Mu Xueying ’s double peak seemed to invite Ye Chen to touch it.

Ye Chen touched Mu Xueying ’s dual peak, he started to feel what Mu Xueying ’s dual peak was like.

When Ye Chen touched Mu Xueying ’s double peak, he felt that it was very soft and supple, it was very pleasant to the touch.

. ” Mu Xueying started to moan, she felt a very comfortable feeling when Ye Chen touched her.

Honestly, Mu Xueying liked this feeling, it was really very comfortable and pleasant.

”Ye Chen, more ” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen to do more, she wanted more comfort from Ye Chen.

”Is this comfortable? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying, he wanted Mu Xueying ’s opinion.

Ye Chen still didn ’t understand Mu Xueying, so he asked if Mu Xueying was comfortable with what she was doing.

”It ’s comfortable. ” Mu Xueying replied that it was very comfortable.

This was Ye Chen ’s first time seeing Mu Xueying in this state, Mu Xueying in this state was very honest.

Mu Xueying was very honest, she said the feeling she was feeling right now.

Seeing Mu Xueying being so honest with herself, Ye Chen became more and more daring, he was getting bolder in touching Mu Xueying.

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Ye Chen even started sucking Mu Xueying ’s Cherry buds, he enjoyed and sucked Mu Xueying ’s Cherry bud.

. ” Mu Xueying groaned, she let out a very seductive voice, this voice made anyone who listened to be very excited.

. ” Ye Chen was enjoying this, he still couldn ’t believe that he could enjoy a beauty like Mu Xueying.

”Ye Chen, let ’s do it. ” The two played for a while, after a long time Mu Xueying finally asked Ye Chen to do Dual Cultivation.

”Of course ” Ye Chen immediately laid down Mu Xueying ’s body, he immediately raised his weapon and prepared to break into Mu Xueying ’s gate.

Ye Chen can ’t wait to get Mu Xueying ’s first time, he will get his first time from a beautiful goddess like Mu Xueying, of course this is a satisfaction in itself.

Ye Chen finally used his weapon, he directly barged into Mu Xueying ’s defense.

Mu Xueying did not put up a fight, she knew that it would be futile to put up a fight.

Ye Chen ’s big thing went into Mu Xueying ’s Honey Cave, it entered Mu Xueying ’s body.

Mu Xueying ’s was quite narrow, this gave Ye Chen a bit of resistance.

Inside Mu Xueying was extremely cool, it was also so deep that it could contain Ye Chen ’s.

Ye Chen looked down, when Ye Chen looked down, he didn ’t see any traces of blood on lower.

Ye Chen felt strange about this, is Mu Xueying no longer innocent, This is quite a burden on Ye Chen ’s mind.

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”Sister Xueying, may I ask you something? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying.

” what? ” Mu Xueying could still answer questions from Ye Chen, she still had the awareness to answer questions from Ye Chen.

”Is this not your first time? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Xueying, Himself asking if this wasn ’t Mu Xueying ’s first.

”Of course, why are you still asking? ” Mu Xueying looked displeased as she listened to Ye Chen ’s question.

Ye Chen could sense that Mu Xueying looked displeased with his question, it seemed that Mu Xueying didn ’t like what she just asked.

”Sister Xueying, I ’m sorry, I won ’t ask again about it. ” Ye Chen said that he would not ask again about this matter.

Mu Xueying just looked away, she didn ’t seem to accept Ye Chen ’s apology.

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