”Very good, I ’m glad to hear that ” Ye Chen was satisfied with the answers given by Yan Fei and Fairy Zhen, this answer was what he wanted.

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”Okay then let ’s see what prizes we get ” Ye Chen was very curious about the prizes he got, he wanted to know what kind of prizes he got from winning the competition.

Ye Chen didn ’t care about the victory badge he got, Ye Chen was more focused on looking at the contents in the box.

”Ye Chen don ’t throw it away ” Fairy Zhen immediately scolded Ye Chen, she scolded Ye Chen for throwing away the victory badge she got.

” So what? ” Ye Chen asked Fairy Zhen, Ye Chen wanted to know why Fairy Zhen forbids throwing this thing away.

”That ’s because it ’s very useful, with it you can do things very easily while in the associations that exist throughout the God Realm, ” Fairy Zhen told Ye Chen about the function of the victory badge he got.

”Oh, I see. ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect this badge to have such an extremely valuable use.

”You better not throw it away, ” Fairy Zhen told not to throw it away, Ye Chen can keep it, who knows it will be useful for the future.

Ye Chen nodded, he will keep this thing, in the future, it will be very useful for him.

After saving the victory badge, Ye Chen immediately focused on the box he got, Ye Chen opened the box and looked at the contents inside.

Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei were also curious about the contents in the city, both of them wanted to know what was in the box.

When Ye Chen opened the box, inside the city there was a blue plant that was very similar to Ice, this plant emitted a cold air that was piercing enough to make the surrounding water freeze.

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”A spirit frozen glacier ” Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei immediately said when they both saw the plant in the box.

”This medicinal plant is quite rare, it is a medicinal plant that can be directly used by someone with Ice cultivation, it will instantly increase their strength significantly once they use the frozen glacier spirit.

”Not bad. ” Ye Chen felt that this was quite good, this prize was already very good for the Alchemist tournament class for juniors.

”Why would they give you something like that, isn ’t it useless to you? ” Fairy Zhen didn ’t know why the Alchemist Association gave this to Ye Chen, it shouldn ’t be of any use to Alchemist.

Alchemists are cultivators who cultivate using fire techniques as a medium for them to be able to make a pill, rather than giving something like this, the Alchemist association should give an Alchemist something that can be used to increase the power of fire.

”No problem, this is very good, I can give this to someone in need. ” Ye Chen said that it was very good, it could be used by Mu Nianci, Xia Qingyu, or Mu Xueying.

”Hemm, the needy person, who is it, male or female ” Fairy Zhen immediately asked who Ye Chen meant.

”Of course it ’s a woman, ” Ye Chen said to Fairy Zhen, Ye Chen seemed honest when he told Fairy Zhen this matter.

”Fairy Zhen gave a cold snort again, she seemed jealous of what Ye Chen did, this man is a greedy Playboy.

Ye Chen just smiled when he saw Fairy Zhen ’s jealousy, Ye Chen was getting used to Fairy Zhen ’s attitude.

Ye Chen looked through the next gifts, the next reward was only Profound Crystals that could be used to cultivate and also buy things.

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Among all the items, Ye Chen felt that the best was the frozen glacier spirit, besides that it looked very normal to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen, Yan Fei, and Fairy Zhen were chatting casually, Ye Chen tried to create an atmosphere to improve the relationship between Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei.

Ye Chen could only hope that the two could be on good terms, that was the only hope that Ye Chen wanted.

With Ye Chen ’s experience, Ye Chen should be able to easily get to know two of them, Ye Chen used a topic that could make the two of them very close.

With a little spice given by Ye Chen, Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei were finally able to chat casually, both of them starting to forget what had happened to them earlier.

., Tap .
., Tap .
.. ” While Ye Chen, Fairy Zhen, and Yan Fei were chatting, Ye Chen heard footsteps from a distance, it was obvious that these footsteps were on the roof of the inn.

”Everyone, be careful, it looks like something is going to happen, ” Ye Chen told Yan Fei and Fairy Zhen to be alert, he felt the threat of danger approaching.

Above the inn were several people in black clothes like assassins or evil bandits, they were currently near the room that Ye Chen had rented.

”So this is the place, then it ’s time to kill people and take what the superiors ordered ” This man was ordered to kill Ye Chen and bring the object that belonged to Ye Chen.

. ” these people attacked Ye Chen ’s room, they all attacked the room where Ye Chen, Fairy Zhen, and Yan Fei were.

They used extremely powerful attacks to attack Ye Chen, these people were intent on killing Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen, Fairy Zhen, and Yan Fei dodged to the side, thanks to the warning given by Ye Chen they all managed to dodge the surprise attack launched by these unknown people.

”Who are they? ” Ye Chen wanted to know who the people who attacked him were, they looked very strange.

”Master, they are coming ” Chu Yuechan warned Ye Chen that these people were coming to attack Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately became wary of himself and rushed forward to fight these people.

” One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords ” Ye Chen used his technique, thousands of swords instantly appeared around this place.

Ye Chen moved his hand, when Ye Chen did this, the fire sword shot straight towards the enemy.

The enemy seemed stronger than Ye Chen imagined, they all repelled the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords attack launched by Ye Chen.

They made a barrier of wind and fire, this barrier was strong enough to withstand an attack from Ye Chen.

”They ’re pretty good. ” Ye Chen could see that his opponent looked skilled and quite experienced.

It was seen when they all managed to fend off the attacks launched by Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen, I will help you ” Fairy Zhen took the initiative to help Ye Chen, she immediately used her profound fire to attack the enemy.

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”Rain Flame Smelter ” Fairy Zhen ’s used her technique, a rain of fire began to rain down on the enemy in front, rain of fire

This is extremely deadly, it melts everything it touches or hits directly with this rain of fire.

The temperature of this place became very high, this was because the rain of fire fell so hard that it made a very large stream of fire.

When Fairy Zhen started to attack, the enemy ’s barrier started to melt slightly, it was obvious that the enemy ’s barrier had started to melt because it was unable to withstand the combined attack of Ye Chen and Fairy Zhen.

”I will also help attack, Sun Flame Wing ” from Yan Fei ’s back began to appear very large bird wings, these wings emit heat radiation that is aimed at the enemy.

The Sun Flame Wing was the first level of cultivation technique given by Ye Chen, the impact of this attack was quite extensive, it was an AoE grade technique.

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