ppy with everything he got, it could be said that now that Ye Chen had become the richest person in the Sect, Ye Chen ’s contribution points were now hundreds of millions, this could be used by Ye Chen to buy whatever he wanted.

”Time to buy all the resources in the Contribution Hall in the Core Sect ” After receiving the reward, Ye Chen immediately rushed to the Contribution Hall.

Ye Chen arrived very quickly in this Sect ’s contribution hall, it ’s not too crowded here, it ’s not like the outer court and inner court.

Ye Chen went to one of the receptionists who was in charge of serving the needs of core disciples.

”Hello, can I help you? ” the receptionist asked Ye Chen, he wanted to know what Ye Chen needed.

”I need resources ” Ye Chen said that he needed resources to cultivate.

”How much contribution do you have, I ’ll find it for you ” the receptionist asked how much budget Ye Chen had.

”Take out everything you have, I ’ll buy it. ” Ye Chen said to the receptionist that he wanted to buy all the available resources.

The receptionist ’s face twitched when she heard what Ye Chen said, she really couldn ’t believe what she just heard.

This is the first time she ’s heard of anyone wanting to buy all the best resources in this place, it ’s a pretty crazy thing to do.

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It should be noted that the price of resources such as pills, medicinal herbs and some other items were quite expensive, to buy all of them required a large budget, and it could not be done by just anyone.

”Are you joking with me ” the receptionist thought that Ye Chen was joking with herself, she didn ’t believe what Ye Chen said.

”Why am I joking with you, will I receive an advantage when joking with you? ” Ye Chen said to the receptionist in front of him.

What Ye Chen said was true, why was Ye Chen joking with the female receptionist, there was no point for Ye Chen to do that.

”Which peak are you a disciple from? ” the receptionist asked Ye Chen, the receptionist wanted to know where Ye Chen came from.

After all Ye Chen was still wearing the uniform of an inner court disciple, so the receptionist asked about Ye Chen ’s origin.

”I ’m from Jade Lotus Peak. ” Ye Chen said that he was from Jade Lotus Peak.

”Why don ’t you take it seriously, Jade Lotus Peak is only for girls, I never heard that Jade Lotus Peak has a male. ” The female receptionist was getting dissatisfied, it seemed that Ye Chen just wanted to play with her.

”This is if you don ’t believe it ” Seeing that the woman in front of him still didn ’t believe him, Ye Chen decided to give the Jade Lotus Peak disciple mark to the receptionist.

Seeing what Ye Chen had just brought out, the receptionist immediately realized that Ye Chen was not lying.

The receptionist started to wonder how Ye Chen got into the Jade Lotus Peak, how he got into the Jade Lotus Peak.

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”Now can I buy all the best resources this place has ” Ye Chen said to the female receptionist.

”That, how many contribution points do you have? ” the receptionist asked how many contribution points Ye Chen had.

It should be noted that the price of goods in this Hall is much more expensive when compared to the outer court and the inner court.

”This is it, why don ’t you see it ” Ye Chen showed how many contribution points he had.

The receptionist peeked at Ye Chen ’s contribution points, when she saw Ye Chen ’s contribution points, she was really surprised.

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