This of course made all the women feel attracted to Ye Chen, they began to show their interest in Ye Chen.

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Ye Chen is a very strong person, that ’s according to some people after seeing the battles that Ye Chen has fought, plus this handsome Ye Chen is a plus point that can be used to consider how attractive Ye Chen is.

”I didn ’t expect my younger brother to be so handsome. ” Yan Fei didn ’t expect Ye Chen to be so handsome.

Apart from being romantic and having a sweet tongue, it turned out that Ye Chen was also a very handsome man, this was actually Yan Fei ’s favorite type.

”Sister Zhen, what do you think? ” Yan Fei asked Fairy Zhen, she wanted to know Fairy Zhen ’s opinion.

”I don ’t know ” Fairy Zhen said that she didn ’t know about this, it was obvious that Fairy Zhen was trying to avoid Yan Fei ’s question.

Honestly Fairy Zhen had to admit that Ye Chen was very handsome, he really was like the prince every woman in this world dreams of.

”You can ’t be honest ” Yan Fei can only shake her head, it seems Fairy Zhen still can ’t be honest with herself.

Fairy Zhen turned her face to the side, Fairy Zhen seemed unwilling to discuss this matter with Yan Fei, it was embarrassing to talk about private matters in public.

Now that Ye Chen had become a core disciple, Fairy Zhen should no longer have to hide her relationship with Ye Chen.



Qiao Xin continuously focused her gaze on Ye Chen, no matter how many times Qiao Xin couldn ’t believe that this was Ye Chen, the current Ye Chen was completely different from the Ye Chen she was used to, Ye Chen ’s changes were too big.

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”Is this still the pervert I met three days ago? ” Qiao Xin started to wonder if this was still the Ye Chen she had met a few days ago.

”Jingyi, it ’s not strange that you always boast that Ye Chen is a handsome man, now I know what you mean? ” Qiao Xin finally knew what Li Jingyi meant, she now understood why Li Jingyi was so proud when talking about Ye Chen ’s good looks.

It turned out that this was the reason behind it all, Ye Chen was indeed a very handsome person, it was very difficult to find someone who could match Ye Chen.



Song Ziyu was still dumbfounded, he still couldn ’t believe what was in front of him, the handsome man in front of him was Ye Chen how could Song Ziyu not be surprised.

”You really are Ye Chen. ” Song Ziyu still couldn ’t believe Ye Chen ’s change, he still didn ’t believe Ye Chen ’s enormous change.

”Of course, is there something wrong? ” Ye Chen asked Song Ziyu who was in front of him.

”You have really changed a lot. ” Song Ziyu said that Ye Chen had made such a big change.

”Not really, this is my real appearance ” Ye Chen said that this was his real self.

”I didn ’t expect you to be like this ” Song Ziyu started to be shy when she talked to Ye Chen, to be honest the current Ye Chen was her type.

Honestly, Song Ziyu was shocked when he saw the current Ye Che, even though Song Ziyu often mocked Ye Chen ’s appearance, but now Song Ziyu was speechless about this.

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Song Ziyu was speechless, now Song Ziyu is too shy to start a conversation with Ye Chen

”hahaha, Ye Chen, you come too ” Song Han came over to Ye Chen, Song Han looked happy when he saw Ye Chen willing to come.

”Greetings old man ” Ye Chen greeted Song Han, he still called Song Han an old man.

Song Han wasn ’t angry about this, he was already used to what Ye Chen was doing.

”It seems that this old man is not wrong, you are really very extraordinary, it ’s a shame that my granddaughter rejected you ” Song Han said to Ye Chen.

”Grandpa ” Song Ziyu complained, why did Song Han say such things, it was very embarrassing for Song Ziyu.

”Hahaha ” Song Han laughed.
He laughed when he managed to tease Song Ziyu, even though Song Han ’s intention was only to joke with Ye Chen.

”Enjoy the party ” Song Han told Ye Chen to enjoy the party.

. ” Ye Chen nodded, he would enjoy this party.

After telling him what he needed, Song Han went and greeted the other guests who were in this place.

As the host, Song Han couldn ’t stay in one place for long, he had to greet people with whom he had connections.

Ye Chen decided to go to Mu Xueying and Ning Xia ’s side, meanwhile Song Ziyu was still speechless and looked coy with Ye Chen.

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”Greetings Lord Peak ” Ye Chen greeted Ning Xia who was in front of him.

”Um ” Ning Xia nodded, behind her veil Ning Xia ’s face was slightly red, she looked a little red when she faced Ye Chen.

For some reason being face to face with Ye Chen now made her a little embarrassed.

Ye Chen just greeted Ning Xia, after that Ye Chen went to Mu Xueying ’s side.
Tonight Mu Xueying looks very beautiful, Ye Chen likes Mu Xueying who is very beautiful.

If Mu Xueying didn ’t wear her veil, it would probably be even more extraordinary, Mu Xueying would definitely look very beautiful.

”Sister Xueying ” Ye Chen went to Mu Xueying ’s side, he gave Mu Xueying a warm greeting.

”what is it? ” Mu Xueying answered Ye Chen, somehow Mu Xueying couldn ’t ignore Ye Chen.

”Tonight Senior Sister looks really Beautiful ” Ye Chen said to Mu Xueying who was in front of him.

Just as Ye Chen praised Mu Xueying, Ye Chen could feel a killing gaze from behind, this killing gaze was extremely powerful.

Ye Chen saw the direction of this gaze, when Ye Chen searched, he found the origin of this gaze, this was from Fairy Zhen and Qiao Xin who were in the distance, both of them looked at Ye Chen with a terrible look, probably they were jealous of what Ye did.

”Uh, why are those two here? ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect Fairy Zhen and Qiao Xin to be here, plus Yan Fei was also here.

Yan Fei only smiled when she saw Ye Chen, herself smiled and gave Ye Chen a few coquettish winks.

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Yan Fei became more and more seductive, she became more and more daring to tease Ye Chen in the crowd.

For the time being Ye Chen would try to ignore the hostile gazes from Fairy Zhen and Qiao Xin, he would focus on Mu Xueying in front of him.

Mu Xueying blushed slightly, herself blushing at Ye Chen ’s compliment.

Mu Xueying found it difficult to resist Ye Chen ’s sweet words, she had a hard time resisting Ye Chen ’s sweet words.

”Thank you ” Mu Xueying could only thank Ye Chen for the compliment.

” What ! ! ! ! ” Luo Tian was completely dumbfounded when he saw this scene, just now Mu Xueying was grateful when Ye Chen praised.

If it was Luo Tian, ​​Mu Xueying would definitely immediately repel and give herself a cold tone, but now Mu Xueying didn ’t do that to Ye Chen.

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