how did that happen ” All the spectators were quite shocked when they saw Ye Chen who managed to survive Wei Zhou ’s deadly attack .

Even though everyone guessed that Ye Chen had already been defeated by Wei Zhou, it ’s a shame that everyone ’s expectations didn ’t come true, Ye Chen was still alive and seemed fine, not a single wound could be found on Ye Chen ’s body.

”How did you survive? ” Wei Zhou couldn ’t believe it when he saw that Ye Chen could withstand his powerful attack.

”Isn ’t it obvious, your attack is full of loopholes, such an attack is not enough to defeat me ” Ye Chen informed that Wei Zhou ’s attack was not enough to defeat him.

”But it was a very good try, now let ’s be a little more serious. ” Ye Chen started to release his power, a deep flame appeared and enveloped Ye Chen ’s body.

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”What, he ’s a fire user ” Yun Yang, Mo Chiyi, Ru Maan were shocked when they saw Ye Chen who turned out to be a fire bender, even though they all thought that Ye Chen was a wind or lightning controller.

Only those two elements could provide such a tremendous increase in speed.

With the speed that Ye Chen had just displayed, it was not strange that Yun Yang, Mo Chiyi, Ru Maan thought that way, they all thought that Ye Chen had wind or lightning to increase his speed.

”This is getting more and more interesting ” Other Peak Lords began to feel that this was getting more and more interesting, they couldn ’t wait to see Ye Chen and Wei Zhou ’s battle.

”Oh, so you also have the fire element, this way I can fight you with all the strength I have ” Wei Zhou felt more and more attracted to this battle, he felt the turmoil in his body when he sensed the upcoming battle.

”Don ’t get too excited just yet, let me show you the strength I have ” Ye Chen was going to show Wei Zhou the strength he had.

Ye Chen snapped his fingers, when Ye Chen did that a fireball appeared in Ye Chen ’s hand.

Ye Chen threw this small fireball towards Wei Zhou, the small fireball shot towards Wei Zhou.

Wei Zhou used his fire shield to block Ye Chen ’s attack.

The fireball thrown by Ye Chen penetrated the defense of Wei Zhou, this fireball exploded in front of Wei Zhou.

Wei Zhou was blown away by the explosion that occurred, he was blown away several meters by the explosion that occurred.

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Wei Zhou suffered burns from Ye Chen ’s attack, although the attack just now was small, the attack just now was enough to make Wei Zhou suffer a burn.

”Shit ” Wei Zhou tried to get up, he tried to get up while enduring the pain caused by the heat from several parts of his body that were blistered by Ye Chen ’s attack.

Wei Zhou looked at Ye Chen, Wei Zhou closed his eyes and tried to calm down.

As Wei Zhou did this, from the sky appeared several very large fire spears, the estimated size of these fire spears was 10 meters.

The moment the fire spear appeared, all eyes immediately turned to the sky, they all looked towards the appearance of a huge spear that looked extremely conspicuous.

These fire spears started to move and locked position on Ye Chen ’s body, all spears were aimed at Ye Chen, all of them were now aiming at Ye Chen

”we ’ll see if you can survive this attack ” Wei Zhou had no choice but to use the ultimate move he had, no matter what happened he had to be able to win against Ye Chen.

This was the moment he had been waiting for a long time, Wei Zhou should not miss the opportunity to join the ranks of the core disciples, Wei Zhou was eager to become a core disciple of one of the existing peaks.

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