”Boom ” an explosion occurred when the two attacks met, currently Si Thou ’s sword was shattered by the exchange just now.

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Seeing his sword broken, Si Thou immediately retreated and protected himself from Luo Kan ’s attack.

Unfortunately Luo Kan didn ’t let Si Thou escape, Luo Kan stepped forward and stabbed Si Thou ’s body.

Luo Kan ’s hand pierced Si Thou ’s body, Si Thou knelt on the ground and started coughing up blood.

”yes ” some people started cheering when they saw what was happening, the audience really enjoyed Luo Kan ’s battle.
Luo Kan ’s battle was extremely rough and vicious, this was what the audience liked.

Si Thou tried to stand back up, too bad he didn ’t have the strength to stand up again.

”Are you giving up? ” Li Minho asked Si Thou, he wanted to know if Si Thou had given up from this match.

”I can still ” Si Thou did not want to give up, he tried to hold on any longer.

”pow ” saw Si Thou who was still persistent and didn ’t want to give up, Luo Kan again attacked Si Thou, he used his full strength to make Si Thou feel the consequences for not wanting to give in.

Si Thou became battered when he was bombarded with blows by Luo Kan, he was heavily injured by Si Thou ’s attack.

After getting a few additional attacks from Luo Kan, Si Thou ’s consciousness disappeared, he fell down and was unconscious.

”Stop ” seeing Si Thou was unconscious, Li Minho immediately ended the match.

”The winner is participant Luo Kan ” Li Minho announced that the winner of this match was Luo Kan.

After getting what he wanted, Luo Kan left Si Thou, he immediately left the battle arena.

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”Call the medic ” Li Minho ordered to call the medic to treat Si Thou ’s wound.

Si Thou ’s wound looks very severe, if not treated immediately it will become very dangerous.

The medics came and took Si Thou ’s body, they took Si Thou ’s body to the treatment place.

”Pretty aggressive, he ’s quite good. ” Several Peak Lords began to consider Luo Kan, Luo Kan ’s strength was indeed worthy and very good.

”Stop dreaming, he is mine ” Shin Pi told another Peak Lord that he wanted Luo right.

”Old man, why are you so greedy, can ’t you share a bit with us? ” Yun Yang said to Shin Pi with great dissatisfaction.

”complain to your heart ’s content, I won ’t let a seed like this escape. ” Shin Pi wouldn ’t let a good seed like Luo Kan get away with it, he wouldn ’t let that happen.

Yun Yang could only grit his teeth, completely dissatisfied with Shin Pi ’s answer .

although dissatisfied with Shin Pi ’s answer, Yun Yang did not put up a fight, he knew that he was not Shin Pi ’s opponent .

Shin Pi was a strong person, he was above the strength of Yun Yang and the rest of the Peak Lords.



The match continued, now it ’s Yu Nan Vs Zhen Pou ’s turn, the battle done by Yu Nan Vs Zhen Pou is quite good too, Yu Nan can beat Zhen Pou with a little little trick she has.

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Honestly Yu Nan is a smart woman, she has tactics when fighting, this makes Yu Nan ’s victory easier.

Next is Tu Bei Vs Zhou Mu, Tu Bei used his wind power to crush Zhou Mu, Zhou Mu had to give up her defeat at this place, Zhou Mu didn ’t want to offend Tu Bei because it would be bad for her long term life.

Tu Bei got an easy victory, almost all the participants in this place were afraid of Tu Bei which made them give victory to Tu Bei very easily.

And the last one is Ye Chen Vs Mao Renqi, this is the battle that some people have been waiting for.

Will Mao Renqi be able to stop Ye Chen ’s path or not, or is it the genius Tu Bei who will stop his path.

Ye Chen and Mao Renqi walked into the arena, the two standing opposite each other.

”Mao Renqi don ’t lose. ” The female disciple from the inner court began to lend her own support to Mao Renqi.

”hahaha, thank you very much ” Mao Renqi waved his hand to the women who supported him, he didn ’t forget to give a sweet blow of love to all his supporters.

. ” all the women from the inner court screamed when they saw the pose that Mao Renqi had.

Meanwhile Ye Chen ’s supporters could only cheer up slowly, they were currently being bullied by the power possessed by Mao Renqi ’s supporters, so they couldn ’t freely support Ye Chen.

The difference in strength between an inner court disciple and an outer court disciple was indeed vast, so they had no chance of winning against an inner court disciple.

”Xueying, do you think he will still win? ” Ning Xia asked Mu Xueying who was beside her, wanting to know if Ye Chen could still go ahead and fight the genius Tu Bei.

”Of course, I believe he can definitely win. ” Mu Xueying replied in a determined tone.

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”What is the approximate percentage of victory? ” Ning Xia asked what percentage of Ye Chen ’s win rate was against Mao Renqi.

”100% ” Mu Xueying replied that Ye Chen ’s win rate was 100%.

”Mu Xueying, you seem very confident that he can win, are you really that sure of him? ” Mo Chiyi asked Mu Xueying.

It just so happened that Mo Chiyi was near Mu Xueying and Ning Xia, so she could hear what Mu Xueying and Ning Xia were talking about.

”Of course, I ’m pretty sure that if he wins, his opponent doesn ’t look too great. ” Mu Xueying said that Ye Chen ’s opponent wasn ’t that great, so Ye Chen should have an easy win.

”Fufufu, very interesting, then I want to see what the results of the analysis you said earlier will be. ” Mo Chiyi laughed, he wanted to see if what Mu Xueying said came true or not.



”Are you guys ready? ” Li Minho asked, he was about to start this match.

Ye Chen and Mao Renqi both nodded, both of them already very prepared to fight each other.

”Then start ” Li Minho started this match, after Li Minho started the match, this match had officially started.

”Earlier I was kind enough to warn you, this time I will not warn you again, be prepared ” Mao Renqi immediately stepped forward, his body enveloped by a very strong wind.

This seemed to be the Armor and capable of increasing Mao Renqi ’s speed.

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Seeing Mao Renqi who was about to attack him, Ye Chen released his own power, a huge fire aura instantly appeared around Ye Chen.

Mao Renqi didn ’t seem to care when he saw Ye Chen ’s flames, he stepped forward and broke through to attack Ye Chen.

” Boom ” explosion after explosion occurred, Ye Chen and Mao Renqi attacked each other.

”Let ’s beat him. ” This time the battle seemed much more lively, Ye Chen and Mao Renqi unleashed their abilities to knock each other down.

Mao Renqi stretched out his palm forward, Mao Renqi ’s palm was enveloped by the wind.

”Feel this, Wind Giant Palm. ” Mao Renqi shot a huge gust of wind towards Ye Chen.

A sizable palm appeared and headed towards where Ye Chen was.

Ye Chen was silent when he saw the arrival of this palm, he did not put up any resistance or defense when Mao Renqi ’s attack came towards him.

”You die! ” Mao Renqi shouted very loudly, he intended to make Ye Chen feel the consequences for daring to challenge him.

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