., Ye Chen you better let go her, people are coming. ” Mu Xueying reminded Ye Chen to let go Xia Qingyu.

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The female disciple of the Jade Lotus Peak was approaching this place.

”Alright ” Ye Chen nodded, he immediately let go of Xia Qingyu who was in his arms.

Xia Qingyu immediately straightened her wrinkled clothes because of Ye Chen ’s actions, Xia Qingyu very quickly managed to tidy up her wrinkled clothes.

A few moments later hundreds of people came from the horizon, they all had good looks and good looks, they wore red and some white clothes, plus there was a veil covering their faces.

”Hehehe, I ’ll stay in this place, I can ’t wait to enjoy this. ” Ye Chen couldn ’t wait to enjoy the fun that was about to happen, he couldn ’t wait to have fun with the ladies at Jade Lotus Peak.

These beautiful ladies descended in front of Mu Xueying, they paid their respects to Mu Xueying.

Mu Xueying was highly respected in this place, so it would not be strange for everyone to immediately greet Mu Xueying.

Mu Xueying nodded, she told everyone to get up, Mu Xueying didn ’t really like things that were quite formal like this.

”I want to say something to all of you, as Lord Peak ’s order, from now on Ye Chen will join with us , I hope you can accept it ” Mu Xueying gave important information, she wanted everyone to accept Ye Chen ’s whereabouts.

”But senior, why do we have to do that? ” there were some women who still couldn ’t accept this, they seemed unable to accept Ye Chen.

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This is Lord Peak ’s own wish, so we can ’t do anything about it. ” Mu Xueying said that this was Ning Xia ’s wish, so they all couldn ’t do anything about this matter.

”Beautiful sisters, please help in the future. ” Ye Chen said to all the women in front of him, he called them beautiful sisters to touch their hearts.

”beautiful sister? ” some women didn ’t really like this, while some quite liked what Ye Chen had to say.

”Ye Chen how old are you now? ” one of the women immediately asked how old Ye Chen was, they all wanted to know Ye Chen ’s current age.

”I ’m 20 years old ” Ye Chen told that he was still 20 years old.

” what! ! ! ” All the women were shocked when they found out Ye Chen ’s age, they were really surprised when they found out that Ye Chen ’s age is still very easy.

”Are you joking with all of us? ” Some women felt that Ye Chen was joking with all of them.

”Of course not, why don ’t you ask him if you don ’t believe him ” Ye Chen told all the women to ask Mu Xueying about this matter.

”Senior Sister Mu, was what she said just now true? ” Everyone immediately asked whether what Ye Chen said was the truth or a lie.

”What he said is the truth, he is indeed very young. ” Mu Xueying confirmed what Ye Chen said, Ye Chen was indeed very young.

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”Eh, impossible ” These beauties couldn ’t believe this, they couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen was still so young.

At such a young age, Ye Chen already has an extraordinary strength, of course this is very surprising.

”Wow he ’s great ” some women praised Ye Chen, they praised Ye Chen because Ye Chen looked really great.

”Still it will be a problem if he stays with us. ” Several women still disagreed when they found out Ye Chen was going to live with them.

These women were used to living without men, so they could do whatever they wanted within the Jade Lotus Peak, when there were men inside the Jade Lotus Peak, then it would be something of a problem for these women.

They will no longer be as free as they used to be, maybe they even have to be careful in doing every activity.

After all Ye Chen was a young man, he was definitely still in a state of growth, his curiosity for the opposite sex would be immense.

plus all the women within the Jade Lotus Peak were beauties, so this would be extremely difficult for Ye Chen to endure.

Ye Chen couldn ’t help but smile as he listened to the debate that was going on, it seemed that it was quite difficult for the women who were here to accept the existence of a man.

”Oh, yes there is a location on the edge, there is a hut that he can use, I think it ’s fine for him to stay there ” one of the women reminded that there was an open location with a small hut, there wasn ’t.
someone was occupying it, it was also quite far from the women ’s dormitory, it seemed that it was a suitable location for Ye Chen to live in.

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”Oh yeah, I just remembered that too, then how about he just stay there ” These women agreed with the suggestion, Ye Chen could stay there for a while.

”Okay, we let you stay here but you have to stay in the place we have prepared ” all the women agreed, they will let Ye Chen stay in the place they have prepared.

”Isn ’t that a little unfair to him ” Mei Yueli came and helped Ye Chen, she tried to help Ye Chen to get out of this problem.

”Yueli, don ’t you hate men, but why are you helping her instead ” All the women in this place started to question Mei Yueli who was trying to help Ye Chen.

”Oh that.
. ” Mei Yueli looked confused by the questions asked by her colleagues, Mei Yueli was confused to find an excuse to answer questions from the people around her.

Mei Yueli had almost forgotten that everyone still thought she was afraid of men, so it wasn ’t strange that everyone was questioning why she was helping Ye Chen.

”It ’s because she was invited by Lord Peak, if you treat her badly, won ’t you all be scolded ” After thinking for a while, Mei Yueli finally came up with a reasonable excuse.

All the women started to think about what Mei Yueli said, what Mei Yueli said did make sense, maybe Lord Peak would be angry about this.

”If you are okay with that, I don ’t mind staying at the place you just mentioned. ” Ye Chen said that he had no problem staying at the place these beauties had previously said.

As long as Ye Chen could stay close to Xia Qingyu, Mu Nianci, Mei Yueli and Mu Xueying, then Ye Chen wouldn ’t mind it.

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Ye Chen also understood that these women still couldn ’t accept Ye Chen ’s existence, they definitely needed time to accept Ye Chen ’s existence.

”Very good, he agreed, that means Lord Peak won ’t be angry with us, come with us ” Seeing Ye Chen agree, all the women escorted Ye Chen to the place where he was going to stay.

Mu Xueying could only shake her head, it seemed that it would be difficult to convince these women to fully accept Ye Chen.

”Sister Xueying, are you okay with this? ” Mei Yueli asked Mu Xueying, wanting to know Mu Xueying ’s opinion.

”There seems to be nothing to do with this matter, they still can ’t accept Ye Chen completely.. ” Mu Xueying thought the same thing as Ye Chen, Mu Xueying knew that the woman at Jade Lotus Peak still couldn ’t accept Ye Chen ’s existence.

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