hi Shui entered into Ye Chen ’s dream, she easily entered into Ye Chen ’s dream.

It could be said that currently Ye Chen was in the dream world created by Chi Shui, he was trapped in the world that Chi Shui had created for him.

Ye Chen was completely unaware of what was happening, he was not aware of what Chi Shui was doing.

What Ye Chen was thinking right now was that he was enjoying his dream.

Chi Shui tried to stimulate Ye Chen, she used her abilities to make Ye Chen feel comfortable with her.

That way it will be easy for Chi Shui to control Ye Chen, Chi Shui ’s skills are very, very good, she can excite Ye Chen with very seductive moves.

Chi Shui used her tongue to stimulate Ye Chen ’s ear, Ye Chen got pleasure from what Chi Shui was doing.

Ye Chen did not expect that Chi Shui would have this kind of ability, this woman could make Ye Chen feel excited, Ye Chen ’s little brother who was sleeping suddenly woke up, was already very angry with Chi Shui ’s provocation.

Chi Shui looked at Ye Chen ’s pants,s he found that Ye Chen was already very excited.

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Chi Shui smiled like a flower in full bloom, she looked very happy when she saw what had happened to Ye Chen.

Chi Shui smiled when he saw Ye Chen ’s, it looked very big, Chi Shui still couldn ’t tell how big Ye Chen ’s was, but from afar Chi Shui could estimate that it was quite big.

”Little brother seems like you ’re already quite excited, is big sister being too seductive? ” Chi Shui whispered in Ye Chen ’s ear again, he again said vulgar words to Ye Chen.

Chi Shui ’s goal was to tease and make Ye Chen remember what happened, then Ye Chen would be infatuated with her.

”You are too beautiful and seductive like a goddess, I can ’t stand it. ” Ye Chen said that he couldn ’t stand Chi Shui ’s beauty, Chi Shui ’s beauty was too seductive.

”Thank you for the compliment, little brother is too kind. ” Chi Shui felt happy when she got praise from Ye Chen, she felt very happy when she was praised by Ye Chen.

Chi Shui originally wanted to tease Ye Chen, but instead she was teased by Ye Chen, it seemed that the battle would be quite fierce between Ye Chen and Chi Shui.

Chi Shui changed positions, she went in front of Ye Chen and knelt right in front of Ye Chen.

”Let ’s see what he has? ” Chi Shui asked what Ye Chen had, whether Ye Chen had a good weapon or was it small and useless.

When Chi Shui wanted to take a look at Ye Chen ’s, he was suddenly stopped by Ye Chen.

”Miss Chi, this is embarrassing, so please don ’t do it. ” Ye Chen said not to do this.

”It ’s okay, let me have a look. ” Chi Shui became more and more curious, she was curious about Ye Chen ’s younger brother who was below.

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Chi Shui started to force Ye Chen, she started to force Ye Chen to show her belongings.

Ye Chen did not let Chi Shui, he put a little resistance on Chi Shui.

Chi Shui had a little trouble taking off Ye Chen ’s pants, she had to use several methods to take off Ye Chen ’s pants.

After a long struggle, Chi Shui finally managed to win, she managed to take off Ye Chen ’s clothes.

”Right after Chi Shui took off Ye Chen ’s clothes, a large object slapped her face.

Chi Shui was very annoyed when she saw Ye Chen slapping herself like this, no one had ever dared to do something like this to Chi Shui.

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