location, these insects were able to blend in with the trees making them difficult to find.

If Ye Chen didn ’t use God Eyes, then finding the Gu Queen would be quite a difficult thing to do.

”Alright, I ’ve found it, time to seal it. ” Ye Chen had now found the Gu Queen that controlled all the Gu, now Ye Chen only needed to seal the Gu.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand, the Gu Queen instantly turned into a hard ice cube.

Now that the Gu Queen was sealed, Ye Chen didn ’t have to worry about the trouble that would happen next.

After sealing the Gu Queen, Ye Chen took the Gu Queen, Ye Chen moved the Gu Queen to a very far away place, this was done so that the Gu Queen could not be connected to the Gu in this place.

In order to do this, Ye Chen had to stay away a bit, he had to keep the Gu Queen as far away from this place as possible.

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Ye Chen used lightning speed to take the Gu Queen away from White Cloud City, Ye Chen went as far as possible and found the most hidden and hardest to find places.

After finding the most hidden place, Ye Chen immediately threw the Gu away and buried it in a place where the Pin King would not find it.

”already, it ’s time to settle this matter ” after finishing everything, Ye Chen immediately returned, time to settle the matter with Long Dou and Pin King.

Ye Chen returned to the party, when Ye Chen returned, Ye Chen found that Long Dou and Pin King were being served like a king, everyone seemed to be serving Pin King, they didn ’t dare to refuse orders from Long Dou and Pin King.

”What is the situation? ” Ye Chen asked Song Ziyu how the situation of this place was.

”He ordered everyone to worship him ” Song Ziyu told Ye Chen the situation of this place, Song Ziyu told Ye Chen that Long Dou told everyone to worship him.

”This can no longer be tolerated, let ’s go and settle this matter. ” Ye Chen said that this matter was unbearable, it was time to settle this matter.

Ye Chen stepped forward and went to where Long Dou and Pin King were, he would show himself to Long Dou and Pin King.

”Ye Chen wait ” Song Ziyu chased after Ye Chen, she followed behind Ye Chen.

”Whoa, look who ’s here, I can ’t believe you dared to show yourself. ” Long Dou looked at Ye Chen and Song Ziyu, he was already waiting for Ye Chen and Song Ziyu ’s arrival.

”Long Dou, quickly stop all the cruelty you did to father and grandfather. ” Song Ziyu told Long Dou to stop his cruelty to the people in this place.

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”Hahaha, are you kidding me, your parents ’ life and death are in my hands, so don ’t mess with me. ” Long Dou told Song Ziyu that the life and death of the people in this place was in his hands.

”You are evil ” Song Ziyu said that Long Dou was a bad person, he was very evil to have made something vile like this.

”In this world evil will definitely win, so keep that in mind ” said Long Dou to Song Ziyu.

Long Dou said that evil would definitely win, and this was already proven by Long Dou himself.

”As long as there is me, you will not be able to do as you say. ” Ye Chen said that as long as there was him, then Long Dou would not be able to successfully carry out his plan.

”You again, you again, are you not tired of meddling in my business? ” Long Dou said to Ye Chen.

Long Dou didn ’t like Ye Chen, he didn ’t like Ye Chen in front of him.

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