ore intense as the number of weaklings has been eliminated, it is a battle between the strong who can survive.

Jeng Bimle was also quite lucky, he was able to survive to this stage, he was lucky to meet an opponent who was weaker than himself, which allowed Jeng Bimle to go this far.

”All of you have tried very well, you have all shown your strength and ability to get to this stage, ” Li Minho said to the 64 participants who had reached this important stage, all of them had fought very hard to get to this stage.
this stage.

”This battle will be a little different from the previous one, this time ’s battle doesn ’t use the arena like before, so you are free to fight as you please without holding back. ” Li Minho said to all the participants that if there would be a slight change to the battle rules, they would no longer fight.
within a small arena, they would all be fighting within a large arena and there was no need to worry about exiting the arena.

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Some of the participants were happy to hear this, finally, they didn ’t have to think about getting out of the arena anymore, they could fight as they pleased without worrying about getting out of the arena.

”That ’s why there will only be one arena, so you all have to take turns in using it. ” Li Minho said that arena there would only be one, so each participant had to wait their turn.

”Okay, let ’s just randomize the battle. ” Li Minho said that he would randomize the battle, the battle list would only be randomized once, so they already knew who their opponents would be in the future.

This system is like a tournament, this is different from the previous one where the battle list is always random after the battle is over.

Ye Chen and all the participants were waiting for the list of battles, they couldn ’t wait to see who they would fight in the next match.

A while later the battle list finally appeared, Ye Chen was paired with Lu Kimze.

”Elite disciple again ” Ye Chen looked happy when he was paired with one of the top ten elite disciples in the inner court, it seemed that this would not be too boring for Ye Chen.

In contrast to Ye Chen, the other participants seemed displeased when they were paired with one of the elite disciples, they were helpless by this, they felt that this would be a hard thing to win.

”Alright, you ’re all paired up, now we can start the battle ” after all the participants are paired with each other, it ’s time to return to the match.

”You who are not competing can see from there, ” Li Minho told the participants who were not competing to look from above, he had prepared a place to see the battle that was taking place.

Ye Chen and the other participants left, they went to the place Li Minho pointed out.

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It just so happened that this was not Ye Chen ’s part of the battle, so Ye Chen could only go upstairs and watch the match.

”The first people to compete were Luo Kan and a male disciple of standard stature, nothing too outstanding about this male disciple ’s stature.

”This match will not be stopped unless one of you loses, so if you can ’t afford it anymore, you better admit defeat, do you understand? ” Li Minho asked Luo right and his opponent.

”We understand ” both nodded, they already understood that this match would not be stopped until one of them lost.

That means even if things go wrong, this match will continue.

”Good, then get ready, ” Li Minho told the two to get ready, he would start this match.

”start ” the match started, Luo Kan immediately attacked the enemy in front of him.

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