d to let Ye Chen do whatever he wanted, if Mu Xueying forbade it, it would give Mu Xueying a headache instead.

Ye Chen tried to get acquainted with all the women in Jade Lotus Peak, Ye Chen didn ’t care if he was hated and disliked by the women in this place.

There is an old saying that if hate turns into love, maybe it will happen later.

Ye Chen used a gentle approach to all the women, he approached all of them quite gently, this was so that everyone would accept Ye Chen slowly.

After getting acquainted enough and making small talk with the woman in this place, Ye Chen immediately returned to his room, Ye Chen intended to set some Arrays for training and cultivation purposes.

Ye Chen was also going to put up an illusion barrier, Mu Xueying forbade the building because it was conspicuous, so Ye Chen intended to create an illusion barrier to hide his building.

Ye Chen was about to return to work to create an ideal training ground for himself.



After a while, Ning Xia finally returned to Jade Lotus Peak, it seemed that Ning Xia was a little tired from having to face the eight Lord Peaks.

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Ning Xia was currently in fairly good shape, there was no trace of any injuries or damage on her body, it seemed that Ning Xia had won unharmed.

Actually Ning Xia ’s victory was not easy to obtain, Ning Xia had to restrain herself from being discovered by the eight Peak Lords.

Luckily, Ning Xia managed to hide her abilities from start to finish, she managed to win without exposing her abilities.

”Xueying ” After arriving at the Jade Lotus Peak, Ning Xia immediately called for Mu Xueying.

Hearing Ning Xia ’s call, Mu Xueying immediately left and walked over to Ning Xia.

”Lord Peak, what ’s wrong? ” Mu Xueying directly asked Ning Xia.

”Where is that person? ” Ning Xia asked where Ye Chen was, she wanted to know where Ye Chen was.

”He ’s in his room now. ” Mu Xueying told Ning Xia that Ye Chen might be in her room.

”Isn ’t he practicing? ” Ning Xia asked Mu Xueying, Ning Xia wanted to know why Ye Chen didn ’t practice.

”He ’s been training, he finished his training very quickly, even the person I appointed to teach him gave up very quickly ” Mu Xueying explained what happened to Ning Xia.

”Is that so, then I want to see it ” Hearing this, Ning Xia immediately wanted to see Ye Chen.

”Come with me ” Mu Xueying took Ning Xia to find Ye Chen.

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Ning Xia nodded, she followed behind Mu Xueying.

Mu Xueying led to Ye Chen ’s residence, the two quickly headed to Ye Chen ’s residence.

When Ning Xia and Mu Xueying reached Ye Chen ’s place, they saw an old hut that looked uninhabitable.

”Why did you even bring me to this place? ” Ning Xia asked why Mu Xueying had brought her to a place like this.

”Master, Ye Chen lives in this place. ” Mu Xueying informed that Ye Chen lived in this place.

”How can you let him live in a place like this ” Ning Xia said to Mu Xueying.

Ning Xia couldn ’t believe that Mu Xueying would let Ye Chen stay in this place, even though Mu Xueying had a hidden relationship with Ye Chen.

”This is because of the insistence of the female disciples, they still haven ’t fully accepted Ye Chen.. ” Mu Xueying said that it was because of the female disciples who still couldn ’t accept Ye Chen ’s existence.

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