and broke the door.

When Mu Xueying banged on Ye Chen ’s door, she found Ye Chen sleeping on the bed, he seemed to be sleeping very comfortably.

After finishing building this place, Ye Chen immediately went and went to sleep, feeling tired from having to use quite a lot of Profound Energy to melt cast iron to make this building.

Honestly, the cast iron that Ye Chen found was very hard, Ye Chen needed a lot of strength to melt the iron, as a result Ye Chen was exhausted and fell asleep very soundly.

”Ye Chen wake up ” Mu Xueying came and woke Ye Chen who was fast asleep.

Ye Chen immediately woke up when he saw Mu Xueying suddenly in his room.

”What ’s wrong? ” Ye Chen asked what Mu Xueying was doing at her current place.

”What does this mean? ” Mu Xueying asked what Ye Chen meant to build such a huge building like this.

”You mean this, I just made a proper place to live ” Ye Chen told that he just made a decent place to live in.

”Isn ’t this too much ” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen, Mu Xueying thought this was too much, building a place like this was too much to do.

”It doesn ’t matter, didn ’t you say last night that I can do anything to this place ” Ye Chen said with a yawn.

Ye Chen was still a little sleepy, so he still slept and took cover under his blanket.

Outside, several women peeked, they saw what was happening inside, they were surprised that Ye Chen was in the room.

When they saw this, all the women knew that this building belonged to Ye Chen.

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They really didn ’t expect that this was a building that belonged to Ye Chen.

The ugly and broken hut that was previously uninhabitable had been conjured by Ye Chen into a beautiful and truly amazing place.

”this Still is too much ” Mu Xueying said to Ye Chen.

”Does this bother you? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying, he wanted to know if this building bothered Mu Xueying.

”No. ” Mu Xueying said that this building didn ’t bother her, but it was too conspicuous because the building was too tall.

”If it doesn ’t matter, then leave it alone. ” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying to let this matter.

”-_- ” Mu Xueying was really helpless, she was made helpless by Ye Chen.

”Then hurry up and get up now, practice time ” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen to get up quickly, Mu Xueying doesn ’t like lazy people.

”Sister Xueying, I ’m still tired, can ’t you let me sleep a little longer? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying to give her some more sleep, Ye Chen is still a little sleepy.

Ye Chen is still lying down very lazily, he wants to rest a little longer.

”That ’s not allowed, get up quickly ” Mu Xueying didn ’t allow Ye Chen to do that , she didn ’t allow Ye Chen to laze around like this

Ye Chen didn ’t care, he was enjoying his time in bed, it had been a long time since Ye Chen had been lazing around like this, because he had the time to do this, he did things like this.

Seeing Ye Chen who kept lazing in bed, Mu Xueying has no choice but to drag Ye Chen, she was immediately dragged Ye Chen in bed.

”Hey, what are you doing? ” Ye Chen complained when he was dragged out of bed by Mu Xueying, Ye Chen even put up a fight when dragged by Mu Xueying.

”Get out right now ” Mu Xueying kept pulling Ye Chen, she used her strength to pull Ye Chen off the bed.

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The scene that occurred was witnessed by the female disciples in the room, they saw Mu Xueying who was pulling Ye Chen from the bed.

The female disciples in this place rarely saw Mu Xueying like this, they had never seen Mu Xueying do something like this to them.

The female disciples of Jade Lotus Peak were quite disciplined, so they never got angry from the trainer or Mu Xueying.

”Let us help ” a few female disciples came in, they helped drag Ye Chen out of bed.

”Why are you bothering me like this, you should go and take care of your own matters ” Ye Chen told these women to let go of him.

”We won ’t let you slack off, you need to be more disciplined here, ” said the female disciple who helped Mu Xueying in dragging Ye Chen.

With the help of several women, Mu Xueying was finally able to drag Ye Chen out of bed.

Just as they had managed to drag Ye Chen out of bed, they saw something very shocking.

Ye Chen was currently naked, Ye Chen ’s beautiful body was now seen by everyone in the room.

The room fell silent upon seeing this scene, everyone fell silent when they saw what was in front of them.

Even the women outside the room fell silent when they saw what was in front of them.

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