Chi Shui immediately went outside, she was looking for the whereabouts of Ye Chen.

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When Chi Shui came out, she immediately found Ye Chen, at this time Ye Chen sat down and hugged Li Jingyi who was beside him.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi had finished their business, now Li Jingyi was a little tired from Ye Chen ’s actions.

Ye Chen ’s strength in that field was extremely strong, so Li Jingyi felt exhausted when she faced Ye Chen.

Plus they had just done it roughly, this made Li Jingyi extremely exhausted.

Chi Shui saw the closeness between Ye Chen and Li Jingyi, for some reason now she didn ’t like when she saw the closeness shown by Ye Chen and Li Jingyi.

”what are you two doing, you two seem very close to each other ” Chi Shui came over to Ye Chen and Li Jingyi.

Ye Chen and Li Jingyi immediately looked towards Chi Shui, they saw Chi Shui who was standing right behind them.

”Are you awake, before you seemed to be sleeping very soundly? ” Ye Chen said to Chi Shui, he told that it was Chi Shui who was sleeping very soundly.

Chi Shui ’s face slightly reddened when she heard what Ye Chen said, it seems that what he thought was right, Ye Chen must be the one who gave her the blanket.

”Isn ’t this your fault, last night you made me mentally exhausted ” in her heart, Chi Shui cursed Ye Chen, the reason he was tired was because of Ye Chen ’s actions.

If only Ye Chen had not been naughty and obedient, perhaps Chi Shui would not have been so exhausted.

”I think I ’m a little tired, that ’s the reason why I was able to sleep for a long time ” Chi Shui made up her own excuse, herself saying that she was tired.

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”Let ’s eat, I made soup for you. ” Li Jingyi would make soup for Ye Chen and Chi Shui.

”Okay let me help ” Ye Chen will help Li Jingyi, that way Li Jingyi will finish preparing breakfast.

Chi Shui wanted to help too, unfortunately she didn ’t have the ability to do this, so Chi Shui had no choice but to watch and observe what Ye Chen and Li Jingyi do it. 

With the help of Ye Chen, everything was finished very quickly.

Ye Chen, Li Jingyi and Chi Shui returned to eating together like from the night before.

This time Chi Shui tried to imitate what Li Jingyi did, she took some food for Ye Chen,

It was seen that Chi Shui showed her concern for Ye Chen, this was definitely different from last night.

Li Jingyi noticed the changes that had occurred, she saw that Chi Shui was showing concern for Ye Chen.

”what happened to her, did something happen ” Li Jingyi started to guess, she started to guess what happened to Chi Shui.

There must be a reason for Chi Shui to be like this, otherwise Chi Shui would definitely not show any concern for Ye Chen.

”Little brother, do you want more? ” Chi Shui asked if Ye Chen wanted to add or not.

”um ” Ye Chen received Chi Shui kindness, Ye Chen didn ’t feel any ill will from Chi Shui.

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The three of them seemed to be enjoying breakfast, they quite got along with each other.

”After this, what will you two do? ” Chi Shui asked what Ye Chen and Li Jingyi were going to do.

”of course continue the search ” Ye Chen said that they would continue the search for the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

”Then let me be with you guys ” Chi Shui offered himself to come along with Ye Chen, Chi Shui wanted to cooperate with Ye Chen to get the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

”That ” Ye Chen wasn ’t sure to take Chi Shui, it was possible that this woman would snatch the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

”Of course, you can come along, the more crowded the better. ” Li Jingyi allowed Chi Shui to come along with them.

”Wife, what does this mean? ” Ye Chen immediately asked what Li Jingyi meant, he wanted to know what Li Jingyi meant by this.

”Husband, let her be with us ” Li Jingyi told Ye Chen to let Chi Shui be with them.

”But he might snatch the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower from our hand. ” Ye Chen told them the danger they would face if they let Chi Shui come along with them.

”You don ’t have to worry about that matter, I ’m sure he won ’t do that. ” Li Jingyi reassured Ye Chen that Chi Shui wouldn ’t do that.

”It ’s up to you then ” Ye Chen didn ’t want to argue with Li Jingyi, that ’s why it was better for Ye Chen to give in and not continue this matter.

Chi Shui waited for Ye Chen ’s answer, she really hoped that Ye Chen would accept her.

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”Alright you can come along ” Ye Chen allowed Chi Shui to come along with them.

”Little brother, you are the best. ” Chi Shui was happy when she heard this, Chi Shui hugged Ye Chen ’s head in front of her, Ye Chen ’s head was currently falling into a very deep abyss.

”The sound of friction creates an extraordinary reflection, anyone will be excited to see this.

Ye Chen did not expect that Chi Shui would do this, this woman was so extremely brave, she actually let Ye Chen immerse herself in the best gentleness in the world.

”This feeling ” Ye Chen could feel a comfortable feeling from Chi Shui ’s double peak, it was very soft and comfortable, it was exactly the same as last night, he felt the exact same feeling.

Li Jingyi only smiled when she saw the closeness between Ye Chen and Chi Shui, Li Jingyi had no jealousy about this.

Ye Chen, Li Jingyi and Chi Shui continued their journey, the three of them searching for the whereabouts of the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

With the joining of Chi Shui, traveling becomes much easier, all kinds of problems can be solved easily.

Chi Shui herself continued to cling tightly to Ye Chen, she was like a woman in love.

Ye Chen was a little confused by the changes that had occurred, he looked confused by the changes that had occurred to Chi Shui.

Chi Shui became very considerate for Ye Chen, she took great care of Ye Chen from the dangers that were around this place.

Ye Chen and Chi Shui spent a few days in the valley of memories, the three of them constantly trying to find the whereabouts of the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

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”Master, I sensed the existence of the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower ” After a long journey, Chu Yuechan finally spoke up, she told Ye Chen that she had found the existence of the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

” Is that true ? ” Ye Chen seemed very happy when he heard this news, after several long days, Ye Chen finally found the whereabouts of the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

”Of course, I won ’t be wrong. ” Chu Yuechan said that she wouldn ’t be wrong.

”Then quickly show me. ” Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan to show the way.

”Go ahead and walk to the left ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen the direction, she told Ye Chen to follow him.

”Okay ” Ye Chen nodded, he followed the directions given by Chu Yuechan.

”husband ,Where is your  going? ” Li Jingyi asked Ye Chen, why did Ye Chen turn left, when they should have gone right.

”Shhh ” Ye Chen told Li Jingyi to be quiet, he would go find the whereabouts of the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower.

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