Mu Xueying, Mei Yueli, Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci left this place.

Ye Chen was a little disappointed when he saw Mu Xueying, Mei Yueli, Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci leaving this place, whereas Ye Chen hoped that one of them would stay and accompany him.

It seemed like it would be an impossible thing to happen, Ye Chen could see that Mu Xueying was going to give training to Mei Yueli, Xia Qingyu and Mu Nianci, so it was very likely that doing so was something that was extremely impossible to happen.

”Master, what are you going to do now, are you going to stay in that place that almost collapsed? ” Chu Yuechan looked at the hut that was already in an uninhabitable condition.

”Yes, I see, what you say is true, I think I will repair my living quarters ” Ye Chen had to admit what Chu Yuechan said, this residence was indeed not worthy of Ye Chen.

”I ’ll go find some cast iron and build a new building. ” Ye Chen went to look for some cast iron, he intended to build a livable house.

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”That ’s good, do it quickly. ” Chu Yuechan supported what Ye Chen was doing, she supported what Ye Chen was doing at the moment.

Ye Chen left, he looked for some cast iron that was around this place, Ye Chen happened to be able to find the existence of some cast iron among the mountains in the Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm.

The Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm was filled with mountains containing extremely rich minerals, so it wouldn ’t be difficult for Ye Chen to find some cast iron within the mountain.

With Ye Chen ’s current strength, destroying a mountain wasn ’t that difficult, so Ye Chen would do mining for the materials needed to build a new house.

In the process Ye Chen was not alone, he used Clone to help himself carry out the work.

The more clones, the faster this work is completed, so the project execution time will be very fast.

Ye Chen continued to work on gathering all the needed materials, Ye Chen needed a little time to gather all the materials he needed.

Without Ye Chen knowing it was getting very dark, Ye Chen had to go back and start building a place for himself.

Ye Chen returned to Jade Lotus Peak, when Ye Chen returned to Jade Lotus Peak, he found that Jade Lotus Peak looked very lonely, at night women from Jade Lotus Peak would spend their time cultivating in the room, so it would not be strange if Jade Lotus Peak felt extremely lonely.

”Boom ” in the distance there was an explosion sound that echoed quite loudly.

”Looks like the battle is still continuing into the night. ” Ye Chen could see that in the distance a battle was taking place, the battle had been moved a bit away from the Sect, this was to prevent loss of life from the battle fought by Lord Peak.

”Time to work ” Ye Chen told all the Clone he made to work and build a house together, their target was to build a house in just one night.

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Ye Chen and all of the Clones got to work, they melted the Cast Iron they had just mined, they put together a decent place to live.

Ye Chen also used some materials that were on earth, he used everything he had to beautify his residence.

Because this place is spacious, Ye Chen can build a dwelling that he wants without having to worry about running out of land.

Ye Chen worked quietly, no one was aware of what Ye Chen was doing.

The battle from Lord Peak obscured the sound of Ye Chen ’s work, so no one would be aware of what Ye Chen was doing.

As time went on, Ye Chen along with all the Clones he had created tried their best to create the best dwelling place in the entire Jade Lotus Peak.

Ye Chen wanted to prove that he could create a place better than the one in the entire Jade Lotus Peak.

Ye Chen was very confident that he could do such a thing, with his strength, nothing was impossible to do.

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