The medics immediately came to take Yu Nan away from this place, Yu Nan had to get treatment as soon as possible.

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”How dare he do that ” Jeng Bimle looked angry when he saw what happened to Yu Nan, Jeng Bimle was furious when he saw what happened to Yu Nan.

”Calm down ” Ye Chen immediately came over to Jeng Bimle, Ye Chen told Jeng Bimle to calm down a bit and not be too rash in doing things.

”Ye Chen let me go, let me settle things with him ” Jeng Bimle told Ye Chen to let go of himself, Jeng Bimle intended to settle this matter with Luo Kan.

Ye Chen didn ’t know where Jeng Bimle ’s courage came from, Jeng Bimle dared to fight someone much more powerful when he found out that the person he loved was injured.

Ye Chen had to praise this, not many people dared to do something like this, only certain people dared to do something like what Jeng Bimle did.

”This is not a suitable place to do that.
If you do that in this place, you will get in trouble. ” Ye Chen tried to persuade Jeng Bimle to calm down even more.

The current conditions did not allow Jeng Bimle to fight Luo Kan, Jeng Bimle would actually get into trouble if he did something like that.

”I don ’t care ” Jeng Bimle didn ’t care, he didn ’t care about the consequences he had to face.

Seeing Jeng Bimle who was still stubborn, Ye Chen tried to find a way to deal with this.

”Instead of you going against Luo Kan, why don ’t you just go and see how Yu Nan is, maybe he needs something important ” Ye Chen reminded Jeng Bimle about Yu Nan ’s situation.

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When Ye Chen reminded him of this, Jeng Bimle finally calmed down, trying to calm himself down.

Jeng Bimle remembered that Yu Nan might be in a dangerous condition, so Jeng Bimle might have to try to see how things were, maybe Yu Nan might need some help.

Without waiting for Ye Chen, Jeng Bimle immediately went to where the medicine was.

”Hey ” Ye Chen tried to stop Jeng Bimle, but unfortunately he had already left too soon.

Even though Ye Chen wanted to give something that might be of use to Jeng Bimle, but it seemed that Jeng Bimle didn ’t need that.

”Master, it seems that you don ’t need to do that, I think he is a person who comes from a good background, he has some things on his body that have great value ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan could tell that Jeng Bimle was a rich person, it seemed that he came from an influential family.

”Then I don ’t need to help him anymore ” Hearing what Chu Yuechan said, Ye Chen probably didn ’t need to help Jeng Bimle in this matter.

”master, you should just focus on the battle, you ’re going to fight Genius Tu Bei, fufufu ” Chu Yuechan giggled as she said this, Chu Yuechan couldn ’t wait to see how a genius like Tu Bei fought Ye Chen.

”He ’s just an ordinary person, so it shouldn ’t be difficult. ” Ye Chen felt that fighting Tu Bei wasn ’t a difficult thing to do, it was an extremely easy thing to do.

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”fufufu, still I want to see this genius Tu Bei, is he really a genius or can only use the influence you have created ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”We ’ll see ” Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan to take a look, he would soon be fighting Tu Bei.

”Call for contestants Ye Chen and Tu Bei, please enter the arena ” was finally the call for a fight between Ye Chen and Tu Bei.

”Well it ’s time for me to go fight ” Seeing this Ye Chen decided to go into the arena.

It just so happened that Tu Bei also came and entered the arena, Ye Chen and Tu Bei were now facing each other.

”I ’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. ” Tu Bei said that he had been waiting for this moment for a very long time, he had been waiting for the moment when he fought Ye Chen.

”Honestly, I don ’t really like meeting you so soon, but since it ’s about time I have no other choice, ” Ye Chen said helplessly.

”Today is the worst day of your life, I will make you feel death and shame that you will never imagine in your life ” said Tu Bei to Ye Chen.

”You look very lustful, is this an order from that damn master you worship ” Ye Chen said with a slightly disdainful tone.

”How dare you insult him like that, just watch out. ” Tu Bei didn ’t like seeing Ye Chen insult Gong Senye, he would definitely make Ye Chen regret the words he just said.

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”You masters and disciples are the same, you are both shameless and cunning ” Ye Chen said to Tu Bei.

”Bastard just look at you ” Tu Bei started to be provoked by Ye Chen ’s words, he started to be provoked by Ye Chen ’s provoking words.

”Come on, beat that loser, you are a genius, beat him with just one hit ” The audience who hated Ye Chen started shouting towards Tu Bei, they wanted Tu Bei to beat Ye Chen with one hit.

”You don ’t have to worry, I ’ll do just that. ” Tu Bei definitely wouldn ’t disappoint everyone, he would definitely beat Ye Chen with one move.

Tu Bei firmly believed that he could defeat Ye Chen with a single attack, Tu Bei would immediately use the strongest attack he had against Ye Chen.

”Stop, don ’t noisy anymore, settle your sparring in battle ” Li Minho told Ye Chen and Tu Bei to stop, they could solve the problems they had in battle.

”This referee is right, let ’s settle this in a Duel, the loser and winner will be decided in this duel ” Tu Bei said to Ye Chen.

”Okay, who ’s afraid, I ’ve never been afraid of you ” Ye Chen said that he was never afraid of fighting Tu Bei.

”Do you think Ye Chen will lose in just one move? ” Ru Maan asked Yun Yang.

”I don ’t know, Ye Chen has fast speed and good dodging skills, but his opponent is quite heavy, I ’m afraid if Tu Bei really means it, then it might happen. ”

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”Last time he scored very high in the entrance examination, I think he still hasn ’t shown his true ability ”, Yun Yang was not sure about this, from beginning to end Yun Yang and other Peak Lords still didn ’t see Tu Bei ’s incredible strength.

So everyone guessed that Tu Bei might still be hiding his true strength.

”I don ’t agree with your opinion, I thought it might end quickly and be won by Tu Bei. ” Shin Pi was very sure that Tu Bei would win this match very quickly.

”That ’s not certain, the match hasn ’t started yet, the conclusion can ’t be drawn yet. ” Zhu Tenmu spoke, he said that the match had not yet started, so the winner of this match had not yet been determined.

”That need not be said, I believe the winner will be Tu Bei, he is a rare genius. ” Mo Chiyi was more supportive of Tu Bei, she firmly believed that Tu Bei could easily win over Ye Chen.

All Peak Lords had their own opinion, they had their own choice of judging someone.

”Who do you think will win ” from beside Ning Xia saw the debates that all Lords Peak , this was quite rare among Peak Lords, it seemed that this battle would be the one that everyone was waiting for the most.

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