Even his grandfather and father were also in bad shape, they were kneeling on the ground holding the chest area.

”They will be fine, I will find out the insect Gu that are inside these people ’s bodies ” Ye Chen wanted to find out the Gu insects used by the mysterious man.

Ye Chen looked around this place, when Ye Chen looked around, Ye Chen didn ’t find any whereabouts of Ning Xia, Mu Xueying, Mei Yueli, Xia Qingyu, Mu Nianci, Yan Fei, Fairy Zhen and Qiao Xin.

They weren ’t all in the crowd of guests.

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” where do they go? ” Ye Chen started to wonder where Ning Xia, Mu Xueying, Mei Yueli, Xia Qingyu, Mu Nianci, Yan Fei, Fairy Zhen and Qiao Xin were.

Why weren ’t they around this place, had they left the party earlier.

”Master, you focus on these people, it seems that they are in danger. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to focus.

It seems that the insect Gu on these people ’s bodies are very dangerous.

”I ’ll find out ” Ye Chen used God Eyes, himself to find out the insect Gu that were inside the bodies of the guests in this place.

”Song Sin, Song Han, it ’s all over, now you guys are under my control ” said Long Dou laughing, he was happy when he saw Song Sin and Song Han who were currently in a helpless condition.

”Long Dou, you are such a shameless man, how could you do something like this ” Song Sin said with great irritation, he felt resentful towards Long Dou who had done this to them.

”It ’s up to you what you want to say, but after this I will find a new City Lord. ” Long Dou didn ’t care at all about what happened, he didn ’t care about the insults and insults that were hurled by Song Sin and Song Han.

”So from the start you wanted to rule this city, I was too careless for not watching you, I should have listened to Ziyu ’s warning ” Song Sin regretted not listening to Song Ziyu ’s warning, if only Song Sin had listened to Song Ziyu ’s warning, all of this might not have happened.
ever happened.

”Hahaha, so your daughter has realized what happened, too bad it ’s too late, you are all in my control, if you want to survive then you must all obey my orders ” said Long Dou to everyone in this place.

”We will never obey ” people refused to obey Long Dou, they refused to obey Long Dou.

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”Master Pin, you should explain to them all about the Gu bugs that you have given them, let them know the consequences they will have to bear ” Long Dou ordered the mysterious man to show the abilities of the Gu insects that were in the bodies of the guests present at the event.

This mysterious man ’s name turned out to be Pin King, he was an extremely great Gu expert.

”You better obey my orders, if you dare to disobey my orders, then the Gu bugs in your bodies will explode and crush your bodies to pieces.

Pin King told everyone in this place to obey his orders, otherwise Pin King would blow up the Gu bugs residing inside their bodies.

People got scared when they listened to what Pin King just said, they were afraid that what Pin King said would come true.

they didn ’t want to obey Long Dou ’s orders, but the consequences of refusing Long Dou ’s orders could make them die ridiculous.

People didn ’t want to die silly, they all didn ’t want to die silly because the insect Gu inside their bodies exploded.

”Hahaha ” Long Dou laughed, it seems that the threat that Pin King gave had made everyone feel scared.

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