Ye Chen and Mei Yueli looked shocked when they saw that someone was forcibly entering, Mei Yueli immediately stopped what she was doing and looked towards the entrance.

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As Ye Chen and Mei Yueli looked towards the entrance, they saw the presence of Mu Xueying.

This made Mei Yueli feel anxious and panicked when she was found by Mu Xueying, plus Mei Yueli was found while doing fun things with Ye Chen.

”Sister Xueying, This.
. ” Mei Yueli tried to explain what happened, herself confusedly tried to explain what happened to Mu Xueying.

Mu Xueying didn ’t say anything, she went in and locked the door, this was done so that outsiders wouldn ’t come inside.

Without saying anything, Mu Xueying walked over to Ye Chen and Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli panicked when she saw Mu Xueying approaching towards her, her heart beat very fast when she saw Mu Xueying getting closer.

Ye Chen was also worried that when Mu Xueying approached, it seemed that there would be a big problem when Mu Xueying was in this place.

Ye Chen was really too careless, Ye Chen forgot to lock the door before doing Dual Cultivation, This made Mu Xueying easily enter this room.

”Damn, what should I do ” Ye Chen tried to find a way to solve this problem, he should be able to solve this problem.

If Ye Chen couldn ’t resolve this matter, then it would be a very troublesome thing.

Mu Xueying had already arrived in front of Ye Chen, she looked at Ye Chen with a strange look.

”Sister Xueying, I can explain this ” Mei Yueli tried to explain to Mu Xueying, she wanted to explain what happened to Mu Xueying.

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Mu Xueying immediately stopped what Mei Yueli wanted to do, she didn ’t want any explanation from Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli couldn ’t help but surrender when she saw this, it seemed that it was all over.

Mu Xueying suddenly knelt down, she extended her hand towards Ye Chen ’s large object.

Ye Chen and Mei Yueli were both shocked when they saw this, they were shocked to see what Mu Xueying did.

”Senior Sister Xueying ? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying, why did Mu Xueying do something like this.

”Shut up and don ’t ask too many questions. ” Mu Xueying immediately told Ye Chen to be quiet, she forbade Ye Chen to ask her too many questions.

Ye Chen could only keep his words back down his throat.

Mu Xueying started to use her finger to touch Ye Chen ’s, she started up and down movement on Ye Chen ’s thing.

. ” Ye Chen was completely shocked by what Mu Xueying did, he couldn ’t believe that Mu Xueying would do something like that to him.

Mu Xueying was using her hands to help Ye Chen, this was naturally hard for Ye Chen to believe.

Mu Xueying who was usually indifferent and didn ’t care about matters between men and women took the initiative first, this naturally came as a complete shock to Ye Chen.

Besides Mei Yueli was also surprised by what Mu Xueying did, she didn ’t expect that Mu Xueying would help Ye Chen by using her hand.

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Mei Yueli didn ’t dare to disturb Mu Xueying, she just watched from the side what Mu Xueying did to Ye Chen.

”This smell, it ’s been a long time. ” When Mu Xueying smelled Ye Chen ’s scent, she felt very excited, it had been a long time since Mu Xueying had felt that smell that made her head feel crazy.

Every time Mu Xueying saw Ye Chen ’s, she would feel crazy, Mu Xueying was ashamed of herself, how could she be such a pervert when she was with Ye Chen.

Mu Xueying ’s nature was indeed aggressive, she was very aggressive and active when doing Dual Cultivation together with Ye Chen, that was the only time when Mu Xueying took off her indifferent mask.

Mu Xueying took off her veil, Mu Xueying ’s beautiful face was now clearly visible in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw Mu Xueying ’s beautiful face, how Mu Xueying became more and more beautiful, she had only become more beautiful since the last time Ye Chen saw Mu Xueying ’s face.

The moment Ye Chen saw Mu Xueying ’s beautiful face, he felt very excited, he felt a great passion in his body.

Ye Chen felt that he wanted Mu Xueying in front of him.

Mu Xueying felt Ye Chen ’s fiery gaze on her, this made Mu Xueying feel a little embarrassed.

Ye Chen ’s passionate gaze made Mu Xueying feel very excited, Mu Xueying returned her focus to the object in her hands, she wanted to feel the feeling like that night.

Mu Xueying lowered her head and started to taste Ye Chen ’s large object.

. ” Ye Chen groaned, he felt a very comfortable feeling from Mu Xueying.

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Ye Chen felt that he was dreaming, the cold and indifferent Mu Xueying actually gave a word of mouth to him, this was still something Ye Chen could hardly believe.

Mu Xueying started sucking Ye Chen ’s property very aggressively, it was obvious that Mu Xueying wanted to steal Ye Chen ’s Soul.

Ye Chen couldn ’t stand what Mu Xueying was doing, Mu Xueying ’s feelings and techniques were so skillful, Ye Chen didn ’t know that Mu Xueying would be so good at this.

Mu Xueying used her tongue so skillfully, it was like she was sucking Ye Chen into an endless pit.

”Where did she learn this , he seems so skilled ” in his heart, Ye Chen started to ask where Mu Xueying learn this ability , Mu Xueying ability be said to be extraordinary, it was like the skills that Zhao Yanyan and others Ye Chen ’s wife.

Ye Chen couldn ’t stand what Mu Xueying gave him, he grabbed Mu Xueying ’s beautiful hair and accelerated Mu Xueying ’s movements.

Surprisingly Mu Xueying didn ’t fight back, she didn ’t fight back at all when Ye Chen did such a rude thing to her.

”This ” Mei Yueli was quite dumbfounded when she saw the very aggressive Mu Xueying, honestly Mei Yueli had never seen Mu Xueying like this.

Plus Mu Xueying looked much more professional than herself, this was quite a shock to Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli could only watch what Mu Xueying was doing, she watched while comforting herself.

Mu Xueying continued to help Ye Chen by using her mouth, after about 20 minutes of Mu Xueying struggling, Ye Chen finally showed signs of giving up under his control.

Mu Xueying didn ’t miss a golden opportunity to beat Ye Chen, she used this opportunity to beat Ye Chen.

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Mu Xueying accelerated her movement, herself speeding up to beat Ye Chen.

Onslaught of attacks that emanated by Mu Xueying very hard, this makes it difficult to Ye Chen Xueying against Mu.

If it continued like this, then Ye Chen ’s defeat was only a matter of time.

Honestly, Ye Chen didn ’t believe that Mu Xueying ’s ability would be so strong, Mu Xueying became a very, very worthy opponent for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was currently trying his best to survive, himself trying his best to survive his defeat.

Even though he tried his best to endure, Ye Chen still couldn ’t help this feeling, he couldn ’t help the feeling that Mu Xueying gave him.

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