.

Mao Chao was very well aware of the Cauldron that Ye Chen had obtained, this is a flawed Cauldron that will soon be destroyed, even if it is slightly hit by a large force, the Cauldron will certainly be destroyed.

Mao Chao couldn ’t wait to see Ye Chen destroy the Cauldron, it would be a splendid sight to behold.

Ye Chen had already started refining, fortunately, it wasn ’t a high-ranking material, so Ye Chen didn ’t need to use too much of his strength.

All of the participants were currently seriously concocting pills, this time they were all concocting pills without a glitch like what happened in the first round.

Among all the Cauldrons in the arena, it seemed that Ye Chen ’s Cauldron was the most unstable, Ye Chen ’s Cauldron shook several times as if it wanted to explode.

”What happened, why does Ye Chen ’s Cauldron seem so unstable? ” Fairy Zhen began to realize that Ye Chen ’s Cauldron looked very unstable, it seemed that Ye Chen ’s Cauldron was about to explode.

”Little brother ’s Cauldron doesn ’t look good, is he okay? ” Yan Fei also said while looking at Ye Chen ’s Cauldron.

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”Eh, you, why are you here ” Fairy Zhen just realized that Yan Fei was currently sitting beside her.

”What ’s the problem if I ’m in this place? ” Yan Fei asked Fairy Zhen who was beside her.

”Of course there is no problem, you can just sit in that place, ” Fairy Zhen said to Yan Fei who was beside her.

Fairy Zhen ’s tone seemed indifferent, it seemed that Fairy Zhen didn ’t like Yan Fei.

Yan Fei feels strange towards Fairy Zhen, somehow Yan Fei can feel a little hostility from Fairy Zhen.

”Why do you call Ye Chen Little brother, what is your relationship with Ye Chen? ” Fairy Zhen asked about the relationship that Yan Fei and Ye Chen had, she wanted to know the relationship that Yan Fei had with Ye Chen.

Fairy Zhen already sensed that Yan Fei was calling Ye Chen quite intimately, it was obvious that the two had a relationship behind her.

”What is my relationship, we are just acquaintances nothing more, ” said Yan Fei to Fairy Zhen.

”So you ’re just acquaintances ” Fairy Zhen was relieved when she heard this, it seemed that she was thinking too much about this matter.

Fairy Zhen thought that Yan Fei had a relationship with Ye Chen, so it wouldn ’t be strange for her to behave badly in front of Yan Fei.

”For now we are still acquaintances, but I believe in the future something good could happen, ” said Yan Fei again to Fairy Zhen.

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Yan Fei is very naughty at all, she teased Fairy Zhen very badly, Fairy Zhen will be furious when she hears this.

What Yan Fei did had indeed succeeded in angering Fairy Zhen, Fairy Zhen seemed displeased with what Yan Fei said.

”You can ’t do that with her, ” Fairy Zhen told Yan Fei that she couldn ’t do that with Ye Chen.

”So why is there a problem if I do that, after all, he is a talented young Alchemist, so it doesn ’t matter if I approach him, ” Yan Fei said to Fairy Zhen.

”I won ’t let you get it ” Fairy Zhen will protect Ye Chen from Yan Fei, she won ’t let Yan Fei get Ye Chen.

”Who are you? ” Yan Fei asks who is Fairy Zhen, why did she forbid Yan Fei from approaching Ye Chen.

” I .
. ” Fairy Zhen looked doubtful when she answered Yan Fei ’s question, it seemed that she was hesitant in admitting her relationship with Ye Chen.

”What ’s wrong, why are you silent like a vegetable chicken, don ’t you have a reason ” Yan Fei continued to corner Fairy Zhen.

”I am Ye Chen ’s master, so I have the right to do that ” Fairy Zhen told Yan Fei that she had a right to forbid this matter.

”So you are the master, then in the future, I might have to call you master as well, ” said Yan Fei jokingly.

Yan Fei seemed to enjoy teasing Fairy Zhen, it was quite funny when she teased someone like Fairy Zhen.

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Fairy Zhen was the type of woman who was serious when it came to anything important in her life, so when Fairy Zhen heard this, it seemed that Fairy Zhen was very jealous of Yan Fei.

”I definitely won ’t let you do that, Ye Chen will never be with you ” Fairy Zhen said that she would not let Ye Chen go with Yan Fei.

”Do you have the ability to do that? ” said Yan Fei to Fairy Zhen.

Yan Fei doesn ’t back down when she gets a challenge from Fairy Zhen, Yan Fei goes forward when she gets a challenge from Fairy Zhen.

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