”Don ’t get excited too soon, you ’re not serious yet. ” Li Jingyi got up from the ground, all the wounds on Li Jingyi ’s body healed instantly without leaving a trace.

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Li Jingyi also started to heal Chi Shui, she quickly healed Chi Shui very fast.

Fu Chou raised her eyebrows when she saw the scene in front of her, Li Jingyi ’s healing speed was simply beyond comprehension.

”You have amazing healing speed, why don ’t you just join us. ” Chi Shui invited Li Jingyi to join the Vengeance Fate Sect.

Li Jingyi ’s ability will definitely be highly appreciated by higher-ups, Li Jingyi ’s healing ability is very fast, this healing is extraordinary.

”I don ’t want to join you guys. ” Li Jingyi said that he didn ’t want to join a cult like the Vengeance Fate Sect.

Li Jingyi loved the life of hers, rather than being the enemy of everyone from the God Realm.

The Vengeance Fate Sect is the enemy of all cultivators in the God Realm, their existence has always been a frightening specter for cultivators in the God Realm.

”Too bad, then I ’ll just make you a puppet, that way you won ’t be able to fight me. ” Fu Chou was going to make Li Jingyi a puppet, Li Jingyi ’s existence would definitely be of great use to Vengeance Fate Sect.

”I only belong to my husband, I won ’t let anyone else touch me. ” Li Jingyi said that she only belonged to Ye Chen, she wouldn ’t let anyone else touch her.

”Oh, is that so ” Fu Chou was intrigued by what Li Jingyi had to say, it seemed that this would be quite an interesting thing.

Fu Chou would definitely make Li Jingyi her puppet, Fu Chou couldn ’t wait to see the desperate Li Jingyi when that happened.

Li Jingyi disliked Fu Chou more and more, this woman was so annoying.

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”Looks like we have to work harder together. ” Chi Shui arrived beside Li Jingyi, he told Li Jingyi to cooperate in defeating Fu Chou.

”Let me go ahead, you just help and support me from behind ” Li Jingyi said that he would come forward and face Fu Chou, meanwhile Li Jingyi wanted Chi Shui to help her from behind.

” Are you sure? ” Chi Shui was not sure what Li Jingyi said, Chi Shui did not know if Li Jingyi was able to face Fu Chou alone.

”You don ’t have to worry too much, leave everything to me, I will definitely make this woman regret it ” Li Jingyi had really entered into serious mode, now Li Jingyi was very serious in dealing with Fu Chou.

Chi Shui looked at Li Jingyi, she saw how serious Li Jingyi was.

Li Jingyi looked very serious, the domineering aura she possessed made anyone feel depressed.

Li Jingyi ’s body was enveloped by a huge whirlpool, this whirlpool enveloped Li Jingyi ’s body.

Whirlpools began to flood the area around this place, the area around the place was turned by Li Jingyi into an ocean.

Fu Chou was always one step ahead, she avoided the water waves caused by Li Jingyi ’s power.

Li Jingyi was currently standing on the water, she looked very charming when standing on the still water.

Li Jingyi spread his arms down, instantly the calm water beneath Li Jingyi rose up and formed a very high wave.

The water rose very high, the estimated wave height was hundreds of miles.

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With a wave this big, it was enough to destroy an empire or a continent.

”Wow ” Chi Shui did not expect that Li Jingyi could do something like this, to be honest Chi Shui was surprised by Li Jingyi ’s strength.

He saw that Li Jingyi ’s strength was very strong and terrifying, this power was enough to flatten a large continent.

In the face of the enormous wave, Fu Chou looks very small, Fu Chou is like a grain of dust in the air.

Li Jingyi ’s ”Water Glory Wave ” used the Water Glory Wave, it was a huge wave that could sweep away anything in its path.

”just a small wave I will destroy it ” Fu Chou didn ’t seem afraid of the waves coming towards her, she wanted to face this attack.

”Fate Whip Abyss ” A black whip appeared in Fu Chou ’s hand, this whip was different from the one Yu Ting had issued, it looked more terrifying and the energy radiance was also stronger.

Fu Chou swung the whip in her hand, she started swinging the whip in his hand.

The whip in Fu Chou ’s hand made a very, very loud and extremely terrifying sound, this sound made those who heard it tremble.

Fu Chou again swung her whip forward, her goal now was to destroy the tsunami waves that were heading towards her.

”Fu Chou swung her whip a few times, she was trying to destroy the waves created by Li Jingyi.

Even though he tried several times, in fact Fu Chou was still unable to destroy the wave created by Li Jingyi, the wave created by Li Jingyi was too big and very strong, this made it difficult for Fu Chou to break this wave.

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”Why not destroy ” Fu Chou wondered why his attack was unable to destroy the wave created by Li Jingyi.

”What you are doing is useless, you better accept your fate and sink to the bottom ” Li Jingyi said to Fu Chou, she told Fu Chou to sink and never show herself again.

”You want to kill me ” Fu Chou looked very angry when she heard what Li Jingyi said.

When Fu Chou ’s hatred grew, Fu Chou ’s strength also became stronger, Fu Chou ’s strength became stronger so that it was able to increase the strength of Fu Chou.

Li Jingyi saw what was happening, Li Jingyi could see that Fu Chou ’s strength was getting crazier, this woman ’s strength was getting bigger as time went on.

This woman ’s source of strength was the same as Yu Ting ’s, the stronger the hatred in her heart, the stronger her strength would be.

Li Jingyi didn ’t want to take any risks, she had to end this battle as soon as possible.

Li Jingyi controlled the waves behind her, Li Jingyi controlled the waves to hit Fu Chou.

Waves hundreds of miles high started to advance, these waves crashing towards Fu Chou.

Fu Chou tried her best to destroy the wave, unfortunately Fu Chou ran out of time, Li Jingyi ’s decision was very fast, this left Fu Chou no chance.

Fu Chou was finally swallowed up by the enormous wave, himself being swallowed into the enormous wave.

Normal people would most likely have a hard time surviving a wave of this size.

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They would definitely die instantly when hit by the massive superpower created by Li Jingyi.

Fu Chou had been completely swallowed up into the waves, the woman ’s life and death could no longer be ascertained.

”huft ” Li Jingyi sighed, looks like she finished on time, Fu Chou couldn ’t break her wave.

”Is this over? ” Chi Shui approached, she asked Li Jingyi.

Chi Shui didn ’t do anything, he just watched the great battle that Li Jingyi fought.

Chi Shui actually wanted to help, but he found that Li Jingyi alone was enough to win the battle.

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