Ye Chen and Li Jingyi continued to advance forward, the two of them had been walking for a long time, until now, they still hadn ’t found what they were looking for.

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”wife, are you tired, if you are tired we can rest around this place ” Ye Chen suggested resting, the two of them had flown for a long time, and until now they had not found what they were looking for.

”Come on, let ’s rest. ” Li Jingyi agreed with Ye Chen ’s suggestion, they had better rest, they had searched this place for dozens of hours and found nothing.

To be honest the Valley of Memories was enormous, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi had put in their time and effort, but they had yet to find the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

To be honest.
It was quite difficult to find the existence of a Yin & Yang Awakening Flower in such a vast space, it was like looking for a grain of sand among a haystack.

Ye Chen made a tent, he set up a tent that could be used for shelter, in addition Ye Chen made a fire to warm around them.

Ye Chen didn ’t forget to set up a barrier, it was safer to set up a barrier in an extremely dangerous place like this.

”How long are you going to hide in that place? ” Ye Chen asked Chi Shui who was hiding in the distance, himself revealing the location of Chi Shui who was hiding.

Chi Shui did not expect that he would be found by Ye Chen, he did not expect to be found by Ye Chen so easily.

”Little brother, so you are aware of my existence. ” Chi Shui finally came out, she revealing in front of Ye Chen.

Chi Shui ’s voice became more and more melodious and charming, Chi Shui ’s voice was able to hypnotize every man who listened to it.

The man who heard this voice would definitely be confused, the charm possessed by Chi Shui was very strong.

Ye Chen had a little trouble resisting Chi Shui ’s temptation, this woman finally showed her ability to seduce Ye Chen.

”calm down ” Ye Chen tried to calm down, he tried to calm himself from Chi Shui ’s temptation.

After a bit of adjustment, Ye Chen finally managed to calm himself.

”Miss Chi, why are you hiding like that ” Ye Chen asked why Chi Shui was hiding in the dark.

”Isn ’t this your fault ” Chi Shui said to Ye Che, Chi Shui instead blamed Ye Chen.

”Huh?, what do you mean? ” Ye Chen didn ’t understand what Chi Shui meant, how could he be in the wrong.

Even though Ye Chen didn ’t feel like he had made a mistake, so how could Chi Shui blame him.

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”Handsome brother, I am a weak woman, so as a man you should not leave a woman alone ” Chi Shui said to Ye Chen.

”-___- ” Ye Chen didn ’t know what else to say, how could someone like Chi Shui who was the Mistress of Heaven Dream Sect be such a weak person.

If Chi Shui was weak, then people like Ye Chen and the others were much weaker.

”Master, this woman is giving you a code, she is approaching you ” Seeing the insensitive Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan finally couldn ’t stand it and decided to help Ye Chen.

”So he wants to approach me, this woman is a little complicated. ” Ye Chen felt that Chi Shui was a little complicated.

”I ’m sorry, it seems it was my fault that I didn ’t invite you ” Ye Chen apologized for not taking Chi Shui along with him.

Chi Shui felt proud of herself, she was finally able to get Ye Chen to acknowledge her.

”Come with me ” Ye Chen invited Chi Shui to join him.

Ye Chen led Chi Shui into the barrier, the two entered and met Li Jingyi who was currently grilling meat.

”Welcome ” Li Jingyi gave a warm greeting to Ye Chen and Chi Shui.

Li Jingyi already knew that Ye Chen would definitely invite Chi Shui to join them, she knew that Ye Chen would not have the heart to let Chi Shui out alone.

Chi Shui sat near Li Jingyi, she watched Li Jingyi grilling meat.

”is it ready? ” Ye Chen asked if Li Jingyi ’s roast beef was ready to be enjoyed.

”Not yet, it will be ready soon. ” Li Jingyi informed that everything would be ready in the near future.

Ye Chen nodded, it seemed that Ye Chen had to be more patient to eat Li Jingyi ’s cooking.

”Miss Chi, where did the seven beauties that came with you go? ” Ye Chen asked about the fate of the Seven Fairy Succubus, did they have any bad luck that made Chi Shui have to leave them.

”I happened to be separated from them ” Chi Shui informed that she happened to be separated from the Seven Fairy Succubus.

”aren ’t you worried about something happening with they? ” Ye Chen asked if Chi Shui wasn ’t worried about something happening to the Seven Fairy Succubus.

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”Why worry about them, they are no longer children to worry about, they can definitely survive in this place ” Chi Shui said that the Seven Fairy Succubus could survive in the valley of memories.

The strength of the Seven Fairy Succubus is not weak, they are strong enough to face the dangers that surround this place.

”If you really are that strong, you should be that strong too, then why do you want protection? ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui who was in front of him.

Chi Shui was speechless when she heard what Ye Chen said, she was speechless when she heard what Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen ’s words just now were words full of traps, Ye Chen purposely said that to trap Chi Shui.

”I was too careless, how could I say such a thing ” Chi Shui was too careless, how could she say such a thing in front of Ye Chen.

”I ’m not as strong as them, you saw for yourself that even I couldn ’t kill a monster before ” Chi Shui said to Ye Chen.

Chi Shui was quite skilled at speaking, she could easily find an excuse to convince Ye Chen that she wasn ’t that strong.

