”Where am I now? ” Ye Chen started to wonder where he was right now.

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This place looked really good, Ye Chen was mesmerized by the scene in front of him.

Around where Ye Chen was standing there was a beautiful scene, around Ye Chen there was a lot of ice that was formed very beautifully and beautifully.

The people who made this place so amazing, the taste of the people who made this place must be top notch.

Ye Chen wandered around this place, himself looking for some clues about the owner of this place.

when Ye Chen wandered around this place, Ye Chen found something interesting, Ye Chen found a person sitting in the distance reading something, on the table there were several books and a cup of warm tea that was used to accompany while reading a book.

”What does the water dragon mean? ” Ye Chen guessed that this was the guard the water dragon said.

To confirm this, Ye Chen decided to come closer and take a better look at the person in front of him.

Ye Chen didn ’t show himself right away, Ye Chen sneaked up and started to find out who this woman was.

It just so happened that around the woman ’s place there were lots of fences made of grass that were very neatly arranged, all in this place very well maintained.

Ye Chen started to sneak around, looking for the best location to keep an eye on the person in front of him.

Ye Chen had already found a very good location, he had a good location to see the person in front of him.

As Ye Chen approached and took a closer look, Ye Chen discovered that it was a woman.

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This woman is very beautiful, her beauty cannot be described in words, she is very beautiful and charming, her beauty is simply extraordinary.

From a distance Ye Chen could see that this was a majestic woman full of wisdom, this woman was definitely a great character.

This woman had slightly purplish black hair, she had a fine figure and an extremely beautiful face, there were several flower decorations on top of this woman ’s head, her figure was truly something that mortals could not touch.

”Wow, she ’s beautiful? ” Ye Chen did not expect that he would meet such a beautiful woman in a place like this, this woman is truly so beautiful that Ye Chen drools.

This woman ’s beauty could be compared to Chu Yuechan, this woman was like a goddess that came out of a painting.

”Indeed she is very beautiful ” Chu Yuechan had to admit that the woman in front of him was very beautiful, this woman was comparable to him.

”This woman ’s power? ” apart from the beauty of the woman in front of her, Chu Yuechan saw that this woman ’s cultivation was abnormal.

It wasn ’t strange that this woman was able to make a replica of the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower so well that it deceived Chu Yuechan.

”I haven ’t had a guest in a long time, why don ’t you come out and show yourself ” This woman easily found out where Ye Chen was.

Ye Chen was very surprised, even though he didn ’t make any conspicuous movements, how could this woman easily find out about him.

”Master, this woman is the owner of this place, of course she knows whoever is within her territory, even if you hide in the smallest place you can still be found ” Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen.

This woman was the owner of this place, so she could tell anyone who came in and out of this place, even if she wanted she could kick Ye Chen out of this place.

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”Why didn ’t you tell me earlier ” Ye Chen complained to Chu Yuechan, Chu Yuechan should have told this earlier.

”You didn ’t ask about this matter, so I didn ’t tell you. ” Chu Yuechan answered Ye Chen in a very relaxed tone, he said that Ye Chen didn ’t ask herself.

” -_- ” Ye Chen could only make a helpless face, he looked helpless when faced with Chu Yuechan ’s words.

It was difficult to win from Chu Yuechan, it seemed that in sparring women could be superior to men.

”That woman is waiting for you, why don ’t you meet her ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to go and meet the beautiful goddess in front of him.

Ye Chen came out from his hiding place, he immediately walked towards where the beautiful goddess was.

The Goddess looked at Ye Chen, she saw a figure who was very handsome and filled with a special charm that could make a woman ’s heart beat fast.

”This scent, she has the inheritance of the Azure Dragon. ” The goddess could tell that Ye Chen had the inheritance of the Azure Dragon in his body.

If Ye Chen found out what the woman in front of him had just said, he would definitely be very surprised.

”It ’s been a very long time since the last time anyone was able to come to this place, what is your purpose in coming to this place? ” this woman asked Ye Chen.

”I came to this place to look for the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower ” Ye Chen told the reason he came to this place.

”Master, aren ’t you being too honest? ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen who was too honest in stating his purpose for coming to this place.

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”What ’s wrong with that, wouldn ’t it be better to be honest? ” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

”It ’s up to you ” Chu Yuechan no longer argued with Ye Chen, she no longer argued with Ye Chen about this matter.

”You are too honest ” This Goddess smiled at Ye Chen, she smiled because Ye Chen was too honest.

”So may I take the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower that you have? ” Ye Chen asked very politely.

”Of course, but you must be able to answer the question I gave you ” the goddess said that she was willing to give the Yin & Yang Awakening Flower to Ye Chen, but with one condition.

”Okay, I agree with that ” Seeing the conditions that were very easy to do, Ye Chen very quickly agreed with what the woman in front of him said.

” what ’s your name? ” This goddess asked what Ye Chen ’s name was, she wanted to know Ye Chen ’s name.

”My name is Ye Chen, who is the goddess herself? ” Ye Chen introduced the name and asked the beautiful woman in front of him back.

”Huang Ying ” Huang Ying introduced herself to Ye Chen, she introduced herself to Ye Chen.

”Okay Miss Huang Ying ” Ye Chen nodded, now he knew who the woman in front of him was.

”I will start with the first question, listen carefully to this question. ” Huang Ying asked Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen the first question.

Ye Chen listened to Huang Yin ’s first question, he would try to answer Huang Yin ’s question.

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”What are the things that follow us every day that we can see but cannot touch? ” Huang Ying asked Ye Chen the first question.

”Hmmm ” Ye Chen thought for a while, he tried to find out the right answer to Huang Ying ’s question.

”You have 24 hours to answer my question, make sure you think about this question carefully, don ’t be wrong in answering it, you only have one chance ” Huang Ying told that Ye Chen only had one chance to answer the question she had just given to Ye Chen.

”I think I can answer this question now. ” Ye Chen said that he could answer this question right now.

”Huh? ” Huang Ying showed a hint of surprise when she heard what Ye Chen said.

” Are you sure? ” Huang Ying asked Ye Chen again, she gave Ye Chen a chance to think again.

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