”Yes, you passed ” Long Zen said in a stuttering voice.

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Long Zen had seen this scene once when he was still in the army, at that time the first troops in this country were also able to do things like this, the difference was the burden they were carrying several times heavier than this.

Dragon army units are the most powerful troops in the army, their strength is still the most powerful in the whole country.

It is said that 1 member of the dragon army can defeat 10 battalions of special warriors like himself.

That ’s why Long Zen was surprised to see Ye Chen can lift a 200kg barbell very easily.

Long Zen began to suspect that Ye Chen was a former member of the dragon army.

”Alright we will proceed to the second test ” Long Zen brought to 3 people who passed different spatial training.

In the room this time there were several bags filled with sand.

Ye Chen and the two others wondered what he wanted to do with this sandbag.

”Everyone take one bag, ” Long Zen told the three to take the sand bag on the floor.

Ye Chen and two other participants took a sand bag, this sand bag at least weighs around 75 kg.

Long Zen took a cloth and then covered Ye Chen ’s eyes and the other two participants with it.

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”Your job is to protect these bags like protecting your employer, be sure not to let these bags fall or get shot by rubber bullets that I will shoot ” Long Bai gave instructions on how the second test would be carried out.

The purpose of this test is to look at the instincts of all the preachers, they must be able to guess the direction of the bullet without having to look.

This test is the most difficult test, even trained soldiers will find it difficult to do so.

This is also one request from Ceo, Ceo wants a strong bodyguard to protect herself from things that are not desirable.

Long Zen appointed three people to fire rubber bullets, these people were in separate places so that the direction of the bullet ’s arrival was difficult to guess.

” one of the people started shooting at the target the other participant.

”Ouch ” when the rubber bullets hit the body, the person next to Ye Chen shouted, even though the result of rubber bullets would hurt if hit in the body.

”The rain of bullets started coming towards Ye Chen and the other 2 participants.

Ye Chen easily dodged all the rubber bullets coming towards him, seeing Ye Chen could easily avoid all the bullets with his eyes closed, Long Zen was even more amazed.

After one minute the test finally ended, two other participants failed, the sand bag they prevented from falling while trying to avoid the rubber bullet that was shot.

Now the only participant left is Ye Chen.

”Well, because you are the only person left, the last test will be different. ” Initially the last test was to fight for the first position, unfortunately the only successful participants were one person, so there were no opponents competing for Ye Chen.

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Long Zen called a dozen people to become opponents of Ye Chen ”You will fight them one by one, if you can defeat 6 of these 12 people then you will be accepted ” Long Zen explained to Ye Chen.

”One by one is too long, you can make them all advance together. ” Ye Chen very casually challenged everyone.

These twelve people who heard were provoked by Ye Chen ’s words, they couldn ’t wait to beat Ye Chen.

”Are you sure these people are very strong? ” Long Zen warned Ye Chen.

These people are not employees in this place, they are Long Zen seniors in the army, the strength of these 12 people cannot be underestimated.

”Yes, I ’m sure, let ’s just start ” Ye Chen wanted to immediately end this game.

Long Zen pointed to a special room to fight, Ye Chen and the twelve people entered the room to fight.

On the top floor of this building there is a beautiful woman with a cold expression staring at the monitor, this woman is looking at the recruitment of a bodyguard.

Over the past few days this beautiful woman has seen many people who fail while undergoing tests, these people don ’t fit the criteria she wants.

This beautiful woman continued to stare at Ye Chen with icy eyes.

In just one minute, Ye Chen came out of the room.

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”Eh, very quickly, are you done? ” Long Zen did not expect Ye Chen to get out of the room very quickly.

”Yes, I ’m done, they are all very kind because they want to yield to me, then where next? ” Ye Chen asked where he had to go now.

”Really ” Long Zen could not believe that his seniors would yield when fighting.

Long Zen called the woman who dragged Ye Chen here, the woman who dragged Ye Chen immediately brought Ye Chen out of this room.

Long Zen was very curious about what was happening inside, why the seniors still hadn ’t come out yet.

Long Zen went to the door and made a slight opening, when the gap was opened the 12 people who had entered inside with Ye Chen were already lying on the floor.

”Ouch ” They all groaned in pain, Long Zen had expected this to happen, he immediately called in some medical personnel to deal with the injured.

”Who exactly is that person, he is very strong ” Long Zen muttered about Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was taken by this woman to a dressing room, ”wear this shirt. ” Ye Chen was given a black coat to wear.

Ye Chen accepted the clothes from this woman and went to the dressing room.

after wearing Ye Chen ’s black suit out of the dressing room, Ye Chen who was wearing a black suit was very handsome, someone would definitely think Ye Chen was a rich young master, or a handsome Ceo.

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The woman who brought Ye Chen also saw Ye Chen with sparkling eyes, in this woman ’s mind Ye Chen was not only strong but also very handsome.

”Sir, come with me to go to the CEO ’s office, she wants to meet you ” This woman invited Ye Chen to go to Ceo.

Ye Chen was very curious as to what Ceo ’s face was, Liu Yue once said that the CEO she chose was quite beautiful ”yes please take me there ” Ye Chen told this woman to lead the way.

When walking in the hallway of the office, many eyes looked towards Ye Chen, especially the girls who were in this office, they had never left her vision of Ye Chen.

”Wow, how handsome, who exactly is he? ”

”He looks like the prince I dreamed of ”

”I have to ask for information from the handsome man ”

The women in this office were very enthusiastic, some of them even gave a signal in the form of a wink to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled at these women, because the other side was friendly Ye Chen also had to be friendly.

After walking for a long time Ye Chen finally arrived in front of Ceo ’s room.

”This is Ceo ’s room, she is waiting for you inside, excuse me first ” This woman was reluctant to leave Ye Chen, but because of this woman ’s job she had no other choice.

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