”If you have the ability, why don ’t you try to catch me, do you not have the ability to do that, with such abilities, you dare to call yourself an elite disciple of the inner court? ” Ye Chen said to Wei Zhou who was in front of him.

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Wei Zhou looked angry when he listened to what Ye Chen just said, Wei Zhou felt insulted when he heard what Ye Chen said.

Wei Zhou ’s original intention was to humiliate Ye Chen, not to think he would be humiliated by Ye Chen himself.

”Damn you bastard, I will make you regret daring to underestimate my strength, I will show you what I have ” Wei Zhou started to say threatening words to Ye Chen, he threatened to make Ye Chen regret daring to insult him.

”Don ’t talk too much and show me your abilities. ” Ye Chen told Wei Zhou not to talk much and show his abilities.

Wei Zhou ’s face started to turn very red, he was already very angry and couldn ’t control the anger that was inside of him.

He attacked Ye Chen using the profound flames that were all around him.

The profound flames around Wei Zhou became immensely large, it started to expand and started heading towards Ye Chen.

The profound fire released by Wei Zhou looked like a tentacle trying to get close and catch Ye Chen.

Seeing the attack coming so fast, Ye Chen decided to dodge the attack, himself using Nine Shadow Steps to dodge Wei Zhou ’s attack.

With Ye Chen ’s speed, Ye Chen easily dodged Wei Zhou ’s attacks.

”This bastard can still dodge my attacks ” Wei Zhou cursed very loudly, he cursed very hard because Ye Chen was still able to dodge his attacks.

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”I will keep trying, he will be exhausted if he continues like this ” Wei Zhou continued to attack Ye Chen, he believed that he could defeat Ye Chen using all the strength he had.

The battle started to become fierce, Wei Zhou continued to attack Ye Chen using various means and tactics, unfortunately, he still failed to catch Ye Chen.

”What the hell is this guy, how can he dodge all the attacks I launch? ” Wei Zhou started to get dizzy when he saw Ye Chen who kept dodging his attacks, this was impossible for Wei Zhou to believe.

Everyone saw that Ye Chen was just dodging Wei Zhou ’s attacks, they didn ’t see Ye Chen being willing to attack Wei Zhou.

”why don ’t you try again, quickly attack and defeat him, ” people told Wei Zhou to attack Ye Chen, they wanted to see Wei Zhou end this match immediately.

”I ’m trying too, ” Wei Zhou said that he was trying to end this match.

Wei Zhou has also started to get tired of fighting Ye Chen, this fight is very tough for Wei Zhou, he has used all his strength, but Wei Zhou is still unable to beat Ye Chen.

”You hurry up and fight me and don ’t run away anymore, ” Wei Zhou said to Ye Chen to fight himself, if it continues like this the match will end.

”Do you have a problem with that, if you can ’t stand me, you can come down now ” Ye Chen told Wei Zhou to come down right now.

”Bastard ” Ye Chen ’s answer was very annoying, this made Wei Zhou ’s anger rise and get out of control.

”Let ’s fight him don ’t waste our time ” people shouted to Ye Chen to fight Wei Zhou let them see the battle.

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They all didn ’t like seeing Ye Chen just dodging Wei Zhou ’s attacks, they wanted to see a battle, even though Ye Chen wasn ’t great, at least Ye Chen had to fight.

Everyone started to think Ye Chen was weak and cowardly, they were all fed up with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen ’s fans were not satisfied with this matter, they ended up fighting with the Haters who just insulted Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen fight right now, don ’t mess around anymore ” Mu Xueying gave Ye Chen a voice transmission, Mu Xueying told Ye Chen to immediately fight against his enemy and not to play around anymore.

Mu Xueying knew that Ye Chen was currently toying with his enemy, he was very naughty towards his enemy.

”Okay, I ’ll fight. ” Seeing Mu Xueying telling him to fight, Ye Chen decided to show off his abilities.

”What the hell is this guy, he has no intention of fighting, then why did he join this competition? ” Luo Tian said in a sarcastic tone to Ye Chen, he didn ’t know the reason why Ye Chen could enter the competition with this kind of mind.

”Shut up and see. ” Mu Xueying told Luo Tian to be quiet and see what would happen.

Honestly, Mu Xueying didn ’t like it when she saw Luo Tian insulting Ye Chen, Mu Xueying felt herself wanting to hit Luo Tian who insulted Ye Chen ’s abilities.

Luo Tian was silent when he heard Mu Xueying ’s words, he again got a cold tone from Mu Xueying.

Even though Luo Tian just wanted to share his opinion, he didn ’t expect Luo Tian to be treated like this.

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”His skills are evasive quite good, too bad I haven ’t seen his battle power ” Yun Yang had to admit Ye Chen ’s evasion skills, but he also wanted to see Ye Chen ’s fighting strength, it was one of the conditions needed to enter one of the of Nine Peaks.

”Does he have no fighting skills or does he not have the will to fight? ” Mo Chiyi had a hard time guessing Ye Chen, this young man was very difficult to guess, even she found it difficult to guess the way Ye Chen thought.

”I feel that he doesn ’t have the will to fight, somehow he doesn ’t seem to regard his enemy as a worthy opponent. ” The Redemption Spear ’s Peak Lord gave his opinion, he sensed that Ye Chen didn ’t consider the enemy in front of him a worthy opponent.

The leader of the Redemption Spear was Zhu Tenmu, he was a man who had a slightly aged appearance.

Lord Peak of Redemption Spear is a war veteran, he can naturally see what Ye Chen is doing.

”Old man, are you joking, that person ’s opponent is an elite in the inner court, so it should be quite a tough opponent, ” Ru Maan told Zhu Tenmu that Ye Chen ’s opponent should be strong and tough to deal with.

”That ’s just my opinion, so it doesn ’t matter what I say, ” Zhu Tenmu said to Ru Maan.

Zhu Tenmu only gave his opinion to Ru Maan, he didn ’t mean to belittle Wei Zhou.

”See he ’s starting to take a step into battle. ” While Zhu Tenmu and Ru Maan were arguing, Yun Yang told the two that Ye Chen was starting to advance and not dodge.

Zhu Tenmu and Ru Maan immediately looked towards the arena where Ye Chen was.

Ye Chen was currently advancing, his current self was advancing to fight Wei Zhou.

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”So you decided to fight, feel this. ” Seeing Ye Chen advancing, Wei Zhou immediately launched an attack at Ye Chen.

Just as Wei Zhou ’s flames were about to hit Ye Chen, Ye Chen ’s figure suddenly disappeared from his sight.

” what ! ! ! ” Wei Zhou looked surprised when he saw Ye Chen disappear suddenly.

”You ’re too slow ” Ye Chen appeared beside Wei Zhou, himself hitting Wei Zhou ’s face.

”POW! ” Wei Zhou was hit for a few meters, Ye Chen didn ’t have time to block Wei Zhou ’s punch.

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