After solving all the problems in this place, Ye Chen immediately went to see how Yan Fei was, he wanted to know how Yan Fei situation.

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Ye Chen very easily found the whereabouts of Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei, it just so happened that both of them were not far from the battleground.

Currently, Yan Fei ’s body looks very pale, there are some black spots visible on Yan Fei ’s skin, this must be the poison that is in Yan Fei ’s body.

”How is the condition? ” Ye Chen asked how things were from Yan Fei to Fairy Zhen.

”Ye Chen, I ’ve used several methods to do healing, unfortunately, it ’s a bit difficult to get rid of all the poison in her body, ” Fairy Zhen told Ye Chen that she was having a hard time getting rid of the poison in Yan Fei ’s body.

Fairy Zhen had already used various pills of hers on Yan Fei, unfortunately, the pills given by Fairy Zhen were not used too much, the poison from the enemy was much stronger than the antidote that she had.

”So it ’s like that, then let me cure her. ” Ye Chen said that he would try to cure Yan Fei.

Ye Chen took out his set of medical equipment, he wanted to expel the poison in Yan Fei ’s body.

”Please hold her for me, ” Ye Chen told Fairy Zhen to help hold Yan Fei ’s body.

”okay ” Fairy Zhen helped Ye Chen, she helped Ye Chen hold Yan Fei ’s body.

Ye Chen started to treat Yan Fei, himself using his needle to push the poison in Yan Fei ’s body.

” cough .
. ” the moment Ye Chen started to use his profound energy, Yan Fei immediately coughed, he coughed and spit out the poison that was in his body.

”This seems to be working ” Fairy Zhen continued to see what Ye Chen was doing, she was observing what Ye Chen was doing.

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Fairy Zhen didn ’t expect that Ye Chen had such a great ability, Ye Chen ’s ability was quite extraordinary, Fairy Zhen ’s view of Ye Chen became even bigger.

Yan Fei kept vomiting, she vomited all the poison in her body, the poison Yan Fei had suffered was very severe, this was evident from how much Yan Fei had expelled.

Luckily Ya Fei was strong enough, If normal people suffering from this kind of thing, they would die instantly.

After a while, Yan Fei finally returned to normal, her body and face returned to normal as before.

” Is it done? ” Fairy Zhen asked if Ye Chen had finished curing Yan Fei.

”I ’m done, she should be fine ” Ye Chen informed that Yan Fei would be fine.

”That ’s great. ” Fairy Zhen nodded in satisfaction, it seemed that the situation had been completely handled by Ye Chen.

.. ” Yan Fei started to wake up, she slightly opened her eyelids and looked at Ye Chen and Fairy Zhen.

”How are you feeling, is there something uncomfortable with you? ” Ye Chen asked Yan Fei, he wanted to ask how is Yan Fei ’s current condition.

”Little brother my body is very hot, it feels very uncomfortable ” Yan Fei started to mutter softly to Ye Chen, she felt that her body felt hot and uncomfortable.

Yan Fei ’s face started to turn red, she started to feel the changes within her.

Ye Chen was a little confused when she got this kind of answer from Yan Fei, she didn ’t know why Yan Fei could be like this.

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Ye Chen checked Yan Fei ’s condition again when Ye Chen checked Yan Fei ’s condition, Ye Chen found that Yan Fei ’s body had slightly changed.

”How can it be like this ” Ye Chen really couldn ’t believe that this could happen.

” what is it? ” Fairy Zhen immediately asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know what happened to Yan Fei.

”Her current condition is like being under the influence of an aphrodisiac. ” Ye Chen said that her current condition was like being under the influence of an aphrodisiac.

. ” Fairy Zhen also looked very surprised when she heard this, she looked very surprised when she found out this news from Ye Chen.

”How did that happen ” Fairy Zhen couldn ’t understand how this could happen.

”Maybe the poison just now contained some mixed aphrodisiacs. ” Ye Chen speculated that the poison just now contained a lot of dangerous ingredients, there might be several aphrodisiacs mixed to make an extremely terrifying poison.

”That ’s a pretty reasonable reason indeed. ” Fairy Zhen felt that it was a very reasonable reason.

”Ye Chen you better heal her, ” Fairy Zhen said that Ye Chen had to heal Yan Fei.

”Are you sure? ” Ye Chen asked Fairy Zhen, Ye Chen didn ’t expect Fairy Zhen to be so good like this.

”Of course ” Fairy Zhen immediately answered Ye Chen, she didn ’t think long when she said those words.

”Wife, thank you very much.
. ” Ye Chen thanked Fairy Zhen for allowing it.

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., thanks for what ? ” Fairy Zhen started to feel something wrong, she started to feel something wrong from Ye Chen ’s words.

”Of course with what you said, I didn ’t expect that you would be so good to me, ” Ye Chen told Fairy Zhen that he was very kind to her.

” Wait .
.., explain what you mean. ” Fairy Zhen asked Ye Chen to explain what he meant.

”That didn ’t you just let me be with her, ” Ye Chen said to Fairy Zhen.

”You, don ’t tell me you want to do that with her ” After a while, Fairy Zhen finally realized what the current situation was like.

”That ’s right, that ’s exactly what I wanted. ” Ye Chen told that that was what he wanted, it was a way to cure Yan Fei ’s condition.

”No, I won ’t allow you ” Fairy Zhen would not allow Ye Chen to do that, she would not allow Ye Chen to do such a thing with Fairy Zhen.

”Didn ’t you agree before, how could you change your mind so quickly? ” Ye Chen said to Fairy Zhen.

Ye Chen started to complain that Fairy Zhen changed her mind so quickly.

”I don ’t care, you don ’t have to do that, we can find a man for him, ” Fairy Zhen told Ye Chen to find a man for Yan Fei.

”-_- ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect Fairy Zhen to have such crazy thoughts, this would be the same as getting Ye Chen a green hat.

”Instead of giving it to someone else, it ’s better for me, ” Ye Chen said to Fairy Zhen, Ye Chen wouldn ’t let Fairy Zhen do that, he wouldn ’t let Yan Fei be owned by someone else.

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Ye Chen wouldn ’t let anyone snatch Yan Fei away from him, Yan Fei who was a Glamorous, Sexy, and beautiful woman was something Ye Chen couldn ’t miss.

”You are very greedy, you already have me, but why do you even want another woman, ” Fairy Zhen said to Ye Chen.

”I have a special reason for that matter, ” Ye Chen told that he had a special reason for doing that.

”What kind of special reason? if your explanation doesn ’t make sense, then I won ’t believe it ” Fairy Zhen said that she wouldn ’t believe what Ye Chen said.

”Yuechan, I will put her in the fairy gate, you better explain to her, I will go and start helping Yan Fei, ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan to explain the current situation to Fairy Zhen, Ye Chen was sure that Chu Yuechan would be able to explain the situation this well.

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