Silence lingered for a while, this place became very quiet when everyone looked at Ye Chen.

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Honestly all the women looked surprised when they saw this scene, they were the first to see a man ’s belongings.

Everyone looked shocked when they saw Ye Chen ’s item which looked huge and extremely majestic, its size was enough to make everyone feel frightened.

These innocent women really saw something they never imagined in their lives.

” Kyahhhh ” after a fairly long silence, finally screams and screams were heard.

All the women screamed and closed their eyes so as not to see something they were not allowed to see.

”Pervert, what are you doing ” several women immediately cursed Ye Chen, they all cursed Ye Chen for showing such an ugly thing.

”Hey, hey, you guys who have pulled me by force, I told you not to do that ” Ye Chen replied to the woman ’s words against him, Ye Chen here is a victim of the injustice that happened.

Several women took the time to take a peek, they were also curious about Ye Chen ’s abnormal size.

”Pervert, quickly cover it up, do you want to die ” a woman told Ye Chen to cover up her ugly thing.

Unfortunately Ye Chen was blamed by all the women in this place, he was blamed for making everyone see something bad.

”Why don ’t you come out, this is my room ” Ye Chen told all the women to get out of this room.

From the start this was Ye Chen ’s room, so it should be these women who left this place.

”we don ’t care about that ” women didn ’t care about this matter, for them Ye Chen had made a mistake.

Women are very complicated creatures, they always feel right in everything, even if they are wrong.

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”This ” Mu Xueying gave a blanket to cover Ye Chen ’s body, Mu Xueying ’s expression was still the same, she didn ’t show any change like other women in this place.

Mu Xueying was still indifferent about this matter, she seemed unaffected by the matter in front of her.

”All of you hurry back to the training grounds once and forget what happened ” Mu Xueying told the women behind her to return to the training grounds.

”Okay we understand ” hearing Mu Xueying ’s order, all the women immediately left this place, they immediately went to the training ground.

”Ye Chen, you should also prepare, go to the training ground now. ” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen to get ready, she wanted Ye Chen to go to the training ground as soon as possible.

”Okay, I understand. ” Ye Chen nodded, he would immediately go to the training ground.

”Good ” after successfully persuading Ye Chen, Mu Xueying immediately walked out of Ye Chen ’s room.

”The women here are a little troublesome. ” Ye Chen felt that the women at the Jade Lotus Peak might be a little troublesome.

”Fufufu, masters, their all waiting to be conquered by you ” Chu Yuechan said while giggling.

”Hahaha, we ’ll see. ” Ye Chen couldn ’t help but laugh as he listened to Chu Yuechan ’s words,

”Alright, time to change clothes ” Ye Chen decided to change and went to practice together with the beautiful female disciples inside the Jade Lotus Peak.
, Ye Chen couldn ’t wait to do just that.

Meanwhile Mu Xueying was currently leaning against the wall, her current breathing was slightly fast and erratic.

what happened earlier made Mu Xueying very excited, she became excited because of such a thing.

Mu Xueying was quite good at hiding what happened to her, she managed to hide her lust in front of Ye Chen.

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Honestly, what happened earlier reminded Ye Chen of what happened to him in the past.

What she did together with Ye Chen was an experience that Mu Xueying could never forget, she wanted to feel that way again.

Honestly, Mu Xueying couldn ’t help it, but she couldn ’t do that, her pride was too high to take the initiative.

Mu Xueying tried to calm her heart down, she tried to stay calm and not lose herself.

After a while, Mu Xueying started to calm down, after she calmed down Mu Xueying went straight to the training ground to see what the female disciples there were doing.



A while later, Ye Chen went to the training ground, there Ye Chen saw that all the women were practicing their skills.

There are those who practice swordsmanship, and there are those who practice using a shawl, the point is that in the divided Sect, there are sword users and there are shawl users, they complement each other, shawl users are usually long-range fighters, while sword users are close-range fighters.

Some of the women saw Ye Chen ’s arrival, some of the women didn ’t like Ye Chen because of the previous accident.

”Ye Chen come here ” a woman called Ye Chen, it seems that this woman will be Ye Chen ’s instructor.

Seeing someone calling him, Ye Chen immediately went and approached, Ye Chen immediately asked what was required of him.

”Ye Chen, my name is Murong Zia, I was assigned by Mu Xueying to train you ” this woman said that she would be Ye Chen ’s instructor in training.

Murong Zia would explain everything Ye Chen needed to know.

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”yes, instructor Murong ” Ye Chen said to Murong Zia.

”You don ’t need to be so formal with me, you can call me Sister Zia ” Murong Zia told Ye Chen to call herself Sister Zia.

”Sister Zia ” Ye Chen called Murong Zia ’s name as Sister Zia.

Murong Zia nodded, she was happy to see Ye Chen obedient to her request.

”So, what can you do, what weapons do you use often? ” Murong Zia immediately asked what Ye Chen was using.

”I use a sword ” Ye Chen said that he was a sword user.

”Hmm, sword user, then you will match the Jade Lotus Sword skill ” Murong Zia said to Ye Chen.

Since Ye Chen was a sword user then Murong Zia would teach Ye Chen the Jade Lotus Sword skill.

”Sister Zia, please teach me ” Ye Chen asked Murong Zia to teach him about the Jade Lotus Sword.

”Okay, then take a good look at me. ” Murong Zia told Ye Chen to pay attention to himself, Murong Zia would start demonstrating what the Jade Lotus Sword ’s skills were like.

Ye Chen nodded, he would pay attention to what Murong Zia was doing.

Murong Zia started to demonstrate every move of the Jade Lotus Sword skill to Ye Chen.

Jade Lotus Peak ’s skills were divided into 3 parts, the first was attacking with gentle moves, the second was parrying and deflecting attacks, and the third was quick and deadly attacks.

Those were the three basics one needed to learn in order to fully use the Jade Lotus Sword skill.

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Murong Zia continued to explain everything to Ye Chen, she explained everything very carefully so that Ye Chen wouldn ’t forget.

After a while, Murong Zia finally finished demonstrating everything to Ye Chen.

”Do you have a question you want to ask? ” Murong Zia asked if Ye Chen had a question for herself.

”No, I have learned everything ” Ye Chen said that he had learned everything that Murong Zia had shown.

”Huh? ” Murong Zia looked surprised when she listened to what Ye Chen said, she couldn ’t believe what she had just heard from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took the sword from Murong Zia ’s hand, he began to perform the move Murong Xia had previously demonstrated.

Murong Zia saw what Ye Chen was doing, she watched every move Ye Chen made with her eyes wide open.

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