Some people with low cultivation were forced to retreat, they were unable to withstand the explosive force that occurred.

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After the explosion occurred, everyone looked at Luo Kan, now where Luo Kan was covered by some sand which made people ’s vision a little blurry.

A moment later the sand around Luo Kan started to be blown away by the wind, the sand disappeared and revealed Luo Kan ’s tattered figure.

From the outside one could tell that Luo Kan had suffered quite a serious injury, he had suffered quite a serious injury from his own attack.

”how did he deflect my attack ” Luo Kan started to grumble, he was confused by Ye Chen who could deflect his attack.

”It seems that I underestimated him too much, I have to use the hidden abilities that I have. ” Luo Kan had no choice but to use his hidden abilities, it was the only way to defeat Ye Chen.

Luo Kan Closed his eyes, his hand came forward and he opened his middle finger and index finger.

Luo Kan chanted an incantation, he cast a spell that sounded a little strange.

Ye Chen saw Luo Kan, Ye Chen could feel that something big was about to happen, he could see that from Luo Kan ’s aura, it seemed that Luo Kan intended to use something big.

Massive amounts of profound energy started oozing out of Luo Kan ’s body, this was followed by the sky turning pitch black.

Plus a very big wind blows, this makes the atmosphere very gripping.

”This ” Everyone immediately took cover, they all knew that something very big was going to happen.

”Let ’s take cover ” Jeng Bimle invited Yu Nan to take cover, it would be dangerous if they stayed in this place.

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. ” Yu Nan nodded, she agreed with Jeng Bimle ’s suggestion that she wanted to find a place to take refuge from the dangers caused by Ye Chen and Luo Kan ’s battle.

Yu Nan looked at Luo Kan, she didn ’t expect that Luo Kan was still hiding his strength when against herself, it seemed that Luo Kan only used a little of his strength.

”It ’s not strange that he dared to challenge Ye Chen, so he also hid his true strength. ” Yu Nan now understood why Luo Kan still dared to fight against Ye Chen, it turned out that Luo Kan was also hiding great strength.

Li Minho looked up at the sky, he looked up at the sky which had become dark.

”I didn ’t think he could master this ” Li Minho didn ’t expect that Luo Kan could master this technique, it was a high-level technique that couldn ’t be used by just anyone.

The risk of using this technique is also very high, this can make the user suffer an injury.

”The name of this technique is A Thousand Wind Prison Formation ”, this could be said to be a forbidden technique that could be used when absolutely desperate.

A wind wall began to descend, this wind dome began to descend and enveloped the battle arena.

Ye Chen looked around, all exits were closed, now he would no longer be able to get out of this place unless Ye Chen could defeat Luo Kan.

”Now that you ’re in my prison, you won ’t come out unless you lose at my hands ” Luo Kan said that Ye Chen wouldn ’t be able to get out unless he lost at his hands.

”Who wants to lose at your hand, I don ’t want to lose at your hand ” Ye Chen said that he didn ’t want to lose to Luo Kan.

”Too bad, but it can ’t be helped, feel this ” Luo Kan shot several needles made of wind at Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen ’s body was now being bombarded by tens of millions of indistinct wind needles.

These wind needles attacked Ye Chen, all of them aimed at Ye Chen ’s body.

When the wind needle hit his body, Ye Chen showed no reaction, it seemed that Ye Chen was not affected by Luo Kan ’s attack.

Luo Kan continued to attack Ye Chen, before Ye Chen lost he would not stop attacking Ye Chen.

Seeing the endless attacks, Ye Chen stepped forward, stepped forward and started to approach Luo Kan.

”What the hell why are you unharmed ” Luo Kan roared at Ye Chen, he looked very angry when he saw Ye Chen who was unharmed despite receiving the brutal attacks he launched.

If normal people accepted this, surely all their nerves would be damaged, this technique greatly damaged the enemy ’s nerves.

The way the wind needle works is like a knife stabbing into a human ’s nerves, it ’s like a person being chopped by thousands of invisible blades.

Ye Chen wasn ’t affected by Luo Kan attack, Luo Kan attack still couldn ’t get Ye Chen into trouble.

” Sky Wind Law ” Ye Chen used the Sky Wind Law to repel the needles that were continuously being fired at him.

With the power of the Sky Wind Law, the wind needle and along with the wind dome disappeared.

A single gust of Sky Wind Law shattered the A Thousand Wind Prison Formation created by Luo Kan.

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” cough .
. ” Luo Kan rocked, he knelt down and held his chest which was heavily injured.

Ye Chen had shattered his Formation with just one strike, this caused Luo Kan to be seriously impacted.

”How can this be, I can ’t lose. ” Luo Kan couldn ’t believe that the A Thousand Wind Prison Formation was destroyed by Ye Chen so easily.

Ye Chen only needed one strike to destroy the A Thousand Wind Prison Formation, it shattered Luo Kan ’s mind in seconds.

Luo Kan was very confident in the A Thousand Wind Prison Formation, it was one of the most powerful inheritances given to him by his grandfather.

”This match is over ” Ye Chen walked towards Luo Kan, he told Luo Kan that the match was over and he was the winner.

”No I can still fight ” Luo Kan said that he could still fight.

Seeing Luo Kan who still didn ’t want to give up, Ye Chen kicked Luo Kan with full force, he kicked Luo Kan with all his might which sent Luo Kan flying several miles from the arena.

”Ye Chen, stop it ” Li Minho came over, he stopped Ye Chen ’s actions of wanting to keep beating Luo Kan.

Li Minho knew how strong Ye Chen was, a person who was already able to defeat Gong Senye couldn ’t possibly be a weakling.

If the battle continued, then it was certain that Luo Kan would suffer greatly under Ye Chen ’s cruelty.

Because he was stopped, Ye Chen gave up his intention, he didn ’t beat Luo Kan, even though Ye Chen wanted to beat Luo Kan more and more.

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Having already obtained his victory, Ye Chen could only let go Luo Kan, himself returning to Jeng Bimle and Yu Nan ’s side.

”Friend, that was great, you made him suffer unimaginable consequences. ” Jeng Bimle thanked Ye Chen, Jeng Bimle felt very happy when he saw Ye Chen beat Luo Kan to a pulp.

All of Jeng Bimle ’s grudge against Luo Kan was satisfied, he was already satisfied with this result.

”Thank you very much, you have avenged me ” Yu Nan thanked Ye Chen, he was grateful that Ye Chen had already avenged him.

”You don ’t need to thank me, I did this on my own free will ” Ye Chen said that he was doing this of his own free will.

”Okay, I ’ll take my reward ” Ye Chen couldn ’t wait to take the prize, Ye Chen wanted to know how many contribution points he got.

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