. ” Ye Chen looked straight at Chi Shui, he couldn ’t believe what Ye Chen had just said.

Chi Shui avoided the gaze directed by Ye Chen, she avoided the gaze that was given by Ye Chen.

this was the first time Chi Shui avoided contact with her opponent, it was usually the male who would avoid contact with Chi Shui.

Not many men can withstand Chi Shui charm, so in order to withstand Chi Shui strong charm, many men must avoid direct contact with Chi Shui.

”You two, the food is ready, let ’s eat. ” While Chi Shui was being cornered, Li Jingyi suddenly called the two of them over to eat.

”Okay, I ’ll come ” Ye Chen was quite excited, he was excited when it was time to eat.

Chi Shui followed behind Ye Chen, she followed Ye Chen and Li Jingyi to have dinner.

The three formed a circle and started eating the food Li Jingyi made.

Chi Shui tried Li Jingyi ’s cooking a little, she wanted to know if Li Jingyi put anything strange in her cooking, if that happened, then it would be very troublesome for Chi Shui.

”Good ” When Chi Shui tried Li Jingyi ’s cooking, she found that Li Jingyi ’s food tasted good.

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”Of course, my wife has tried hard enough, so you can enjoy this to your heart ’s content ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui.

Ye Chen started to highlight Li Jingyi ’s abilities, he showed that Li Jingyi ’s abilities were the best.

Ye Chen knew that Li Jingyi had worked really hard to get to this point, so he couldn ’t let Li Jingyi ’s efforts go to waste, which was why Ye Chen kept praising Li Jingyi in front of Chi Shui.

”Husband, don ’t tease me, it ’s embarrassing. ” Li Jingyi felt a little embarrassed when she listened to what Ye Chen said, it was quite embarrassing to be praised in front of strangers.

”Are you embarrassed, the funny thing is ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi who was in front of him.

Unbeknownst to them, Ye Chen and Li Jingyi were teasing each other in front of Chi Shui, this made Chi Shui a little jealous by what Ye Chen and Li Jingyi were doing.

”Wait a minute, why should I be angry about this matter? ” Chi Shui felt strange, why was she angry when he saw Ye Chen and Li Jingyi flirting with each other, it was normal for a couple to do something like this.

Chi Shui was a veteran, so he already knew how to get a boy excited and please them easily.

Not many males can escape the clutches of Chi Shui, males who are caught will not come out alive :).

Ye Chen, Li Jingyi and Chi Shui continued to have dinner, they exchanged a bit of information.

Thanks to Ye Chen ’s fine tongue skills, he managed to get some information from Chi Shui.

Chi Shui couldn ’t stand Ye Chen ’s words, to be honest Chi Shui was the first time to face a man with sweet words like Ye Chen, every word of Ye Chen was full of sweet things that could make Chi Shui feel happy and fun.

Chi Shui had experienced this kind of feeling for the first time in her life.

”let ’s rest ” Li Jingyi took Ye Chen and Chi Shui to rest, they should rest to continue their journey.

”You can rest. ” Chi Shui let Ye Chen and Li Jingyi rest, meanwhile she would guard outside.

”Don ’t be like that, you can rest with us, I don ’t mind sharing a place with you. ” Li Jingyi said that she didn ’t mind sharing her place with Chi Shui.

”But what about the security in this place? ” Chi Shui asked about the security in this place.

”For that matter, you don ’t need to worry, the barrier made by husband is strong enough, it is strong enough to withstand the enemy ’s attack, if the enemy attacks we can still anticipate it ” Li Jingyi said to Chi Shui.

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Chi Shui seemed to still have doubts about what Li Jingyi said, she didn ’t know what Li Jingyi was planning.

”Husband what I said earlier is the right thing right? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen.

”Yes, that ’s right, this barrier is strong enough, it can withstand attacks from enemies who want to act, so we can anticipate this ” Ye Chen said to Li Jingyi.

”You heard right, this barrier is strong enough to withstand attacks from the enemy, so you don ’t have to worry anymore. ” Li Jingyi tried to convince Chi Shui to take a break together.

”Well if you insist, then I won ’t be polite ” since Li Jingyi continued to insist, then Chi Shui no longer needed to be so polite.

Ye Chen, Li Jingyi and Chi Shui went inside the tent, they started preparing to rest inside the tent.

Tonight Ye Chen was really lucky, there was a beautiful, Sexy and Glamorous beauty who was willing to sleep beside him.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi were sleeping next to each other, meanwhile Chi Shui was at a distance, she was slightly away from Ye Chen and Li Jingyi.

”Aren ’t the two of them too relaxed, how can they be too relaxed when there are strangers near them, are they not wary of me? ” Chi Shui started to wonder, why Ye Chen and Li Jingyi could be so relaxed.

From a distance Chi Shui saw Ye Chen ’s face, this man was too handsome, this made Chi Shui unable to take her eyes off Ye Chen.

”He was too handsome, I didn ’t expect someone like this to exist. ” Chi Shui didn ’t expect that there would be someone as handsome as Ye Chen, Ye Chen was the most handsome man Chi Shui had ever met.

”Maybe I ’ll tease him.. ” Chi Shui wanted to try to tease Ye Chen, she really wanted to tease Ye Chen.

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