Ye Chen ignored the battle fought by Tu Bei and Mao Renqi, Ye Chen was currently focused on rising to the surface.

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With quite a skillful movement, Ye Chen finally arrived at the surface, Ye Chen immediately looked for Jeng Bimle ’s whereabouts.

”Why did that person leave? ” Ye Chen started to wonder where Jeng Bimle and Yu Nan had gone, how come the two of them weren ’t around this place.

Ye Chen decided to look for the whereabouts of Jeng Bimle and Yu Nan, when Ye Chen searched the whereabouts of Jeng Bimle and Yu Nan, Ye Chen found whereabouts of Jeng Bimle.

Jeng Bimle was currently lying on the ground, Jeng Bimle ’s body was also flushed like blood, from afar Ye Chen could see that something had happened to Jeng Bimle.

”What happened to him ” Ye Chen started to wonder what happened to Jeng Bimle at this time.

Ye Chen decided to come closer and see for what happened to Jeng Bimle.

When Ye Chen approached, Ye Chen saw that Jeng Bimle was lying on the ground with his eyes closed, plus Ye Chen could see some lipstick marks on Jeng Bimle ’s body.

”Ye Chen was wrong, this is not a wound but a lipstick.

”get up .
”Ye Chen immediately woke up Jeng Bimle, he kicked Jeng Bimle who was on the ground.

”what ’s wrong ” Jeng Bimle immediately woke up when he was kicked by Ye Chen, it turned out that Jeng Bimle didn ’t faint, he just slept on the ground.

”What happened to you? ” Ye Chen asked what happened to Jeng Bimle, why did Jeng Bimle sleep on the ground covered in lipstick marks.

”Hahaha, my friend, that was amazing, it was something extraordinary in life ” Jeng Bimle started to say something strange, he told that he had just experienced the most beautiful thing in his life.

”What is it, why don ’t you explain more clearly, ” Ye Chen told Jeng Bimle to explain more clearly so that he could understand what just happened.

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Ye Chen wanted to know where had Yu Nan gone who was supposed to be guarded by Jeng Bimle.

Jeng Bimle started telling what happened to Ye Chen, himself telling what happened to Ye Chen.

Jeng Bimle had just been kissed by Yu Nan, he just had an amazing scene with Yu Nan.

after that Jeng Bimle let go of Yu Nan and gave all the flags he had worked so hard to get with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen listened to what happened, he didn ’t expect that Yu Nan would dare to do such a thing.

”You did such a thing ” Ye Chen couldn ’t believe that this man did such a thing, Ye Chen didn ’t know if he was stupid enough or indeed Yu Nan was too clever in deceiving Jeng Bimle.

Jeng Bimle was lucky that Yu Nan didn ’t do anything to him, if Yu Nan did something to him, then maybe Jeng Bimle had already had bad luck.

”Yes, friend, thank you very much, thanks to you I managed to get close to the person I like. ” Jeng Bimle thanked Ye Chen, he thanked Ye Chen for making himself close to the woman he likes.

”Next time you use your brain, I won ’t help you anymore, ” Ye Chen said that he would not help Jeng Bimle to get close to Yu Nan, let this man find his way to get close to Yu Nan.

”No problem, I already have a relationship, so you don ’t need to worry ” Jeng Bimle looks very confident in his abilities, Jeng Bimle is very confident that he can get Yu Nan.

”Good, then let ’s get out of this place, we will hunt again ” Ye Chen took Jeng Bimle hunting again, Ye Chen would help Jeng Bimle get a new flag to replace the previous one.

”Come on ” Jeng Bimle looked very excited, he immediately went with Ye Chen to find a new flag for himself.

Ye Chen and Jeng Bimle started their adventure, they were looking for flags around this place.

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Thanks to Ye Chen ’s help, Jeng Bimle managed to get his flag, he got far more flags than before, with this both of them would be able to qualify from the preliminary round.

Ye Chen also went to get all the gold flags that were in this entire place, himself collecting a total of 3 gold flags.

With 3 days very quickly passed, it was time to judge for the results they had obtained during their three days in the wild.

Ye Chen and all the participants were immediately teleported back to the Sect, the teleportation device had been implanted in the basket on the back of the participant, so as long as they were near the basket, they would be automatically teleported back to the Sect.

”All participants, welcome back. ” Li Minho said to all the participants who made it back safely.

Li Minho looked around, he found that only 70% of the participants returned, while the rest didn ’t return or could be said to have died from eating monsters in the forest.

Li Minho had expected something like this to happen, so he was prepared for what might happen

”Okay now is the time for the assessment, all participants please line up, now is the time to start the assessment for the points you get, ” Li Minho said that it was time to evaluate the results obtained by everyone.

After Li Minho said that, there were hundreds of people who entered the room, these people who would be on duty and record the results obtained by the participants who were all over this place.

”start lining up for the assessment ” Li Minho told everyone to line up and start the assessment.

People started to line up neatly, they all started lining up to get judges.

One by one the participants began to be given a value, this value went directly to the server which would be displayed on the leaderboard.

Currently, there is a very, very large rock to display the names of the people who passed, these names will shift when someone gets the highest score.

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Luo Kan: 2,100

Tu Bei: 1,921

Yu Nan: 1,490

Mao Renqi:1,350

Zhen Pou: 1,102

Zhou Mu: 1,090

Xin Rimmu:1,020

Lu Kimze: 980

Si Thou: 945

Wei Zhou: 909

This is a list of the highest points that have been earned, the first rank was Luo Kan, he earned much higher points than Tu Bei.

They were all elite, they got results that were beyond everyone ’s expectations.

”Okay, now it ’s my turn ” it was Jeng Bimle ’s turn, it was time for Jeng Bimle to report his results.

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When Jeng Bimle stepped forward, he did not forget to look at Yu Nan, Yu Nan only smiled when she saw Jeng Bimle, he looked satisfied after using Jeng Bimle for her benefit.

Yu Nan had taken the flag that belonged to Jeng Bimle, so this person should have collected everything again from scratch, Yu Nan thought that Jeng Bimle would not get good results because of her actions.

”Jeng Bimle Score 4,500, ” a staff member said in a fairly loud voice, he told about the results obtained by Jeng Bimle.

Everyone looked shocked when they listened to the results that the Staff just readout, they couldn ’t believe that Jeng Bimle got such a high score.

Jeng Bimle ’s score was above the average of the elite inner court disciples.

Yu Nan gaped as he listened to the results that were just said, he couldn ’t believe that Jeng Bimle managed to get such a huge score.

This is even more than 3 times the results obtained by Yu Nan.

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