After the arrival of Gong Senye and Tu Bei, several participants also came, they all came and paid their respects to the elders and the great people who were in this place.

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Quickly, all the participants gathered 2048 participants gathered, all of them had been waiting for the battle round to start.

Just as the participants gathered, two beautiful women appeared who descended from the Jade Lotus Peak, one of them was Mu Xueying and the other was a beautiful woman with a fine appearance.

All eyes immediately saw the arrival of these two beauties, they all saw the arrival of the two beauties who had just arrived at this place.

These two beauties were too flashy, they both made the young men rowdy, the young men admired the beauty that had just arrived, they were all captivated by the beauty that the two women who had just arrived had.

Ye Chen saw the arrival of Mu Xueying and the beautiful woman in front of Mu Xueying, this female figure was familiar to Ye Chen, this woman should be the woman Ye Chen met while in the pond that time.

Ye Chen still clearly remembers the woman he peeked at by accident, it was an accident when Ye Chen met this woman

”Wait a minute, don ’t tell me she is the Peak Lord of Jade Lotus Peak ” Ye Chen started to guess the identity of the woman in front of Mu Xueying.

”It seems that he is indeed a Peak Lord, her strength is also very high. ” Chu Yuechan could feel that Ning Xia was stronger than all the Peak Lords in this place.

With Ning Xia ’s current strength, she should be the strongest among all the Peak Lords in this place.

”Hopefully she doesn ’t suspect me. ” Ye Chen prayed that Ning Xia wouldn ’t find him.

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”There ’s no way you ’ll be found, after all he didn ’t see you ” Chu Yuechan said with a chuckle.

Chu Yuechan found it funny when she saw Ye Chen who was afraid of being found by Ning Xia, even though Ning Xia had never met or knew Ye Chen from the start.

”Hopefully ” Ye Chen could only pray that his whereabouts wouldn ’t be detected by Ning Xia at all.

Ning Xia descended on her seat, herself sitting beside Lord Peak who had already appeared.

Meanwhile Mu Xueying was standing beside Ning Xia, Mu Xueying ’s figure was very conspicuous, Mu Xueying was being stared at by countless eyes.

Seeing this, Mu Xueying started to put up a cold wall of hers, herself giving off her cold aura to make those who stared at her feel goosebumps because of the coldness emitted by Mu Xueying.

”she is beautiful but cold ” Everyone started talking about Mu Xueying, this woman seemed very cold to others.

Meanwhile Ning Xia looked indifferent to what was happening, it was like Ning Xia didn ’t care about people staring at her.

”Oh who is this, looks like our goddess is finally willing to go down the mountain ” One of the Peak Lords from Flying Sword Peak, if I ’m not mistaken the name of this man is Yun Yang, he is the best flying sword master in this Sect, sword control ability Yun Yang ’s flying was the best.

Yun Yang was currently trying to strike up a conversation with Ning Xia, he wanted to try to approach Ning Xia who was indifferent and cold to outsiders.

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Ning Xia could be said to be a beautiful woman within the Sect, so it was not surprising that she had many secret admirers.

”This is because of an order from the Patriarch, otherwise I wouldn ’t want to do that. ” Ning Xia answered question Yun Yang Nonchalantly.

Ning Xia herself was not very interested in this matter, if not for this being her responsibility, she would probably have left this matter to Mu Xueying.

It was a pity that this task could not be delegated, so Ning Xia could only come and see for herself.

While Ning Xia was looking for some women to join Jade Lotus Peak, the female disciples in Jade Lotus Peak were getting smaller due to the infrequent recruitment.

”Ahahaha, I see. ” Yun Yang couldn ’t help but laugh as he listened to what Ning Xia had to say, Ning Xia was still cold and indifferent, it was hard to approach her.

The other Peak Lords only smiled when they saw Yun Yang ’s awkwardness, they could only laugh at Yun Yang trying to annoy Ning Xia. 

Ning Xia ignored Yun Yang and the other Peak Lords, looking at all the participants below.

Ning Xia nodded as she looked at the participants below, some of whom had very good foundations.

After seeing all the participants, Ning Xia looked at Tu Bei, from what she heard this was the Genius who had gotten the most results in the history of the Sect.

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Ning Xia looked at Tu Bei up and down, Ning Xia didn ’t feel anything special about Tu Bei, Ning Xia felt a little strange, why would a person who was considered a Genius look normal, there was no way Ning Xia ’s judgment would be wrong.

Ning Xia looked at Mu Xueying who was beside her, Mu Xueying seemed to be very focused on seeing a man below.

Seeing the strangeness shown by Mu Xueying, Ning Xia followed in the direction of Mu Xueying ’s gaze.

When Ning Xia followed Mu Xueying ’s gaze, she found a young man with an awkward looking appearance below, this young man entering the circle of participants meant that he was also one of the participants in this competition.

”This man, is he the Ye Chen that Xueying told about? ” Ning Xia said that this was the Ye Chen that Mu Xueying had told her about.

Ning Xia looked at Ye Chen from top to bottom, herself looking at Ye Chen from top to bottom.

Ning Xia felt an extraordinary feeling from Ye Chen, for some reason she felt that Ye Chen was able to dominate her Phoenix inheritance, the Phoenix inheritance in Ning Xia ’s body was slightly turbulent when she met Ye Chen.

”This strange feeling? ” Ning Xia started to wonder why she could feel this strange feeling, why a disciple like Ye Chen could give her such a strange feeling.

Ning Xia saw that Ye Chen ’s cultivation power was not very strong, even Ye Chen was below the other participants in this place.

”Hmmm ” Ning Xia became curious about Ye Chen, Ning Xia was curious with a strange feeling when she looked at Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen could feel that Mu Xueying and Ning Xia were both looking at him, Ye Chen didn ’t know why they were both staring at him at the same time like this.

A few moments later Luo Tian came, himself came to attend this competition event.

The moment Luo Tian came, everyone in the Sect looked at Luo Tian, ​​especially all the good ladies in the outer court, the inner court even the core disciples looked towards Luo Tian ’s arrival.

In fact, almost all of the Peak Lords welcomed the arrival of Luo Tian who was a direct disciple of the Patriarch of the Nine Immortals Peak Sect.

Luo Tian ’s influence within the Sect was still far above Tu Bei ’s, so it wasn ’t strange that he was being treated much better than Tu Bei ’s.

Tu Bei was envious of Luo Tian ’s treatment, Tu Bei hoped that one day he could receive the same treatment as Luo Tian, ​​it would be a great thing.

Luo Tian paid his respects to all Peak Lords, after paying his respects, he went to Mu Xueying ’s side.

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